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UFO: Enemy Unknown Cheats for PC
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UFO: Enemy Unknown PC Cheats

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UFO: Enemy Unknown

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Cheats 90%
In the GAME_X directory, is a file called LIGLOB.DAT. The 1st 4 bytes of this file contains the amount of money you have. Change the 1st 4 bytes with a Hex-editor in: FF FF FF 7F and you will have 2,140,000,000 cash!!!

In the file SOLDIER.DAT , you find a list of all names of your soldiers (+/- 20 bytes for the name ending with 00), after the name you will find the status. Change the 1st 7 bytes in: 64 64 64 64 64 64 64. This will give your soldiers 100 in every catagory except in bravery.

To crack the base, use a hex-editor on BASE.DAT . Byte 23-59 are the 36 rooms in your base, and the next 36 bytes are the days that are left. The next 2 bytes are the numbers of scientists. Put there 255 and you have a monthly large expenses list. The tactic is to edit BASE.DAT just before a new month starts.
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