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Spider Man Cheats for PS2
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Spider Man

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Unlock Evrything 97%
To unlock everything type ARACHNID in the cheat menu.
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Awesome cheats 91%
All fighting controls:KOALA

Level select: IMIARMAS

Level skip: ROTIMAS

All levels, warping, gallery options, and combos: ARACHNID


Training Levels: HEADEXPLODY



Oscorp Scientist: SERUM

Police Officer: REALHERO

Play as A helicopter Captain: CAPTAINSTACY

Play as thug 1: KNUCKLES

Play as thug 2: STICKYRICE

Play as thug 3: THUGSRUS

Matrix attacks: DODGETHIS

Goblin style costume: FREAKOUT

Small Spider-man: SPIDERBYTE

Big feet and head: GOESTOYOURHEAD

Villans with big heads: JOELSPEANUTS

First person camera: UNDERTHEMASK

Super Coolant: CHILLOUT

Play as the Green Goblin: Start a game in Hero mode, or higher, Type in ARACHNID in the specials, and go to "warp levels" go to "Conclusion" and let it show the video, when its over you can go to specials, and activate the costume.
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Unlock Mary Jane 89%
Want to unlock Mary Jane in every level? Spell girlnextdoor in where you type your cheats.(the green goblin will laugh if you get it right).
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Become Invisible 86%
Press (3)x L1, L2, Square and circle you will become invisible and to undo it you press the same buttons again to be uninvisble
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By: OREO25(19)
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All Cheats 80%
Enter these as codes in the Specials Menu. A laugh will confirm you got things going. Repeat a code to turn it off

Master Code: Arachnid
Unlimited Webbing: Organicwebbing
All Fighting Styles: Koala
Level Select: Imiarmas
Bonus Training Levels: Headexplody
Play As Mary Jane: GirlNextDoor
Play As The shocker: HermanSchultz
PLay As a scientist: Serum
Play as a police officer: RealHero
Play as Captian Stacy: CaptianStacy
Play as thug 1: Knuckles
Play as thug 2: Sticky Rice
Play as Skull Gang Leader: Thugsrus
Matrix Style Attacks: Dodgethis
Goblin Style Costume: Freakout
Small Spider Man: Spiderbyte
Bad guys have big heads: Joelspeanuts
First Person Veiw: Underthemask
Glider Coolent: Chillout
Level Skip: Romitas
By: CheatAgent101(361)
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Infinite Webbing 77%
Go to cheates and type in "organicwebbing".if you are playing as the green goblin.Then you have infinite weapons
By: phineas555(52)
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Play as Scientist 73%
Go to cheats and type in "serum
By: phineas555(52)
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Spiderman1 71%
Type ARACHNID to unlock all the levels on level warp in where you type your cheats
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Super Coolant 70%
Go to cheats and type in "chillout
By: phineas555(52)
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Play as Green Goblin 69%
First start the game on the difficulty hero then quit on the main shell. Then go to cheats then type in "arachnid" and it will unlock all the levels. Then go to level warp and scroll al the way down to conclusion when norman reveals himself to spiderman and is killed by the glider. Then go to Secret Store and turn on harry osbourne playing in the green goblin costume. Then start a new game on whatever difficulty you choose.CAUTION.Don't reset your bonus points.
By: phineas555(52)
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Game can 69%
Cheat. to defeat shoker really fast mary lame tip. spider man can kill the skull but some baddies are hard to kill. cheat to make peters head big snot headdds. hint. if spider man gets killed just press L1 R2 L1 AND HE WILL RAISE BACK TO LIFE AND YOU WILL HAVE EXTRA HEALTH.
By: kies(26)
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By: OREO25(19)
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Agent spiderman 67%
If you'r playing chemical chaos you can do a sneak out getin by using you'r webbing to ge in and get out of tight areas this works fine when you don't know were securety is coming from also this digram will show you how to do the get in get out ability

sg-securety guard

b chemecal rm
sg is facing your right get out and stop and still and press the web zib button
a chemical rm
sg is facing your left get out and press the webzip button
cemecal reaction rm
if the sg is facing you'r left or right get inside the room quickly and press the web zip
button to webzip so that way he wont see you.
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Play as The Shocker 67%
Go to cheats and type in "hermanschultz"
By: phineas555(52)
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Play as a Police Officer 64%
Go to cheats and type in "realhero"
By: phineas555(52)
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Game can 62%
Cheat. to defeat shoker in the subway tunnels mary jane. hint. spiderman cannot defeat the green gobblin so grab or swin into him
By: kies(26)
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Jump Very Far 57%
First you have to have green goblin then go to specials and type in theas cheats ORGANICWEBBING + SPIDERBYTE then press on when you go to green goblin costume then go to search for justice after fly to a place were its high then go to the end of the building and hold the triangle also run forward and when you get to the edge press the X button and you should jump very far.

(ps you can only do this if you have ps2 or if you know how to do it on other ones for exsample X box or X box 360 then you can also do it if you know but I have the game on PS2 so I only know how to do it on there
By: Grantas(49)
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No bullies 43%
While playing the game if your in a pickle outside or inside try hiding on the cieling or the side of a building. And if inside it doesn't work try the web dome thing,they say its handy. And when you hide dont make it look obvius. By: Gary Rudder Jr.
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Infinite health and web 28%
Unstoppable spidey
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Infinite Health 26%
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