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Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped Cheats for PSX
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Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped PSX Cheats


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Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped

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Final Secret Gem 100%
To get That Final Gem You Must Collect All Relic (By Gold Or Platform Make Sure) Go Into Coco Hes Give You ...
A SECRET Gem In The Game! (Note : If Not Appearing That Mean You Not Sure If Hes Gold Or Platform) Second Note : You can Get That Gem By Not The Final Gem You Can
I Hope I Help.
By: Master Dragon(16)
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Purple Gem 97%
Level 13 Hang High: Get the hard path and take it.
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Warps 95%
When crash enters one of the tomb screen, there are rats in jars throwing lids at him. After he destroys all the jars, one rat will remain, jump on top of the rat and receive about 10 more peaches.
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Hidden Boxes in Tomb Time 95%
When you reach the dead end with the picture of the light purple gem in a square border, keep on super body slamming (Cross and Circle or R1 buttons) to break hidden boxes.
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Beat Neo Cortex 95%
To beat Neo Cortex at the end of the game, you must wait until he throws his exploding mines. After they explode, immediately attack Cortex and knock him him into the sewer. Do this 3 times to defeat him.

Watch out however, for your friend Aku Aku and Cortex's boss Uka Uka are battling in the room with you. If you touch them or the lasers they shoot at each other, you will die. Be careful, each time you hit Cortex, it becomes tougher to dodge Aku Aku and Uka Uka.
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Find the Colored Gems 95%
Green Gem Level 23 Flaming Passion: Take the hard path.
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Beat Dr.N Trophy 95%
To beat this boss avoid the balls and beams of energy he sends at you. Eventually he will tire out and make little platforms next to his. When you're on his platform hit him with a spin attack. Repeat this 3 times to beat him.
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Beat Tiny 95%
Tiny will send out some lions but if you stick to the bottom of the screen they are easy to avoid. When he tries to kill you with his trident dodge him and when it gets stuck spin attack him. Repeat this 3 times to beat him.
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Beat Dingodile 95%
To beat Dingodile you must avoid the lasers he fires at you. When he is firing he is slowly destroying his shield of crystals. When their is a big enough gap to hit him run up (don't do this when he fires at you!) and hit him with a spin attack. When you do this run away because his little pack explodes! Do this 3 times to defeat Dingodile.
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Red Gem 94%
Level 12 Deep Trouble: To get the red gem you must go to the end of the level and then you must hit the ! box at the end. Once you have done this go back down the tube and to the right tap the TNT box to set it off and then go through to get the red gem.
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Tomb Time Secret Entrance 94%
Level 9 :
After you get all the colored gems, go to 'Tomb Time.' When you see a little purple gem painted on a wall, O X over there and break open the Aka Aka box. The wall will lift up.
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Extra Wumpas 94%
On the 'Pura the Tiger' levels, hits the baskets to get extra wumpas.
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Apples from Monkeys 94%
When you are playing a level that has the rock throwing monkeys, after you have destroyed the vases that they occupy you can jump on the cowering monkeys and get free apples.
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Bonus Levels (26-30) 94%
To get to the Bonus Levels you must acquire 5 relics, which you get by beating the time trails. For each level you must have a certain number of relics to enter (increments of 5).
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Secret Hot Coco Level 93%
On level 14, run into the "Aliens Crossing" sign about half way through the level to get to the 'Hot Coco' Level.
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Double Gems Tomb Time 93%
