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Super Mario Brothers 3

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Level select 100%
Win the game (you can just use a warp whistle to get to World 8). You can now select any World you want to go to at anytime. If you complete all of the levels (including Hammer Bros. Toadstool Houses, and the casino-type game), you can play any level as many times as desired. This includes the Hammer Bros., the Toadstool Houses, the casino things, and even the fortresses and castles.
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World 1: Get prize without fighting Boss 100%
Get to the end part of the castle next to the matching game, where there is a skeleton monster and you are Raccoon-Mario. Go to the door and turn around so that your facing to the left. Run (hold B) down to the end of the platform that you are standing on, and your speedometer at the bottom of your screen is all the way up. Now, fly up to the top of the building and go all the way to the right.
You will drop down into a room and will get a box with a prize without having to battle the Boss.
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Flutes 100%
A Flute can be found in World 1-3. Hop on the white block toward the end of the level and hold Down on the block for 6 seconds. Mario will drop down. Finish the level and you will be sent to a chest room containing a Flute.

On the very 1st fortress that you encounter, you have to skip across some lava. After the lava, there is a block with a Feather in it, and one of those skeletons that cannot be defeated. Squash the skeleton quickly with the Raccoon Suit on, then get your "P" all the way up so that you can fly. Fly up the right wall and you land on
top. Go right until you cannot go further. Now, press Up as you would when opening a door. Inside there is a Flute that Toad gives you. You do not have to face Boom Boom.

There is a Flute in World 2. Use the hammer you get from the Hammer Bros. on the rock in the top right corner. On the next screen, you will find a Fire Bros. Defeat it for a Flute.
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Last World 100%
Get the 2 Whistles found in World 1-3. Use the 1st one to get to World 7, then use the other Whistle to warp to World 8.
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Coin ship 100%
Use the following trick to make a coin ship appear on the map. End any level with both the coin and the last 2 numbers of the point total equal to any multiple of 11. The time also has to stop on an even number. For example, 55 coins and 009844 points. The coin ship is a ship full of coins and an extra life.

To make a coin ship appear, use a music box when 2 Hammer Bros.
are on your screen and are reachable. Once they are asleep, play and complete any level. One of the Hammer Bros. should have turned into a coin ship.
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World 1-2: Extra life 100%
Go to the 3 platforms of coins and turn them into blocks. To do this, get a Raccoon suit, go to the blocks under the pipe, and whip your tail around. A button will appear. Jump on it. You will have be quick and jump on the 3 platforms. When you get to the top platform, wait for the fire-spitting platform to go back into the
pipe. When it does, jump on the pipe. Jump around on the pipe until you hit an invisible box and an extra life will appear. Jump (or run) into it to collect it.
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Redo Fortresses, Toad Houses, Spade Spaces, and Guards 100%
Get a perfect score in all Worlds and all Fortresses, Toad Houses, and Spade Spaces will open up again. If you complete a Fortress, get an item at the Toad Houses, complete a game of chance, or defeat a guard, you go through it again.
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World 2-4: Easy completion 100%
Get the Raccoon Suit, then get your "P" all the way up and fly to the upper left hand corner. You will se a brick there. Smash that brick and all of the other ones above it until you get to a hidden area. When you get to the bricks over the water, start smashing the ones on the right first, because there is one of those P buttons
that changes coins to bricks and vice-versa. At the end, when you are going to fall, make sure you jump on the last music note block; it has a leaf in it. When you get to the ground, you will be at the end of the level.
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Gold Shiny panels 100%
Get a perfect score in all Worlds and the panels "Shines?" will be gold.
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World 8 final castle: Extra life 100%
In the final castle, you can find a 1-Up mushroom at the beginning of the level where you 1st see the spinning fireballs (next to where the candle that follows you is placed). Go up all 3 fire balls. Just when you start getting down on the highest level from the left, and the right-most corner, you will find a hidden 1-Up mushroom.
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2nd way to beat Koopalings in Airships 100%
If you are fire mario when you get into the battle, you can shoot the koopaling 10 times to also kill it. But, personally, I think the 3 jumps is easier.
By: TanookiSister(15)
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World 2:sun level 100%
Get the koopa shell from the bricks kill the angry sun with a koopa shell and go ahead and aim it run and let go
By: daekwonmayo(28)
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How to avoid the angry sun in world 8-2 100%
Here's what you do first go over the first quicksand pit and try to jump over three piranha plants and go down the slopes and jump over the music note block so that way the angry sun doesn't kill you and jump on the slopes and don't let the piranha plants and the angry sun kill you because if you get killed by the angry sun three times you are dead because you have to go back to the first level and try to use a p wing instead of a leaf because using a leaf may take your power away try to do something to avoid the angry sun and then try to use a leaf and see what happens and try to make the angry sun appear and then go to the end of the level without getting killed from the angry sun try to turn the angry sun into a coin and then it will say course clear you got a panel.
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How to kill the angry sun in the sun level 100%
Finish the third level of world 2 and then when you're done go in the sun level bring a leaf with you just in case of a emergency when you say that you don't need a leaf in the sun level just use a mushroom or just go small and then go in the sun level when you see the angry sun at the top left corner remember do not let the angry sun kill you or otherwise you might get burned by the angry sun just dodge until the sun level is done and wait for the sun to stop to turn him into a coin then you are done.
By: daekwonmayo(28)
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Unlimited items 98%
When you get an item you like in a Toad House, get a game over and try again. The Toad House can be done again.

