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Adidas Power Soccer Cheats for PSX
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Adidas Power Soccer PSX Cheats

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Adidas Power Soccer

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Woman's Voice 100%
In Arcade Mode, on the Commentator options, press: O+S. This changes the voice to a woman's.
Dream Team In the Options menu, press: L2, R2, S, X
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Moves (in Arcade mode) 100%
Back flick - O and T
Back heel - S and X
Mega shot - T and X
Running - S and O
Pull shirt - T and O (on defense)
Dangerous kick - S and X (on defense)
Push - T and X (on defense)
Score goals easily The easiest way to score a
goal is to push the D-Pad on the opposite direction when shooting.
Doing this, you will get a "High Shot" and most of the times,
depending mainly on your position on the field, the goalkeeper
will not get it and the ball will go straight into the net.
It's pretty tricky, but you can also choose the side of the
goal you want your shot to go into, this way (assume you are
using the "Side" camera, and attacking to the right side of
the screen.
D-Pad position
Left + Up
Left + Down
Shot direction
Top (center)
Top Left corner
Top Right corner
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