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Dynasty Warriors 3 Cheats for PS2
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Dynasty Warriors 3 PS2 Cheats

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Dynasty Warriors 3

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Good way to get 3rd weapon 100%
Each character's 3rd weapon is really good. If you are playing Musou mode and need to get your character's weapon stronger do this. Wait until you have gotten to about the 4th level in Musou mode, then go to free mode and do the Nanman Campaign. Defeat as many officers as you can and at the end you will probably get your 3rd weapon.
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Free mode all levels ( Japanese version ) 100%
From the Title Screen, press R1, R2, L2, L1, Square, R2, Triangle, L1
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All Wu generals ( Japanese version ) 100%
From the Title Screen, press Triangle, L1, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, L2
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Unlock Pang Tong 100%
To unlock Pang Tong you must beat Cheng Du on any mode. But, you must keep Pang Tong alive the whole time. The easiest way to do this is to be Liu Bei. That way, you only have to protect Pang Tong and not have to worry about Liu Bei dying and therefore ending the level.
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All Wei generals ( Japanese version ) 100%
From the Title Screen, press Square, Triangle, L1, L2, R1, R2, L1, L2
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Start level on the Red Hare 100%
The Red Hare is Lu Bu's horse. It is the best horse in the game. In the level Hu Lao Gate, kill Lu Bu (Ignore Yuan Shao telling you not to fight him). After you kill Lu Bu, a message will tell you that a supply depot has appeared. Go north to where it is and kill the supply captain. He will give you a special item when he dies. If you equip this item, you will start the level on the Red Hare.
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BGM Test option ( Japanese version ) 100%
From the Title Screen, press Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, L1, R1, R2, L2
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Where to Find and Ride Elephants 100%
The fastest way to get to, mount, and ride an elephant in Dynasty Warriors 3 is to begin by selecting Sun Shang Xiang. In the Nanman Campaign, the fifth level in her game, use bow and arrows to kill off the enemy riding the elephant, then walk up to its side, like you would a horse, and press X. You should then be able to ride it.
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Guan Yu's 4th weapon 100%
Must be on hard

Must be at the stage Guan Yu's escape

kill 4th gate commander(Xu Huang)and supply team comes north to south

WARNING:Must complete stage and kill supreme commander! If you dont complete stage, you wont get anything!
By: judo3578(8)
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Unlock Lu Bu 98%
Lu Bu is one of the best fighters in the game. To unlock him, you must go to Hu Lao Gate (sorry if I didn't spell it right). In that level, you must get 1,000 KOs and kill Lu Bu. To get this done, make sure that you don't kill any gate captains or enemy generals. That will make it much easier.
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Opening Edit option ( Japanese version ) 98%
From the Title Screen, press R1, Square, L1, Square, R2, Triangle, L2, Triangle
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All movies ( Japanese version ) 98%
From the Title Screen, press L1, Triangle, R1, Triangle, L2, Square, R2, Square
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Fourth Weapons 75%
Cao Cao (Wrath of Heaven)
Element: Death (Activate with: SSSSST*)
Basic +45, Att +24, Arrow Att +52, Mounted Att +48, Range +24
Stage: Yellow Turban Rebellion (Allied Forces)
Supply Team (starts: Northwest entry point, moves: central Northern entry point by Zhang Jiao’s final position).
Requirements: Defeat Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang (Zhang Jiao’s brothers) without killing any Gate Captains and without loosing any of your own. Because the supply team will appear at the Northwest entry point and move East it is suggested that you equip either a fast horse or a good Speed Scroll and kill Zhang Bao before killing Zhang Liang. After you defeat Zhang Liang cross the bridge to the North of his original position and head straight for the supply team (hurry, you don’t have much time). It is worth noting that after you get the weapon He Jin will probably already be in danger, attack and defeat Zhang Jiao as soon as you have the weapon.

Dong Zhuo (Grand Star)
Element: Lightning (Activate with: SSSSTT)
Basic +41, Life +70, Def +45, Range +25
Stage: Hu Lao Gate (Dong Zhuo’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: The gate behind Xu Rong’s initial position).
Requirements: Wait until the allied force has defeat all your generals but Lu Bu and Diao Chan. Diao Chan will betray to the allied forces’ side. Defeat Diao Chan. You will want to go out and keep Diao Chan safe while your officers are being defeated, but try not to kill to many soldiers of the allied force. Try not to kill any generals at all. When you go to defeat Diao Chan after she betrays you may be surprised to arrive at here location with her nowhere to be found. Check the map again to make sure you at the correct location. If she is invisible go and kill some soldiers and maybe an officer in the area to make her reappear (this is a glitch in the game that you may encounter while trying to get this weapon). If you are going to use a second officer on this stage I would suggest Lu Bu.

Lu Meng (White Tiger)
Element: Lightning (Activate with: SSSSST)
Basic +45, Def +53, Arrow Def +54, Mounted Def +54, Musou Charge +25
Stage: Fan Castle (Sima Yi’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: Southeast of the Wei base on the middle platform).
Requirements: Defeat Guan Ping.

