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Tamagotchi Cheats for GBC
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Tamagotchi GBC Cheats

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Mimitchi 96%
Feed a pet that hatched from a black egg only carrots. The pet will transform into Mimitchi after turning six.
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Recommended color palette 96%
Press Right + A at the Game Boy logo when playing this game on a Game Boy Color system.
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Get a plane ticket 43%
To get a ticket press B and then A + B and reset the clock to 6:59pm wait a minuet and then go to the shop and see if theres a ticket if not contiune 4 more times
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How to make it happy again 40%
By helping thenm get happy you dont need to play games . You just feed them snacks ]
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Tamagotchi Music Star Cheat 33%
To have a quick egg reset the Tamagotchi and press button A and button B at the same time.
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Getting a ninja family in V5 33%
It dosen't matter what family you have all you need to do is don't take care of your family when there teenagers and there is 3 ways: don't feed them at all, feed them to much or make them very unhappy. by mametchi fan
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V5 hints 27%
To Marry go to the dating chanwhen you arre in the pANNEnel
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1000G 19%
This Is For The tamagotchi v5. go to the connection menu and click the pc button then go to the logout screen. type in this code.

P.S. this only works for AHIRUKUTCHI
By: bigski(210)
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Free piano 12%
Code: 84604 08010
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