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Jak & Daxter: Precursor Legacy Cheats for PS2
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Jak & Daxter: Precursor Legacy PS2 Cheats

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE

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Jak & Daxter: Precursor Legacy

Rating: 3.8/5 VOTE

No Damage from Big Falls 100%
When you fall from a high place, kick (Circle) shortly before you hit the
ground and you won't take any damage from the fall.
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Inside the Windmill 100%
Well the windmill next to the muse's owners house [the thing were the scout fly is] well you can go inside it. ALL you have to do is stand on the stone where the thing that white goes in circles you just jump right before it comes and once jak is there on one of the thing that goes around and his hands are up, you have to keep jumping to the top and if you go to the side you'll go inside and see a red thing turning
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How to unlock Different Ending 98%
Collect 100 power cells and finish the game.
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Secret Ending 96%
Get 100 or more power cells and finish the game to see a secret ending. If
you get less than 100 power cells, you wont be able to see it.
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Infinite Health 83%
Press pause, then press Up, Left, Left, Down, Right, X, Triangle.

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Hints 54%
Hint: Easy Precursor Orbs
Note: The following trick can only be done with the JETBoard. To get more orbs, go to Dead Town (where the Slums live). Then get on your JETBoard (R2) and go northeast. You will find a room full of water and some steps. In order to get to the room and up the steps, do a trick on your JETBoard (X + L1 + Left Analog-stick). You will find six Precursor Orbs.

When you first use the JETBoard, try to get the "Gold" high score. It will reward you with 9 Precursor Orbs. If you get the "Silver" high score, it will reward you with 6 Precursor Orbs. If you get the "Bronze" high score, it will reward you with 3 Precursor Orbs.

Once you have the JETBoard, go to the level where you find the gear, the lens, and the fragment. Go through the warp gate to the top, get the ammunition if necessary, then shoot the platform on the right and down the lift. Once you are down, go straight on to the circular room. Go right and you will be in a passage with lots of Metal Heads. This is a very good opportunity to get Skull Gems.
Keep going until you see the crates which you have to push along to get across the Dark Eco. Instead of going across, get on your JETBoard and go right a short distance, then back. You should reach a sort of cove, where you can find about ten Precursor Orbs as you go along the passage.

Hint: Daxter breakdancing
Stop on foot if you are not being chased and allow the game to idle. Sooner or later, Daxter will do all sorts of things, including breakdancing.

Unlock Extra Options on the Secrets Menu
To unlock an extra option on the Secrets Menu, collect the required number of Precursor Orbs. Here is a list of the extra options, along with the number of Orbs required to unlock each one:

5 - Toggle Jak's Goatee
15 - Mirror World
30 - Big Head Mode
45 - Small Head Mode
55 - Scrap Book 1
65 - Scene Player Act 1
75 - Vulcan Fury Course
85 - Scrap Book 2
95 - Scene Player Act 2
105 - Peace Maker Gun Course
115 - Scrap Book 3
125 - Scene Player Act 3
135 - Reverse Races
145 - Level Select
155 - Unlimited Ammo
165 - Unlimited Dark Jak
175 - Invulnerability
200 - Hero Mode

Hint: Surviving ambush when getting theseal piece
When you are at the part when you have to get the seal piece and get ambushed by Krimson Guards, get on your JETboard by pressing R2. Ride along the platform and do not fall in the water or you will be killed, just hover down the path. When you get to the part where the camera changes so you cannot see where you are going, change back quickly so you can see then jump up and do a spin trick (X + R1 + Left or Right) to hit the guards when needed. Be careful or the spin trick will end with you in the water where you will be killed. This may require a few attempts.

Glitch: Empty horizon
When you start at the dig (the place where you break the cables), go to the right then over the bridge. Go down the hill and find a cave that goes to the right. It is difficult to find. You must have your Hoverboard for this. You will reach some lava. Jump over it and get off just when you land. This may require a few attempts. Look forward to see a grayish green horizon. If you walk on it,
you will die.

Hint: Defeating the Baron
When fighting the Baron for the first time, he will be in a shielded ship attacking you. At first he will fire in straight lines at you. Dodge these.
After three shots, his shield will break. Shoot him with your Blaster. Repeat until one third of his health is gone, then get out of the way as he charges to the next area. Follow him and reload with the ammo in nearby crates. This time he will fire missiles at you, which follow where you run. Keep running to avoid these. After two missile attacks, fire at him. Repeat until another one third of
his health is gone. Then, follow him to the last area. His shield is now gone fire when you can. He will send fiery tornadoes at you. Shoot him until he runs away.