*** This trick requires an e-Reader. Scan the Super Leaf card that is included with the game when you have a connection with the e-Reader. You can keep scanning until your inventory is full.
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Match Game 98%
The Match Game will appear every time you earn a multiple of 80,000 points. (80,000, 160,000, 240,000, etc.). This a mini-game in which you have to match 2 of the same cards.
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World 3-9: Unlimited lives 98%
Jump on a turtle and keep the shell. Go to the 2nd Bill Blaster.
Shoot the shell in front of it and quickly jump up in the chanter of the 2nd and third. If done correctly, the shell will be stuck is the middle of 2 Bill Blasters and hit the missiles.
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World 8-2: Surprise 98%
Try to sink into the 1st sinking sand. You will find a surprise.
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Control Title Screen 98%
From the Title Screen where you choose to play the original Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros. 3, keep switching the game highlighted continuously. Eventually on the top choice, Mario will appear with a turtle shell and on the bottom Luigi will pop out.

From the Title Screen where you choose to play the original Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros, keep pressing Up then Down as fast as possible. It will look like the Mario standing near the Super Mario Bros. 3 sign is jogging.
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World 8: Easier completion 98%
This world has many ships in it. You can swim under the ships instead of fighting the enemies. Complete the 1st ship then jump into the water and continue swimming under the next ships that arrive.
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World 3-1: Free "?" box 98%
When 1st start the level you will be at an edge that you could fall from. Fall into it then jump over the rings to get to a "?" box.
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Redo Special Plates 98%
When you want to do a Special Tile such as the Line-up and Toad House again, get a game over. It will now be re-doable.
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World 1: Flute 98%
When you are in the fortress level, fly up where you passed the lava part. You will be walking without Mario looking up. Run until you got to a secret area. There will be a treasure chest that contains flute. The flute is used to warp to worlds that you cannot pass.
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Reusable power-ups 98%
Turn into little Mario and take all the power-ups in the level. Find a bonus level. Go in it, and when you exit, all the power-ups you took will be there again. You can repeat this as many times as needed.
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World 3-5: Giant "?" block 98%
Using the frog suit, you can get inside the 2nd pipe on the bottom of the level (found about halfway though the level). Hold Right as you enter the pipe to get to where the giant "?" block is located.
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World 8-1: Easy lives 98%
This trick requires a P-Raccoon Tail. First, fly past the pipes with piranhas coming out of them, then fly up the long pipe with the 2 bouncy boxes in the middle of it. Next, go down the pipe and hit the big box to get the 3 power-ups.

Get the regular Raccoon Tail and go past the pipes with the piranhas, then power-up directly under the long pipe. Next, fly up the pipe to gain the 3 green mushrooms.
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Avoid losing lives 96%
If you fall and are about to die, pause game play. Select "Save and Quit". You can now continue at that level without losing a life.
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Shadow 96%
On the Title Screen after you select the Super Mario Bros. 3 game, look at the 3's shadow. It has a tail and an ear like Mario when he has the raccoon power.
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Mario in a shoe 86%
Try finding the enemy in a shoe and fire a fireball or maybe stepping on it. the enemy is gone if the shoe is still there jump on it then mario will be on the shoe and you will not die if you step on spikes. I found it on world 7
By: rhapsody(38)
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Glitches 75%
These are a few glitches I have 'found' over my time in the game.

