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Die Hard Cheats for DVD
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Die Hard DVD Cheats

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Die Hard

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Making of feature and biographies 100%
Enter the "Special Features" screen to access an unadvertised short
feature about the film and cast and crew biographies.
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Alternate outtakes (Five Star Collection) 100%
Insert Disc 2. Select the "From The Vault" option at the MAIN MENU,
then select "Outtakes". Select "The Vault" and highlight the
"Production Audio Only" option. Press Right to highlight a gun.
Press Enter to watch the outtakes without any dialogue.
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Destroy Fox Home Entertainment (Five Star Collection) 100%
Insert Disc 2. Press Up at the MAIN MENU to highlight one of the
landing lights on the roof. Press Enter to destroy the roof and
display the "There goes Fox Home Entertainment" message.
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Outtakes with Music 100%
From the 2nd discís [Main Menu], select [From The Vaul and then [Outtakes]. Select [The Vaul and on the next screen press the [Righ arrow key twice. This will highlight a small gun on the screen, which will give you the chance to watch the outtakes with music only.
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Production credits (Five Star Collection) 100%
Insert Disc 1. Select the "Language Selection" option at the main
menu. Select "Subtitles" and highlight any language. Press Right to
highlight Bruce Willis. Press Enter to view the disc's production
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DVD Production Credits 100%
Insert the 1st disc from the set and from the [Main Menu], go to the [Language Selection] submenu. Here, highlight the entry for [English] subtitles and then press the [Righ arrow key on your remote control to highlight the image of Bruce Willis. Press [Enter] now and you will get to see a credit screen.
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