When fighting the Baron in Mar's Tomb, pull out the Scatter gun and shoot the mech spiders that he sends at you. When all of them are gone, he will fire bombs at you. Knock them back at him with a spin attack. Aim carefully to hit him.
Four bombs will take one third of his health away. He will send more spiders at you. Hide behind the pillars to avoid being shot by the Baron. Knock four more bombs his way. He will get the Precursor Stone. Again, stay behind the pillars to avoid him. He will take out sections of the walkway and shoot only two bombs.
If you can turn into Dark Jak, do so and use a Dark Bomb to finish him. Otherwise, knock the bombs into him. However aiming will be much harder now act fast and the battle will be yours.

Note: When you defeat Baron Praxis (in the Tomb of Mar) and leave Mar's tomb, you will start to see yellow Krimson Guards. The only difference is that they take more hits to kill.

Hero Mode cheat
Collect 200 orbs during game play. When this cheat is activated, start a new game to begin with all four morph guns attachments and an alternate secrets list.

Note: There are quite a lot of good things in Hero mode. Keep repeating a level with Metal Heads and you will get a lot of Skull Gems. Also, collect 25, 30, and 35 Orbs and to unlock Infinite Ammo, Infinite Dark Jak and Invulnerability at the start the game.

Hint: Not chased by Krimson Guard
When you steal any car, drive on the ground. When you see a Krimson Guard Hell Cat above you, press R2. You will hit the bottom of the Hell Cat, but not get chased.

Steal a hovercar and when you see a guard, change to low hover levels. Go fast, and before you hit them, get off quickly. It will smack them without them knowing it was you.

Weird Death
While in the Water Slums, send a zoomer under a building. Next, get off the zoomer and try to get on again. If done correctly, you'll go into the water and sink til you die. You'll come back though.

Infinite Orbs
For any Underground Orb mission, if you grab the Orb at exactly 0:00, you'll get a ''Mission Failed'' and also the 3 Orbs you won. If you choose to try again, you can do this over and over and keep obtaining 3 more Orbs.

Hit A Guard With a Zoomer, and He Won't Be Mad
If you are angry for whatever reason at the Krimzon Guard, and want to make them mad and not get killed for it, then complete these steps:
1- Get a Zoomer (they're the small fast little vehicles)
2- Go full speed aiming towards a guard
3- Right before you hit him, press Triangle to mount off
4- If you do it right, the vehicle will smash into him and he will receive damage, without raising any alarms

Hint: Destroy produce stands
Notice the produce stands scattered about the area of Haven City where Onin is located. You can wreck them. Punch, spin, shoot, or hover over the boxes and vases. They will break and the produce will scatter everywhere.

Hint: Winning the Class 1 race
When you get on your race car, there will be an intermission sequence that shows Erol pulling in next to you, and Baron Praxis will announce if someone manages to the grand champion they will get a year supply of Eco and a ticket to get in his palace. When you start the race, there will be a short cut at the beginning
on the right-hand side. Try to keep your first place lead. Near the finish line there will be a very brief shortcut tat puts you somewhat farther ahead. Repeat this three times and use the shortcuts to win the Class 1 race.

Hint: Multiple Peace Makers
When you are in the gun course with the Peace Maker, charge it and hold. Then, enter a course other than the Peace Maker course while charging. When you enter, that gun will have a Peace Maker on it.

Hint: Get ammunition without gun:
When you are sent to turn the water back on, go to the big pipe with the Precursor Orb in it. Jump on top of it, then fall off. Swim along the wall to your left until you see land. Swim ashore. When you break open the Krimson Guard crates, some of them will have Scatter Gun ammunition in side. You can also get some Metal Head Skull Gems.

Hint: Easy kills
Once you get your second weapon, do the following trick. Jump in the air, and when in mid-air perform a spin kick. Fire the second weapon while doing the spin kick.

Hint: Get The Heart Of Mar In Weapons Labmission: Easy battle
When the first swarm of Krimson Guard balls appears, hop down to the ledge where the switch is located. The balls cannot roll down to you. Equip the Blaster gun and keep shooting at the top of your jumps. They will die and explode if you hit them enough, and you will not reduce any damage.