~Green Fire~

Go into Toad's House as Fire Mario/Luigi. Try to shoot. The fire that comes out will be green. Cool, eh?

~Cool Down Bowser~

A tip for beating Bowser- If you get to the battle Raccoon or Tanooki Mario with a Magic Wing (The thing that looks like a wing with a 'P' on it), fly above the right wall. Go left to the edge, and then drop down by our Koopa King and BRAWL! But, unlike in original fist-fights with this beast, he won't be able to toast you! He won't be able to breathe fire.

~White Blocks~

Any white blocks in levels enable you to go behind the scenery and into the background. Beware, though, that going behind here does not protect you from the enemies in the world. This is also the way you get the Warp Whistle in World 1-3.

Have Fun!
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How to Max Out your lives 75%
This trick is taken out of the first mario game but modified for those who never learned the turtle shell trick. here are the steps.

Step 1: when starting the second level in the first world (1-2), make sure you are Raccoon Mario, if not just find the item. This also works with the flying P.
Step 2: go to the first pipe that you see goombas coming out of and jump on the jumping goomba.
Step 3: when the last goomba falls out of the pipe, start jumping on them and keep pressing the A button to slow your descent down.
Step 4: once you hit 8,000 points, you start earning one ups for every goomba that you hit and if your lucky you might be able to earn 30 or so lives in just the 300 seconds time limit.
By: zero56(358)
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*Get power ups faster!* 75%
In any world and level and you are llittle this will work great! Once you find a level you like and a power up block you like in that level hit it and you will become bigger. After that pause the game return to the map. Then do that same level again and hit the same power up block and you will get that better power up and nothing will chang after that.
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1 world secret flute (8 world) 75%
Go to ghost castle,then go to the [?] block. Fly to the top and move right,then you go to the place. pick a chest and you got flute from the 8 world
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White Blocks 75%
White blocks in any level let you change from front of the scenery to the back, letting you travel behind many objects. Beware, this is still not an immunity to the enemies of the level.
By: TanookiSister(15)
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Warp to world 8 from world 1 71%
To warp to world 8 from 1, you have to get two of the three magic whistles/Flutes.

Once you have used one of them, you will get taken to the world warp.

Once you have gotten there, use the other whistles that you got and you will warp to
the world warp to the world warp back again, but THIS time you are able to go to world 8.

(NOTE: There is a cheat that tells you how to get the magic whistles on world 1)
By: Administaror(256)
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Super Mario Brothers 3 67%
Alternative Exit in level 1-3

Stand on the white block hold the down arrow and wait 5 seconds go through and jump over the enemies and go toward the regular exit but you will go to a secret toad house
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Get a big Number 3 in Line up the Pictures 61%
If you beat the line up games and make the thing turn into clubs and play it, you will see that one of the pictures a big 3. If you win, you will win 10 lives

~Xtra Cash
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Perfect score!!! 50%
Beat the game and go to world 6 then go to the mushroom house and start buying hammer mario costums until you can't buy any more. Now go to bowsers castle in world 8 play the level as hammer mario and try not get hit, when you face bowser start throwing
your hammers after 5 hits he falls and dies. If you beat him while you still have 3:00 or more minutes left you get a 150,000 points or more. do this over and over until you have a perfect score of 9,999,990 its the fastest way (This may take a while like an hour or more). By: button pusher
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Magic flute 50%
On world 2 get the hammer a hit the top rock on the back and beet the fire person and you will get a telo-flute
By: whatsthat(179)
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How to beat level 3-8 40%
Go to a mushroom house get a firepower then enter the level stand on the platform that doesn't go under water shoot fireballs at him then use the turtle shell to a vine climb on until he's back shoot him then find two more platforms with vines shoot the big fish then just go to the end of the level by taking a platform that doesn't sink and take the tube out
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Different color 27%
When you beat the game and all the levels the level on main screen will turn from blue to gold.
By: pokemon27(365)
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Super 2%
Life infinete
By: raymonjay(2)
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