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Red Dog Cheats for DC
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Red Dog DC Cheats

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Red Dog

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This is a tough one...after you reach the tower a flashing tube will be uncovered shoot at this like mad!!!!try to keep your charge up thoughout the level just to shoot at this.After a few seconds a robot will appear and start charging towards you, also the tube will be covered.
Now here's the hard part...keep moving as much as you possibly can to avoid his shots (you can not use your shield as he will melt it).

You will notice that there are several discs on the floor. You need to make the robot stand on one and fire at the disc constantly so it heats up and explodes, if you stop shooting it will cool down and you will have to do it all over again (remember to keep on the move where ever possible).

You must repeat this about 3 or 4 times before he is destroyed. Then the tube will become visible for you to shoot at again.

You must be quick at shooting at it because if you don't take all the energy down the robot will appear again and you will have to do exactly as you did before until you finally destroy the generator.
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You will be given one extra multiplayer level each time you complete a normal mission with an 'A' grade. That's one level per mission.
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Completing challenge missions will give you extra weaponshiedarmour upgrades to use in the normal mission mode. To use these got RD technology and pick which ones use wish to use buy pressing left or right.
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Helter Skelter multi-player level 100%
Play 20 or more multi-player games in one sitting to unlock the Helter Skelter multi-player level. When this is done, force the game to save by changing your options or weapons configuration in single player mode to make this level always available.
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For completing a normal mission you will (as you may know) be given the next level. In addition every level you complete you will be given a challenge mission.
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Drive Or Die Expert multi-player level 100%
At the level selection screen, highlight the multi-player Drive Or Die Expert level, then hold L + R for about 3 seconds to unlock the level.
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complete every challenge and you will notice that each challenge still says 'pass' but a new timemission has appeared for you to beat.
In completing these challenges you will be given one cheat for each one.NOTE: You can only use one cheat at a time and your records will not be saved while using them....ha ha so you can not complete a level and make it count by using them.

Complete the challenge games to get bonus items such as a begining drone with 9999 bullets, etc.
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Hidden Artwork 100%
Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find artwork from the game.
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