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Championship Manager 4(99/00 Season) Cheats for PC
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Championship Manager 4(99/00 Season)
PC Cheats

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Championship Manager 4(99/00 Season)

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Hint 100%
Buy these players and put them in your reserve team and my oh my will you have a team in 3-6 years time:

Pablo Aimar
Stephan Appiah
Kennedy Bakirioclu
Denden Berhane
Esteban Cambiasso
Joe Cole
Roque Santa Cruz
Matteo Ferrari
Christian Gimenez
Steven Hammel
Peter Holm
Willie Howie
Martin Lauchlan
Jonas Lunden
Johnnier Montano
Zlatan Muslimovic
Isaac Nkubi
John Pelu
Javier Saviola
Suleymann Sleyman
Sharbel Touma
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Hint 100%
If your player is not playing well check his fitness , you will find most of the top players only play good football every 5 days - never play anyone with fitness below 80%
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Hint 100%
If your a lower club with not much money then be a team with a lot of money eg. man u then sell your reserves for 5 million each and then you will be rich.
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Hint 100%
Go to the tactics screen make a formation and then go to 'save as' write : champion. This gives you a good season
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Hint 100%
Here are some more than useful players which you sign for virtually nothing and they become 10million+players:
Mads Jorgensen
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Hint 100%
Not exactly a cheat, but buy these 3 players.
Mads Jorgensen- I paid 1M
Kennedy Bakircioglu- I paid 1.9M
Bo Nielsen- I paid 2.5M
All become 10M+ players
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Good Cheap Players 100%
If u are looking for 2 cheap players who will do the job and increase in value then look no further then Touma , Mads Jorgnsen and sa pinto
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Buy good players 100%
Get 2 teams , a good one and a bad one eg Wycombe and man. Utd, if u want to sign good players for Wycombe fine the Utd players 4 weeks wages twice and they will be unhappy and will refuse to play
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Useful players 100%
Simon Davies, Matthew Etherton, the Swedish u-21`s, mads Jorgnsen
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For free players 100%
Put the exact bid of the players valuation e.g. Ronaldo 14,000,000. when its accepted go to contract screen, click his name, withdraw transfer bid then put a bid of 0, go back and you can offer a contract.
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Good Players 100%
Martin Palermo, Walter Samuel, Peter Madsen, Mads Jorgensen
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Big money players 100%
Here are a few wicked players,who are quite cheap, but turn into big money playes:
Keneddy Bakircioglu (from Hammarby)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (from Malmo)
Zlatan Muslimovic (from Gotenburg)
Tonton Zola Mokouko (from Derby)
Jonas Lunden (from Gotenburg)
Kim Kallstrom (from Hacken)
Mads Jorgensen (from AGF)
Hakan Gudnason (from Liverpool)
Sharbel Touma (from Djurnagen)
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Great Players 100%
Jamie Shore
Erik Nevland
Wayne Gray
Allan Borgvart ( Plays for AGF)
Javier Saviola
Mads Jorgenson
Peter Madsen
Carl Cort
David Collins
Shawn Berry
Ivan Rosando
Ian Armstrong
Andy Cooke
Richard Logan

Manage International Team
1.Go to add Manager
2.Select a Team.
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Good Players 100%
I have found some good players to sign who do well when you sign them : Javier Saviola, Kennedy Baraclough, the AGF team, Eifion Williams, Zahovic, Michael Ferrante.
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How to manage international teams 100%
At team select go to a team witch you know has a player of the nationality you want. Click on his nationality and it will bring you to his national team click on "Take Control " and hey presto!
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A good player 100%
Vela from Tigers and put him in under 19s he will be 18 when you get him it mite tack a bit of time because of a work permit.
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Free Player 98%
For a free player go to add manager and select the club with the player you want e.g Inter, Ronaldo. click the player, go to action , release player and once done retire right away.
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