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Aero Wings 2 Airstrike Cheats for DC
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Aero Wings 2 Airstrike DC Cheats

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Aero Wings 2 Airstrike

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Receive F-15 Aggressor two 100%
In free flight mode choose mission 21 and assign 2 enemies to battle you. Defeat them with the F-15 aggressor one and you got yourself the F-15 aggressor 2
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F-18 aggressor 100%
You must have 10 or more carrier landings in one of the 2 carrier free flight missions. Don't forget to choose a carrier base aircraft and no enemy's.
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Bonus airplanes 100%
Complete the listed mission to unlock the listed aircraft:
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Unlock all planes and missions 98%
To unlock all planes and missions hold L and hit X and Y simultaneously.

An audio confirmation will occur, may have to be entered multiple times.
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Bonus stages 98%
Complete all fighter missions and tactical challenges to get free flight in missions 20 and 21.
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Aircraft Mission 98%
T-4 - Fighter Pilot 5
T-2 - Fighter Pilot 13
Silver F-4EJ - Fighter Pilot 20
F-15DJ - Fighter Pilot 26
F-15J - Fighter Pilot 30
F-104J - Tactical Challenge 5
F-4J - Tactical Challenge 6
F-1 - Tactical Challenge 7
Gray F-4EJ - Tactical Challenge 8
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Receive a T-3 super recipro 98%
Score over 100 kills and you get the T-3 super recipro fighter.
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Get a F-15 Agressor one 98%
Get all planes that you can recieve from missions and tactical challenges, and they reward you with the F-15 Agressor one
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