Level 9 :
Get all the boxes till you get to the wall with a little colored gem on it. Get all the boxes in the secret level and then go back. Go the normal way and get all the boxes there. At the very end you will receive another white gem. When you get to the warp room, you will get 2 white gems at the same time.
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Blue Gem 93%
Level 20 Tomb Wader: Take the hard path.
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Spyro the Dragon Demo 93%
When the game gets to the Title Screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, to get a demo of Spyro the Dragon.
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Fun with the Bazooka 92%
In the levels GEE WIZ and TOAD VILLAGE there are several fun things to do with N.Gin's bazooka. Go up to that annoying chicken, aim, and fire! Now wasn't that nice? Next, go to a wizard. Don't go within range of his spells, though - aim, fire, and when you blast him his clothes and beard fall off! Don't worry, he's still wearing boxers. Blast him again to kill him from long range.
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Crash Dash 92%
Here's a tip, before you try to win the levels in Time Trial, wait until you beat Cortex the 1st time, the super power he gives you is "Crash Dash" which enables you to run faster which will help you get Gold Relics instead of Sapphire ones in the time trials.
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Yellow Gem 91%
Level 7 Hang'em High: It shows the yellow gm on this level but you must actually get the secret warp zone and go into level 27 to acquire it.
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Easy Motorcycle Time Trials 91%
On the levels where Crash rides the motorcycle, it's easier to win the time trial if you wait about a minute before begining so that the other vehicles don't knock you off the road. Now, you can hit the clock and still proceed normally.
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Extra % or More Items (Video) 100%
To See That Cheat By Me I Find That Video. See the video: Cheat Video
Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped cheat video Cheat Video
By: Master Dragon(16)
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All Gem COMPLETE 100%
Silver Gem 1 Break 42 Boxes on Toad Village
Silver Gem 2 Break 92 Boxes on Under Pressure
Silver Gem 3 Break 51 Boxes on Orient Express
Silver Gem 4 Break 66 Boxes on Bone Yard
Silver Gem 5 Beat Red Gem Route on Bone Yard
Silver Gem 6 Break 37 Boxes on Makin' Waves
Silver Gem 7 Break 100 Boxes on Gee Whiz
Silver Gem 8 Break 96 Boxes on Hang 'em High
Yellow Gem Beat Secret Path on Hang 'em High
Silver Gem 9 Break 13 Boxes on Hog Ride
Silver Gem 10 Break 95 Boxes on Tomb Time
Silver Gem 11 Beat Purple Gem Route on Tomb Time
Silver Gem 12 Break 35 Boxes on Midnight Run
Silver Gem 13 Break 112 Boxes on Dino Might!
Silver Gem 14 Beath Yellow Gem Route on Dino Might!
Silver Gem 15 Break 83 Boxes on Deep Trouble
Red Gem Beat Secret Path on Deep Trouble
Silver Gem 16 Break 87 Boxes on High Time
Purple Gem Beat Death Route on High Time
Silver Gem 17 Break 29 Boxes on Road Crash
Silver Gem 18 Break 91 Boxes on Double Header
Silver Gem 19 Break 105 Boxes on Sphinxinator
Silver Gem 20 Beat Blue Gem Route on Sphinxinator
Silver Gem 21 Break 11 Boxes on Bye Bye Blimps
Silver Gem 22 Break 61 Boxes on Tell No Tales
Silver Gem 23 Break 134 Boxes on Future Frenzy
Silver Gem 24 Beat Secret Path on Future Frenzy
Silver Gem 25 Break 88 Boxes on Tomb Wader
Blue Gem Beat Death Route on Tomb Wader
Silver Gem 26 Break 89 Boxes on Gone Tomorrow
Silver Gem 27 Beat Green Gem Route on Gone Tomorrow
Silver Gem 28 Break 20 Boxes on Orange Asphalt
Silver Gem 29 Break 75 Boxes on Flaming Passion
Green Gem Beat Death Route on Flaming Passion
Silver Gem 30 Break 11 Boxes on Mad Bombers
Silver Gem 31 Break 120 Boxes on Bug Lite
Silver Gem 32 Beat All Gem Route on Bug Lite
Silver Gem 33 Break 100 Boxes on Ski Crazed
Silver Gem 34 Break 24 Boxes on Area 51
Silver Gem 35 Beat UFOs in race on Area 51
Silver Gem 36 Break 33 Boxes on Rings of Power
Silver Gem 37 Beat Planes in race on Rings of Power
Silver Gem 38 Break 70 Boxes on Hot Coco
Sliver Gem 39 Beat All Relic By Gold Or Platform Relic
By: virusalert(15)
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Extra End 100%
Beat Cortex By Had ALL Gems , There Will Appearing An Extra End
By: virusalert(15)
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Gets All Power Ups Without Beat A Boss! 100%