Glitch: Frozen Spider
Play the mission where you run away for the giant spider in hero mode. Turn invincible and it will freeze since it cannot kill you.

Hint: Faster time in stadium mission
When the mission where Jak has to race across the city to the stadium becomes available, complete all other missions until it is the only mission remaining.
You can now receive a faster time by going from Krew's place north into the square and through the area with the water. Follow the map to reach the stadium in time with ease.

Hint: Daxter picture
When you complete the game, there will be a intermission sequence where Metal Kor's head is in the Hip Hog Saloon, above the bar. When you go back to it after the sequence, a big picture of Daxter will be there in its place.

Hint: Hip Hog Heaven: Daxter in Whack-A-Metalheadgame
In the Hip Hog Heaven, crouch and crawl under the Whack-A-Metalhead game. Move around and Daxter's head will poke through the holes.

Hint: Haven City: Steal Krimson Guard car
When you are in the Haven City and see a Krimson Guard Hell Cat in the car, steal it. You can now use the weapon all the Hell Cats use by pressing R1.
Note: If you try to kill other Hell Cats with it, you will find this weapon is not that powerful for destroying other cars.

Alternate scrap book
Collect 200 orbs in Hero Mode.
Hint: Dead Town: Paralyze Metal Heads:
This trick works in any mission in Dead Town. When you are on an island, jump to the next one. An ambush of Metal Heads will pop up out of the ground. Jump back to the other island. The Metal Heads will be paralyzed. Take out your Blaster Gun and shoot away at the Metal Heads.

Hint: Defeating Metal Heads
If there are more than one Metal Heads or enemies, double jump and kick in the air. Then, shoot to send out a number of shots. Note: This only works with the gun with the laser pointer in front.

Hint: Hover on water and Dark Eco withJETBoard
When keep the JETBoard, you can use it to hover on water and Dark Eco. This can be very useful when you want to go faster on water if you do not have a Zoomer, or if you have to cross some Dark Eco lakes.

Hint: Hip Hog Heaven: Precursor Shark trophy
Go to Krew's Place saloon. Turn around and look towards the door to see the Precursor Shark that annoyed you in the original Jak And Daxter on a trophey rack.

Hint: Jak and Daxter racing posters
After winning the Class 1 races, there will be posters with Jak and Daxter on them all around the stadium entrance.

Hint: Big jumps
Instead of holding L1 then pressing X to do a big jump, press X(2), Circle, jump twice, then spin kick.

Hint: Shortcut
When you have to collect the piece of the seal from the slums (in the mission you get from the Lurker) and are ambushed by the Krimson Guards, run to the edge just by a corner near the guards. Use a roll jump to jump the gap and avoid the guards and gun turrets. If you are fast, you can get through without a single hit, though this may require a few attempts.

Hint: Winning the Class 3 race
On the level that Keira gives you (where you need to win the third class race), at the beginning of the race try to get a turbo charge (the purple ball). When you enter the tunnel, you will see red lights. On the other side there is the track. If you use the turbo charge (Circle) and jump (R1) at the correct time, you can reach the other side.

Hint: Winning Onin's Shape Game easily
Just as soon as Onin throws a combination of shapes, (circle, square, x, triangle), quickly pause game play. Then, take as long as desired to memorize the shapes. This will also work with all games that require you to hit multiple buttons.

Hint: Defeating Metal Kor
Begin by taking out your blaster and kill all the enemies. Then, shoot him repeatedly until more Metal Heads appear. Repeat this as many times as needed until he gets in the red. When he gets in the red, he will jump off the string things and will be on the ground. Avoid him until he shoots three lasers at you.
He should now be on the other side of you. Take out the Peace Maker and shoot him. Repeat this as many times needed to defeat the Metal Head leader and complete the game.

When the battle starts, take out your Vulcan gun and fire at the Leader until he charges a shot. Get out of the way. Switch to your Blaster and run around the area, firing at the Leader occasionally. Take out the bugs if they get too close otherwise stay away from them. When you get to phase two (one third of his health is gone), continue firing at him until the flying Metal Heads approach you. If you have enough Eco, turn into Dark Jak. Take some of the lesser enemies then do a Dark Blast close to the Leader (takes about half a
health bar). Repeat the earlier process until the Leader starts running around.
Continue running until his blasts are coming from the side instead of behind.
Turn and blast him. Repeat to win.

