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Cool Boarders 2 Cheats for PSX
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Cool Boarders 2 PSX Cheats

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Cool Boarders 2

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Alien & Snowman 100%
Complete all 100 moves in master mode , then set all records in freestyle mode. Alternatively, achieve a score of at least 40.0 on the Half-pipe course.
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Enter Codes as Names in Tournament Mode 100%
The Word Cheater will appear to confirm correct entry.

All Tracks : WONITALL 
All Boarders : OPEN_EM
All Boards : GET_EM
Show Coordinates : SHOWPOS
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Mirror Mode 100%
Complete Snowboarding Combined mode and enter the options screen. Press Select on controller 2, then press R1 and Square, at the mode selection screen.
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Bonus Boards 100%
Enter freestyle mode with all the tracks. Set the top record for all the tracks.
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The Boss 100%
Complete Mirror mode in 1st place.
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Pervy Outfits 100%
Highlight the Big Air option on the MAIN MENU and press: Down, R1, Up, R1, Down, R2, Up, R2, Up, Up, R1, Down, Down, R2. When you go to the character select menu (apart from in competition mode), Cindy will be wearing a skimpy leather outfit, while Irin dons a school uniform. You can change the costumes/outfits by pressing Cross, or using Left, and Right.
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