In The Title Screen , Wait For First Demo Appearing , When The First Demo Appearing Skip That , Wait Another One , Skip The Second Demo , Now For The Part , Wait When The BLACK Screen Appearing , When That Appearing , Hold Triangle , Now You Are Play As Level 17 , WARING : DONT COMPLETE THAT LEVEL OR YOU LL GET STUCK BY WARP ROOM 4 , Just Pause That Level And Exit , Now U Can Win The Levels Easy :D
I Hope I Help Much
I HAD NOT DO YET , If U Not Understand , Try This See the video: Cheat Video
Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped cheat video Cheat Video
By: virusalert(15)
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Secret Warp 87%
There's a cheat on level 4 called 'bone yard'. You go into the bone yard and you go until you see a yellow circle thing, but you pass that and you have to get all the boxes first. Then on your next turn you go to that then you will be warped to level 32, 'exphisus'. You'll be chased by a big dinosaur then run into the 2nd bird on one of those sticks then you will be warped!
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Start Game With All The Powers 86%
Wait at the title screen until you see the third demo that comes up. While the third demo is loading and the screen is black, hold triangle until the third demo appears. Let go of triangle and press start. The pause menu should appear and select "Go To Warp Room." You will have all the powers from the game but you will have to start with world 1.
By: 00Abel00(211)
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Secret Level 85%
To get secret level area 51 at Title Screen press L1, L1, Square, Circle, R2.
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Beat the GAME easier!!! 83%
At the title screen wait about 30 seconds and a demo will come on,when the 3rd demo is loading hold triangle,when it comes on if you did it right you should be in control,press start and select 'warp room' when you get back you should have every power including:body slam,double jump,death spin,bazooka and you can run faster.
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How You Get All Secrets Level 80%
Level 31:In Level 14 You Must destroyed Alien Sign That gets You To A secret Level 31
Level 32:In level 11 must have The Yellow gem,Go To yellow Path Go After You see A Giant Dino RUN Climp The Second Enemy Fly Dino , Dont Worry That Wont kill You That gets You A Secret Level 32
I Hope I Help
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Secret Level 31 - Hot Coco 79%
Go to the level 14, Road Crash. Drive as normal, but look carefully at the signs. You'll find one sign which has an alien image on it. Hit that sign and you'll warp to level 31, Hot Coco.
By: RipperRoo(320)
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Get all powers and get stuck in the warp room. 71%
At the begining wait through the first 2 demos, then when the third one starts to load press and hold triangle, when it got load, don't go to pause and choose WARP ROOM, BUT FINISH THE LEVEL WITH THE CRYSTAL AND THE GEM. When you finished you should be in levels 16-20. Now you go back to the brige thing that ends in the middle of the warp room and you will find that the electric gate is closed. There's no way to get out of there. Now you can finish the levels 16-20. While you do those levels you will find Tiny talk instead of N. Gin.
By: ralph123(52)
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Use the super swirl at the shield and you wont get pushed
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99 Lives 68%
During a game, press R1, L1, Circle, Cross, Circle, Triangle, Square, L1, R1.
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Hang 'em High's Gem 67%
To unlock get the gem in Hang 'em High, just get about 10 time trial relics. Then go to the secret warp room (Which you unlock by getting 5 relics) and select level 2. It should take you to Hang 'em High's secret Gem path.
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Thomas's cheat for Dingodile. 67%
Ok here it goes.
Dingodile: if you are stuck on Dingodile all you have to do is slide jump into one part of the sheild
and keep doing it until you are at him use the spin atack and slide out of it it three times
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Coco Secret Level 67%
At the last moto level hit the sign with the alien on it to go to coco's secret level.
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Hint: How to beat N. Gin 63%
N. Gin isn't so hard boss, but if you are having problems defeating him..

