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Max Payne Cheats for PS2
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Max Payne PS2 Cheats

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Max Payne

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Invincibility 98%
Pause gameplay and press L1, L1, L2, L2, R1, R1, R2, R2.
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Level Select 98%
Play up to Subway A1. Return to the Main Menu and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Left, Down, Circle.
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Full Ammo and All Weapons 96%
Pause gameplay and press L1, L2, R1, R2, Triangle, Circle, X, Square.
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Max payne hidden room 60%
Go on tutorial and get to the last part and go to the van jump on the thing next to it than jump on the metal stairs then go all the way to the top and you will see a clear windo you can see through break it!AND yo get in it and there is a very strong gun!
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Harder settings 55%
If you complete the game on fugitive difficulty you will open up the hard boiled and new york minute settings on the main menu under new game if you manage to complete hard boiled yo will unlock the fiendishly hard dead on arrival complete this setting to gain access to the secret end combat level
By: andy8(56)
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Max payne 45%
Kung Fu Mode up left down triangle circle triangle circle square. New Guns. Find them in hidden rooms.
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Max Payne 417847Hi how do I lower the bridge on part 2 level 2? Answers: 3
Max Payne 423922How do you get past the stairs in part 1 chapter 5 Answers: 0
Max Payne 635421How do you get past the bit on let the gun do the talking level where there are 3 doors 2 bricked and 1 metal door with metal planks over it Answers: 0
Max Payne 671644How do I beat the vahala project Answers: 0
Max Payne 703268How do I past pain and suffering Answers: 0
Max Payne 702121What to do in ship Answers: 0
Max Payne 787829How do you beat the first part of part 2 Answers: 0
Max Payne 899914How to find the cargo ship 'Charon' Answers: 0
Max Payne 947370How do I find a cargo ship chapter 2? Answers: 0
Max Payne 947371How do I find the cargo ship charon in chapter 2? Answers: 0
Max Payne 958734How do you gain more time before the helicopter takes off in last part pain and suffering Answers: 0
Max Payne 968465I've tried everything to take out the last cable on the roof but nothing seems to REALLY work. HELLLLLPPPPPP ! ! ! LOL THANX Answers: 0
Max Payne 977292I find myself at the last screen on Max Payne. I do not have a snipers rifle to shoot out the struts on the structure above. Any suggestions? Answers: 0
Max Payne 192149How to beat no payne no game Answers: 1
Max Payne 341005How do I find the cargo ship charon in chapter 2 Answers: 0
Max Payne 443895How do I get pass second bad dream in part 2? Answers: 0
Max Payne 531328How do you get out of the room in part 3, chapter 6? Answers: 0
Max Payne 19328How to lower the bridge in part 2 of maxpayne Answers: 1
Max Payne 22168How do you get past the no payne no gain section with the fire Answers: 1
Max Payne 31780In unit 2 chapter 2 how will we find the cargo ship'charon Answers: 0
Max Payne 202207In no pain no gain it does not let me enter the invincibilty code. what do I do? Answers: 1
Max Payne 330825Hon max payne how do I shoot the last cable on the tower Answers: 0
Max Payne 417227How do I get pass straight from a bad dream Answers: 0
Max Payne 527865How do I get to Vinnie on ice hard and slick? Answers: 0
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