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Creatures 3 Cheats for PC
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Creatures 3 PC Cheats

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Creatures 3 Cheats

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Creatures 3

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No Grendles on your ship 100%
There is a limited amount of creatures that can be on one ship so if you have a whole bunch of Norns there won't be so many Grendles. If you have reached the limit some of your eggs won't hatch until another creature dies.
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Hidden song 100%
Play the "DJ_G.wav" file in the game's sound directory to hear a hidden rap song from Grendel.
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No more Grendels 100%
Don't want Grendels? here is what you do. Take 2 grendel eggs and throw them in the the pirhana pit( press green button at the end of the grendel home) See, the game only allows 2 grendels to live in the spaceship
at a time, and if there are 2 grendels eggs in the pirhana pit, The mother grendel thinks there are 2 grendels walking around. Also unlike every other living thing when dropped in the pirhana pit is devoured by the pirhanas, the pirhanas never touch the eggs. P.S the pirhana cage is at the very bottom right of the grendel home and the grendel eggs appear
very close to the pirhana cage (right where this yellowish orange hole is.) You can also do this with ettins. Guaranteed to work if done correctly.
Oh, and I had about 16 norns alive and there were still only 2 grendel eggs that were laid. far as I know those grendel eggs are still there:)
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