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Chrono Cross Cheats for PSX
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Chrono Cross PSX Cheats

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Chrono Cross

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Get Kid  100%
After you chat to Lenna, go to Cape Howl. When you are leaving, Karsh will walk up to you and Kid will appear.
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Easy way to beat Dario 100%
This is a very easy way to beat Dario and get Serge's most powerful weapon. First you have to go battle the Black Dragon and use Fargo to steal the armor called the "Black Plate". Next equip the black plate on Serge after having beat all of the other dragons except for the White Dragon. To be able to fight Dario you have to battle Peppor and Solt where Garai once was. After the battle they give you an item used to make Dario regain his memory. One you have the item (again make sure that you have the Black Plate on serge, and Riddle in your party) go to the tiny island to the northeast of the big island called the Forbidden Island. Go in the hut and then battle Dario. The battle should be semi-easy as all of Dario's magic when cast at Serge will heal him. Once the battle is over you should receive the Masamune. Side *** Dario has about 3800 hp.
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Tech Skill  100%
After Serge is reborn, visit Termina (Home World) with Viper in your party. Chat to the barmaid, go into the back room, and examine the flag on the back wall. Viper will talk briefly about the flag and then take his LvL 7 Tech Skill, "FlagBearer" and a Dragoon's Glory. Exit the room and re-enter. Examine the back wall with Viper still in your party. Even though there is no flag, Viper will say the same thing that he said before and will take another "FlagBearer" and Dragoon's Glory. Repeat this as many times as needed. Each Dragoon's Glory can be sold for 4,000 gold. The stats for Dragoons's Glory is Atk. +3, Hit% +3%, Mgc. +2. You can also disassemble them for 1 Denadorite, 2 Scale, 2 Fur, and 2 Fang.
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Get Glenn and Macha 100%
Say "No" to save Kid when she is poisoned and get Glenn and Macha (Korcha mother). Glenn and Serge have an attack together called "X strike".
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New Game+ feature 100%
Win the game, then load the saved game. This will give you a "New Game+" feature. This game allows access to your old level, elements, and summons.
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Give Bellflower to Glenn 100%
Go to the moutntain after Cape Howl and walk around where there is a brown monster. Avoid it and walk to the purple flowers. Get them, and when you get to Termina, go to where Glenn's brother and father are buried. He will be there with General Viper's daughter. He will walk up and ask you to give them for free.
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Get Mojo  100%
In the "Home World", get the shark tooth from the fisherman. Then in "Present World", show the shark tooth to the scarecrow (Mojo) and he will join your party.
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Feed all 100 dragons  98%
*** A controller with a turbo feature is needed for this trick. When you meet the man who feeds dragons in a barn, you can earn prizes depending on how many dragons you feed for him. To feed all 100, set the turbo feature on X and use the D-pad to move back and forth.
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Easy Money 98%
Play at the roulette table in the Zelbess Casino. As the pointer is spinning, pause the game when the pointer is between point south and west on the wheel. Finally, hold X and the pointer will land on north every time.
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Safe Bet On Roulette Game 98%
I recommend you practice the Roulette 1st before you go and blow all of you money. Start with small bets and work your way up to the bigger amounts of money. At the roulette table in the Zelbess Casino you can cause the pointer to land on north every single time by following the steps.

As the pointer is spinning PAUSE the game while the pointer is between the South and West positions on the wheel. Now press and hold the Action button and the pointer will land on North every single time.
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Summon  98%
The field effect in the upper right corner has to be all one color to use a summon. For example, to cast a Blue Summon like Frog, the field effect has to be solid blue.
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Get Guile  98%
In Termina, chat to the statue polishing man, then go to Korcha (boat man). Chat to him and he will tell you to get a person to help you to get to Viper Manor. Go to the bar and Guile will be the man next to the locked door. Ask him, or you can get Pierre or Nikki.
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Get Lenna 98%
Say "No" after Cape Howl when Kid asks to join you. Go back and ask.
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Always win at roulette  98%
The following trick allows you to win the roulette game every time in the casino on the Zelbess. When the pointer begins to spin and the red tip is in between the west and the south points of the roulette wheel, pause the game. Now, repeatedly press Circle and resume the game. It will land on north every time, giving you double the money you wagered.
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Feel elements  98%
Use a Feel element and then use an element that is opposite of the color of the Feel element to inflict more damage to an opponent. For example, use Feel Yellow and then use a Green Element.
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Hydra Humour for Kid 96%
Press Start on the world map and change to "Home World" from Opassa Beach. Go to Hydra Swamp (dwarves place) to find a Hydra Humour.
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Treasure Chest Trick 96%
Throughout the game, especially in the Viper Manor, there are many decoy treasure chest which are actually enemies. When you encounter them they tell you, you only have "one chance" to attack the correct one to recieve the prize they have. All you have to do to ensure yourself the prize is to randomly attack one. If you do not choose the right one the 1st time, just "run away" and repeat. You can do this as many times as you want at no cost. Enjoy!
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Hints 93%
Infinite money, Dragoon's Glory's, Viper's LvL 7.
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Play as LYNX 20%
1st finish all the dragons in the blah,blah,blah castle
2nd after that you will see lynx and viper
3rd get ready to battla viper...
4th ...after defeating him lynx will kill him...
5th ...then after that you will battle lynx...
6th ... then after beating him he still have enough power to battle...
7th ... then you will battle again...
8th ...then after that lynx will show you a crystal ball
9th ... then you will swap,and that mean you change body...
10th ...then lynx(in serge's body)he will challenge you as lynx...
11th ... then you will battle again and you will surely lose...
12th ... then when you lose kid will try to kill you but...
13th ... lynx(in serge's body) will take the knife...
14th ... then lynx(in serge's body) will kill kid instead of you and...
the rest is yours...
By: bitoy666(1349)
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