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Crash Bandicoot 2 Cheats for PSX
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Crash Bandicoot 2 PSX Cheats

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Crash Bandicoot 2

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Bonus Lives 100%
In the 2nd Warp room (level 6-10), jump on the baby polar bears head 10 times to get 10 extra lives.
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Codes 100%
Blue Gem - Beat Turtle Woods with no boxes
Yellow Gem - Beat the timer in Plant Food
Pink Gem - Go on the Nitro staircase in Bee-havin'
Red gem - In Air Crash don't jump on the 1st jet board jump on the boxes untill you land on a platform
Green Gem - Go to the end of the nitro room in Eel Deal
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Extra Life 100%
When you 1st get started wait through all the beginning. After that crash's sister will appear and start talking. Don't push anything while she's talking. After she's done talking you can get a extra life but wait until crash jumps up to get the extra life.
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Hint 100%
To get 10 lives when you are in the 2nd warp room stand beside the bear outside the level "Bear It" and belly-flop onto the him 10 times.
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Hint 100%
When you are on the upper Warp Rooms, if you attempt to collect the crystal for that level but inadvertently die, try going onto a lower and more easier level that you have already done and complete it. When you re-enter the Warp Room, you will find that you have been awarded the crystal from before!
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Baku Baku at start of a stage 100%
Press Cross when the screen is black before you can control Crash and usually you will have a mask.
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Hint 100%
On the 1st level go into the 1st warp room. don't get any boxes at all. When you get to the end you will get a green gem.
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Hint 100%
At the level Air crash,when you reach the jetboat,don't jump on it. Instead,look for a platform. You will also see 2 boxes.Jump on the 1st one and to the 2nd box. When you land on the 2nd box,imediatlly jump to the plat form. Then you get transported to a seceret warp room.HAHAHAHA - GOODLUCK!
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Return Bouts 100%
If you wish to fight the bosses again, stand on the relevant pad and press all of the following, together:
L1, R1, L2, R2, and Triangle. Then tap Up.
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Getting All Colored Gem 100%
Blue Gem : In Level 1 Don't Get Any Boxes
Red Gem : In level 2 but must go to level 7 (Air Crash) in First River Don't get The jet Jump AT The Boxes To The Platform , gets You A Secret Warp Room Level 2 Show Go red gem Path.
green Gem: In Level 10 go Right Path At Haves Nitro With The dead End , Door Is That Dead End?Nope , That Door Gets You A Secret Area for Green Gem
Yellow Gem : In Level 11 Win That Level Before The Time Runs Out
purple gem : in level 20 See The Stairs Nitros jump At The Nitro Stairs (WONT BLOW AT YOU) That gets You A secret Area For A Purple Gem.IF You Not Know My Cheats see The Video. See the video: Cheat Video
Crash Bandicoot 2 cheat video Cheat Video
By: Master Dragon(16)
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Hidden Levels 100%
Snow Go Red Gem Path : At Level 7 Air Crash , Dont Get The Jetpack , Another Way , Go Jump In The Boxes To The Platform (Unlock : Snow Go Red Gem Path)
Air Crash Part 2 : At Level 13 Bear Down , At The End Of The Level , See The Ice Platform? Go In It (Unlock : Air Crash Part 2)
Level 26! : At Level 15 , When The Big Bear Down At The End , Pass The Giant Hole , You ll See A Bear , Go In It (Unlock : Level 26)
Road And Ruin Part 2 : In Level 17 , When U See A Plant In Platform , Use Your Body To Kill Him And To Warp Into (Unlock : Road And Ruin Part 2)
Level 27 : In Level 16 When You Fall In The Water , DONT GO UP , Go Back And You ll See Another Hole.
I Hope That Help
By: virusalert(15)
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99 lives 96%
In the level un-bearable, jump down the hole that the bear falls down. When you come to the 1st check-point, hit the ! box and jump on the box. go to the platform beside the voodoo mask and do a big jump. There will be 2 lives there. Then jump down hole. Keep on repeating this progress until you get 99 lives.
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Baku Baku Mask 96%
As soon as you die, press and hold Up and Circle until you can move again. You will appear with a baku baku mask on.
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Hiden worlds 45%
Go to levil one. you cant get all the crates right? find the funny looking face on the ground, and body slam. to get blue jem, go to tertal woods and dont hit a sngle crate. its at the big door. in digin it go until you see a plant over a hole. body slam it. in the poler bear chase, after you fly off your poler bear go back and tuch him.
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Akuaku every time u go to a levil. 38%
Frist get 75% or more, then every time you go in a livil you get one.
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