When you are battling Metal Kor at the end of the game, collect all the ammunition needed. If there is not enough, keep jumping through the hole in the middle of the room. Behind you is a ledge to the very left of the cliff. It may be difficult to get on, but when you get to the top face Metal Kor with the Blaster weapon. Keep shooting him until his health bar is in the yellow. He will then send out flying Metalheads. They will not hurt you. Keep shooting them
until you get his health bar to the red and he will break out and fly on his own. Wait until you have enough room to shoot him. He will keep coming up and it will appear as if he is biting the cliff. Do not go to the edge of the cliff or he will be able to shoot you with blasts of Dark Eco. Keep shooting him until he dies.

Use the following trick to easily kill the Metal Heads when fighting Metal Kor.
When you get Metal Kor (Metal Head leader) to yellow health, little flying Metal Heads appear and fight until you get Kor's health in the red. When a little crawling Metal Head comes to attack, punch the crawler. Then, do the spin shot with the Blaster to hit it.

Hint: Defeating the three Blast Bots
When Samos sends you to destroy the three Krimson Blast Bots, get a Zoomer Bike (the ones that are very fast). Go to a Blast Bot. When you see one, change to the high hover zone. When you are directly in front of it, press Triangle. The bike should crash into the Blast Bot and explode. Then, take out your Vulcan Fury and get directly behind it so it cannot hit you. Do not touch it. Shoot it until you hear a beeping noise. When you do, run away as fast as possible. The
Blast Bot will explode. Repeat this with the remaining ones. If you run out of ammunition, use the blaster.

Hint: Reaching the race garage
One trick to make it in time to the race garage is to cross the water as soon as you come out of Krew's place. Get on the hover craft and make a sort of a slanted line across the water. Follow the map when you pass the green wall and you will have at least 30 seconds remaining.

Hint: Destroying cargo in the port
An easy way to complete the mission where you destroy the cargo in the port, is to steal a Krimzon Guard Hell Cat or car. You can use the blaster to shoot through the mines and the cargo.

Hint: Ratchet And Clank: Going Commandoreference
In Haven City, go to the giant garden that has giant flowers and a water cannon shooting water on them. It is near the entrance of Haven Forest and the Mountain. From here, go to the City (not to the stadium area that is nearby). Go past few small bridges, then you should face a big building. On its wall, you should see a picture of Ratchet and Clank (the main characters of Insomniac games' Ratchet and Clank). Ratchet is wearing his green commando suit from in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando.

Hint Drive Krimson Guard vehicle withoutgetting in red alert:
Borrow a Krimson Guard vehicle and get in "red alert". Put the vehicle in a location that you will remember (such as close to where you are hiding). Then, hide (try going under a bridge or go in stealth mode. When the "red alert" is over, go to where you parked the vehicle and jump in. There will be no red alert.

Hint: Time Map and Heart of Mar sighting
When you start a new game, look at the opening sequence in Sandover Villlage.
Pause the sequence and you will see the Time Map and Heart Of Mar Gem in the Rift Rider.

Hint: Hip Hog Heaven: Lurker Shark on plaque
Go to Hip Hog Heaven (the bar place) and look on some of the plaques. There will be a Lurker Shark on one of them.

Hint: Torn mission 2: Shortcut
On the second long jump, when you are on top of the sewage thing, jump to the left. If you keep going straight once you hit land, there will be stairs taking you to a new part of the mission. Go up the stairs. This skips about one half of the mission.

Hint: Protect Site In Dead Town mission:Easy battle
When you get up to the first ledge with the wooden stairs, equip your Blaster gun and kill the Metal Heads. Once you have killed them, look to your right and your left. There will be three Metal Heads that throw Dark Eco balls at you (two on your right and one on your left). Shoot them. They will throw the balls but they cannot reach you. Note: Also kill the regular Metal Head on your left.

Hint: Daxter with horns
Before you complete the game, look on the top of the Hip Hog Saloon to see a lurker fish. After you complete the game, it will be replaced by a giant Daxter with devil's horns.

Hint: Haven Forest: Samos still waiting
After completing the game, go to Haven Forest. Samos will still be sitting by the tree that you had to defend him at.