Well, what I do is that I always start shooting the yellow thing in the center of his robot. When he is about to use the gun for shooting, quickly go in front of the gun and try to destroy it while he is charging the gun. But if you don't manage to destroy the gun, quickly move out of the way before he shoots you. When he stops shooting, you can quickly try to attack the gun. On the "robot's shoulders" are two red thingys which fire missiles. Destroy them. Finally, when you manage to beat him -Well, actually, you didn't beat him yet.

To the "second part". Now he has total of seven weapons, but it's still pretty easy. As for first, avoid the "lightining balls" which he fires. Then, avoid that yellow thingy (That.. Uhh, "gem"?). Then he does fire missiles, but just shoot them. On the same, you should try to shoot his machinery. As for first, try to destroy those things on left and right which shoot those "lightining balls". When you manage to destroy them, try to destroy that thing at bottom (that one which does fire that yellow thingy). After that, simply destroy those red things which fire missiles. And that's it, you've beaten N. Gin!
By: RipperRoo(320)
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Level 24(Mad Bombers) Easy 62%
If you r stuck on level 24(mad bombers) keep pressing the square button when I did this the guys shooting me only shooted a tiny bit I could complete it easy.(and its best to get the health ballons when you hav 60 50 40 or 30%)
By: xvgm(78)
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Secret portal in road crash 62%
When you are driving and you see a alien sign hit it and you will be transported too the secret level called[hot coco]
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Hidden level in Dino Might 60%
When you get too the teradactles jump on the seconds one head and you will be trans ported to level 32, Eggipus Rex
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Beat Dingodile fast 60%
When you begin, just jump over the colored rocks, it's best to crouch then jump, then you'll be on the next row of rocks. Keep on jumping over all the rocks, hit Dingodile, and jump out of the rocks. Do that 3 times to win fast and easy. Takes less than 2 minutes!
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Beat Dingodile faster and easier 60%
When the level start go to his shield and then press O and after that X. Do it again and you will be in the center then spin him or jump on him and get out faster. Repeat until hi dies.
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How to beat dingledile easier 53%
Wait till you get the superjump power than on dingle dile
if you use your superjump
u can jump over the crystals easily and spin on dingledile
without waitin for him to blast them
By: chrispowellp69(26)
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Extra Levels 50%
Level 26 : Get 5 Relic.
Level 27 : Get 10 Relic.
Level 28 : Get 15 Relic
Level 29 : Get 20 Relic
Level 30 : Get 25 Relic
Level 31 : At LEVEL 14 hit The Alien Sign To Get INTO The Level
Level 32 : At Level 11 , Go Into Yellow Gem Platform , And When The Giant Dino Chase You , Find The Second Flying Dino , Get Into The Second Flying Dino , That WONT Kill U , That Will Warp U Into Level 32
By: virusalert(15)
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Hint: How to beat Tiny Tiger 45%
Beating Tiny Tiger is pretty easy, but anyway..
As for first, Tiny tries to jump on you. Just run away from him and then he tries to attack you, but of course, if you dodge the attack, you'll manage just fine. Anyway, now go and hit him. He gets hurt and then he jumps back to up there where he did stand in the beginning. Now he sends lions to eat you, but just avoid the lions or hit them (you'll get Wumpa fruits if you hit them). When the lions are gone, Tiny again tries to jump on you and so on. So, easily, just do the same and you'll beat him.
By: RipperRoo(320)
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N.Trophy 45%
Stay on the middle of the gear picture on the floor and jump (double jump/duck) over N. Trophy's atacks.
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3 tips for crash bandicoot 3 warped 42%
How to kill a double header:to kill a double header jump on it

getting the relic on level 3(orient express)and level 10(midnight run):hold square button.(yes...all the way......gotta be careful)

a tip 4 orient express and midnight run(a another tip):u dont die if you hit those barrels that roll down.(u will die if you hit the stack of them)
By: xvgm(78)
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"N" stands for... 39%
You will notice that the last 3 bosses has "N" in there name well "N" stands for Neo and "NEO" stands for "NEW"
By: bitoy666(1349)
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Dr. N trophy 18%
Get all of your balls in first.
By: fireheart708(556)
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Mask 9%
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