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Major League Baseball 99 Cheats for PSX
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Major League Baseball 99 PSX Cheats

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Major League Baseball 99

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Easier Homeruns 100%
When you are up at bat the best way to hit a home run is to hold up and left buttons, hold these buttons after you hit the ball. This will make the ball fly passed the left fielder.

NOTE: The left fielder may catch the ball.
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Fingting players 100%
Hit batter intentionally then hit X 3 times if done right the announcer will say "that will clear the benches in a hurry" and the players will start fighting.
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Funny Announcement 100%
When you are the pitcher don't do anything for 5 minutes. Then you will hear c'mon and Nachos or Peanuts. Then the anouncer will say "The baseball fan with the licence plate number of ----- your car is being towed."
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Easy Strike-Outs 100%
To get easy strike-outs just get a pitcher with a good arm and a sinker. Pitch a sinker to the batter inside and down a little bit. (You should pitch it outside the strike-zone.) If you find the right spot just keep pitching it there and you should strike the batter out in 5 pitches (sometimes they don't swing.)
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An "out" Despite a Hit 100%
When the game has started, throw the pitch so the hitter hits it, then throw it to 2nd base. When the basemen gets it move so that the other team mate covers the base. Move close to the base towards your basemen and pree TRIANGLE and he will underhand it to the base men. If this is done right the ball will go high in the air. During that try to move the outfielder to the ball before it hits the ground. If he catches it it's an out! HINT-run to the basemen and throw it when close. You can do this on any base
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