Hint: Haven Forest: Defeating Combat Metalheads
When you go to Haven Forest to kill the Combat Metalheads, they have "active camouflage" that prevents you from seeing them. However, you can see their Skull Gems floating in the air. Shoot at the Skull Gems. It usually takes two or three shots to destroy them with any gun. Try not to die, as when you resume the game so do the dead Metalheads, who no longer have Skull Gems. You will not be able
to find them anymore. If this occurs, take out your Scatter Gun and shoot in the direction of the enemy fire. You will usually hit them.

Hint: Sealpiece Escape
Turn into Dark Jak. Jump into the water using darkbomb to kill the machine that shoots you.

Toggle Jak's Goatee cheat:Collect 5 orbs during game play.

Mirror World cheat:Collect 15 orbs during game play.

Big head mode cheat:Collect 30 orbs during game play.

Small Head Mode cheat:Collect 45 orbs during game play.

Scrap Book cheat:Collect 55 orbs during game play.

Scene Player Act 1 cheat:Collect 65 orbs during game play.

Vulcan Fury Course cheat:Collect 75 orbs during game play.

Scene Player Act 2 cheat:Collect 95 orbs during game play.

Peace Maker Gun Course cheat:Collect 105 orbs during game play.

Scene Player Act 3 cheat:Collect 125 orbs during game play.

Reverse Races cheat:Collect 135 orbs during game play.

Level Select cheat:Collect 145 orbs during game play.

Unlimited Ammo cheat:Collect 155 orbs during game play.

Unlimited Dark Jak cheat:Collect 165 orbs during game play.

Invulnerability cheat:Collect 175 orbs during game play.

Dark Jak vs Final Boss
After the cutscene before the final battle, hold R1 and you'll transform (or stay as) Dark Jak, regardless of Dark Eco meter.

Hint: Unlimited Skullgems
After you have collected 200 Precursor Orbs, you can start a new game in hero mode. In hero mode, you can get unlimited Skullgems from Metal Heads. Kill the Metal Heads, take their Skullgems, and after you die or exit, re-enter the level and meet the same Metal Heads again. They will give you another Skullges. You can easily collect all the Skullgems needed to give to the Oracle for the new
Dark Jak skills. Then, kill yourself and repeat.

Do the following tasks during gameplay to unlock these items.

Jak's Goatee=Collect 5 orbs
Mirror World=Collect 15 orbs
Big Head=Collect 30 orbs
Small Head=Collect 45 orbs
Scrap Book=Collect 55 orbs
Scene Player Act 1=Collect 65 orbs
Vulcan Fury=Collect 75 orbs
Scene Player Act 2=Collect 95 orbs
Peace Maker Gun Course=Collect 105 orbs
Scene Player Act 3=Collect 125 orbs
Reverse Races=Collect 135 orbs
Level Select=Collect 145 orbs
Unlimited Ammo=Collect 155 orbs
Unlimited Dark Jak=Collect 165 orbs
Invunerability=Collect 175 orbs
Hero Mode=Collect 200 orbs
Alt. Scrap Book=Collect 200 orbs

Hint: Avoiding Krimson Guards
When on foot in the city and being chased by guards, get out of sight and press the Left Analog-stick towards a wall. You will get stealthy until the panic is over.

When you are being chased by the Krimson Guard, go to the highway thing near Onin's tent. Stay there until the alarm shuts off. Only the Hell Cats and Zoomers can get up there easily, so you can take them down easier.

If you are being chased by the Krimson Guard, go to the area where the weapons training place and Krew is located. Get into a vehicle (not controlled by the Krimson Guard) and fly on top of the water. Go close to the edge, where there should be a sort of wall. You must be in high mode to get up and stay close to the wall until the alert is over.

When you are being chased by the Krimson Guard, quickly go to the water area and go under a house. When the map in the corner stops blinking red and the chase music stops, you are safe and they will no longer be chasing you.

Hint: Blender
Go to an area where there are no Krimzon Guards (such as the mountain area).
Waste the ammunition for all your guns. Pull out the Vulcan Fury again by pressing Left, then hold R1. The Vulcan Fury will rotate, but since it has no ammo, nothing will fire. Instead, you will hear only the mechanics of the gun, which sound similar to a blender.

Hint: Tick Krimzon Guards
When you are in Haven City, jump on a Krimzon Guard's head by pressing X(2). Do not press Circle or Square or the alarm will go off. When you are on the guard's head, he will try to swat you with his gun.

Hint: Destroying Bomb Boxes
When doing a mission for Torn where you have to destroy Bomb Boxes (the robot spiders that shoot electricity), get directly behind one and start shooting. The lasers will not hit you, but instead will hit the guards that are chasing you.
When the Bomb Box starts beeping, run quickly away to avoid getting hurt.

Hint: Get Seal Piece at Water Slums
Try getting on the jet-board and ride the docks. Be careful not to fall off and avoid the Krimzon Guards. It is slightly tricky, but once you get ahead of the guards coming down it is not so bad.

Hint: Baron Praxis comments
After you complete the game, go to a radio structure where announcements are said. If you wait, you will hear Baron say things like " Victory is ours!" and "It's hard ruling a city, you know."

Hint: Winning the second race
The jet bike will jump if you press L1. When the race starts hold back a little and collect the left side boost icon left by the pack. Use a Jump and Boost combo to clear the cannon and cut out a hard U-turn. You will see light across the cannon where you jump. This should have you in front of the pack. Remain there by taking this shortcut in all five laps.

Hint: Haven Forest: Easy Precursor Orbs
When you go to Haven Forest to kill Scout Metal Heads, look in the water. There are about eight orbs in the water.

Hint: Blaster combo
When you have the Blaster rifle and have it equipped, use the punch attack (Square) on an enemy, then quickly shoot (R1). Jak will knock the enemy in the air and finish it with a strong rapid fire.

Hint: Bouncing blocks
Play the level with the first Titan suit. When you get the Life Seed you can go back into the Titan suit afterwards. Pick up a throwable block, walk up to Samos' house, and throw the block at it. The block will bounce back and you will catch it.

Hint: Breaking the drill
You have to grind on the poles to break the drill.

Hint: Swim faster
To make Jak swim faster, keep tapping the Analog-stick in the direction you want to go.

Hint: More ammunition
To get more ammo for any of your guns without getting caught, do the following.
Make sure you are in a place where there are Krimzon Guards (for example, Haven City). Steal a zoomer from anyone. Accelerate (press X) at a Krimzon Guard, and when it is about to hit him, get off (press Triangle). Keep on doing this about four to five times to get ammo.

To refill your ammo at any time during gameplay, go to Haven City and go to the Gun Course. It is in the Port look for a Zoomer parked outside a door. Go inside to the first room where there are several Krimzon Guard Crates. Smash them to find an assortment of ammo. You rarely (if at all) will find Peace Maker ammo. If you do not max out your ammo in one shot. Go outside, go to the Hip Hog
Saloon, return to the Gun Course, and the Krimzon Guard Crates should have regenerated.

Hint: Spinning rapidfire blaster combo
When you have the Blaster rifle and have it equipped, jump (X) then when in the air, spin (Circle) and fire (R1) while spinning in the air. Jak will start shooting rapidly while spinning. Use this to easily kill a group of enemies when surrounded.
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Hint: Krimson Guard revenge 42%
After you defeat Krew, go back to his place. Win the Wack the Metal Head game.
Metal Heads will be loose, and the Krimson Guards will be chasing only them. You can now kill the Krimson Guards without them going after you!.
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Hint: Defeating Krew 38%
When you first start, kill all of the "clones" of Krew (they only do 1 damage).
First, go around in a circle about three times then turn around and shoot them.
If they get too close, keep going around. After you kill all the clones, Krew he will come after you on his flying chair and try to shoot you. Take out your Peace Maker and charge a shot up. When he comes around, shoot him a couple of times with the Peace Maker. He will go off in the distance. Repeat this as many times as needed to defeat Krew.
Note: After you shoot Krew with the Peace Maker,
get ammo out of the boxes.
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Hint: Peace Maker 36%
After you escort the three men down in the sewer, there will be a icon on your radar. It will take you to the Gun course. There will be a light shining on a box. Open it to find a gun. You will see an intermission sequence featuring Jak putting the front of the Peace Maker on a gun. Then, Daxter will say "Finally, our own Peace Maker," and you will have the Peace Maker. Note: It only has ten shots.

Note: When you have obtained the Peace Maker, you can charge it and the Krimson Guards will immediately start chasing you.
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Precurser pick up 33%
At the blue sages lab go to the precorser city after you rase a smale bilding like thing a power cell comes with it but you cant get it. get back in the bilding press the swich and go back down the power cell comes with it.
By: robert1211(2)
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Caching the mule 17%
Just go to the islade and you will see him but he startd running just chase him and soon he wiill stop and you can cach him
By: chapo121(1519)
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