Lu Xun (Falcon)
Element: Death (Activate with: SSST)
Basic +42, Speed +22, Musou Gauge +75, Def +43, Range +29
Stage: Yi Ling (Sun Quan’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: Northeast from Zhuge Liang’s stone warrior formation).
Requirements: With either Lu Meng or Gan Ning alive complete the stone warrior formation (a square area in the central South area of the map with four mounds) and defeat Zhuge Liang. If you follow the left-hand wall after entering it will lead you directly to the exit. Here is a trick, you can trigger the stone warrior formation completed event by walking into it and then out again from the end at the Shu camp. Also, there is a bug that you may encounter while trying to get this weapon. You can get the special item report on normal and easy difficulties, but not the fourth weapon itself. All fourth weapons must be obtained on hard difficulty.
The best way to get this weapon is to move South as soon as the stage starts, defeat Wei Yan (this will buy Lu Meng some time), and then enter the stone warrior formation. Do not fight the enemy generals and soldiers inside, just run past. Follow the left-hand wall and you will come to the exit. (Zhuge Liang will arrive at this point). Circle around Liu Bei and you will find Zhuge Liang, defeat him. After you have defeated him return to the stone warrior formation and get the weapon (it is in the Northeast corner). After you have done this it is probably best to defeat Liu Bei (don’t worry about the other officers unless you have no choice but to fight them).

Ma Chao (Steel Dragon)
Element: Fire (Activate with: SSSSST)
Basic +42, Jump +21, Mounted Att +60, Mounted Def +60, Range +21
Stage: Tong Gate (Allied Forces)
Supply Team (starts: by the Northern bridge, moves: Northeast).
Requirements: Playing as Ma Chao charge Cao Cao as soon as you get the chance. When you get near Cao Cao there will be a cut scene after which he travels West across the top of the map (to the bridge above Ma Chao’s camp). Ma Chao will tell Han Sui and some other officers to help against Cao Cao so they will travel North from the camp across the bridge to face him. Fight by Han Sui (keep him safe) and defeat as many officers and soldiers as possible until Cao Cao himself arrives. Cao Cao will meet with Han Sui causing his moral to drop (this happens when Cao Cao gets close to Han Sui). Continue fighting until you see the “the allied forces are reeling from reports of Han Sui’s betrayal” message. Shortly after this message appears Han Sui will betray to Cao Cao’s side (again, you must keep him safe until this point). Moments after his betrayal a supply team will arrive just South of the Northmost bride. Kill the supply captain and then finish off Cao Cao, Han Sui, and the rest of his officers. This procedure should work every time.

Meng Huo (King of Beasts)
Element: Fire (Activate with: SSSSST)
Basic +48, Life +88, Att +27, Mounted Att +54, Mounted Def +54
Stage: Nanman Campaign (Nanman Forces)
Precious Item (location: West from the mountain in the center of the map).
Requirements: Defeat Ma Chao, Zhang Yi and Ma Dai or defeat Zhang Fei, Zhang Bao, and Guan Xing.

Nu Wa (Nu Wa’s Rapier)
Element: Death (Activate with: SSSSST*)
Basic +39, Musou Gauge +62, Life +62, Att +21, Def +46
Stage: Wan Castle (Zhang Xiu’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: North of Dian Wei’s starting point).
Requirements: Defeat Dian Wei.

Pang Tong (Tornado Staff)
(Pang Tong’s weapon has no element)
Basic +38, Life +66, Att +22, Arrow Att +46, Range +28, Musou Charge +29
Stage: Cheng Du (Liu Bei’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: Northwest area of map).
Requirements: Travel from the forest West down the Southern path. Zhang Ren will ambush you (Pang Tong), defeat him. Pang Tong himself must trigger the ambush so if you are using the two player trick (and Pang Tong is weak) make sure you defeat most of the soldiers attacking Liu Bei and all soldiers in Pang Tong’s area first, this way Pang Tong will be safe while you kill the men with your other officer.

Sima Yi (Dark Feather)
Element: Lightning (Activate with: SSST)
Basic +40, Att +28, Arrow Att +50, Mounted Att +55, Radius +29, Musou Charge +26
Stage: Wu Zhang Plains (Sima Yi’s Forces)
Supply Team (starts: by Zhang He’s initial position) and Precious Item (location: entry gate Southeast of Zhuge Liang’s base).
Requirements: Defeat Zhang Bao and at the 70 minute mark a Supply Team will appear by Zhang Bao’s starting position (make sure you defeat Zhang Bao before the 70 minute mark). (Use this time to kill as many officers as you can, but stay in the area). When you defeat the supply captain he will not drop anything, but will instead trigger the special item report.

Sun Quan (Master Wolf)
(Sun Quan’s weapon has no element)
Basic +42, Musou Gauge +68, Att +22, Arrow Att +49, Arrow Def +50. Musou Charge +26
Stage: Siege of He Fei Castle (Sun Quan’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: East of the pond in the center of Wei’s castle).
Requirements: Defeat Zhang He.

Taishi Ci (Tiger Slayer)
Element: Lightning (Activate with: SSST, SSSSTT)
Basic +45, Life +81, Att +26, Arrow Att +55, Mounted Att +51
Stage: Assault on the Wu Territory (Allied Forces)
Precious Item (location: by the central Northern entry point).
Requirements: Defeat all enemy officers but Sun Ce.
Wei Yan (Double Comet)
Element: Death (Activate with: SSSSTT, SSSSST*)
Basic +46, Jump +23, Att +24, Def +56, Range +22
Stage: Jie Ting (Zhuge Liang’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: on top of the hill where Ma Su sets up his camp).
Requirements: After a little while Ma Su will charge the enemy but will instead be ambushed. When this happens find the enemy general attacking him (under Zhang He’s command) and defeat him to save Ma Su. Keep Ma Su safe. Defeat all enemy officers by Sima Yi and then enter his camp (the item report will occur).

Xiahou Yuan (Demon Fang)
Element: Fire (Activate with: SSSST)
Basic +45, Musou Gauge +84, Life +78, Arrow Att +58, Arrow Def +59
Stage: Mt. Ding Jun (Sima Yi’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: West from Huang Zhong’s initial position).
Requirements: Wait for Huang Zhong to charge downhill (there will be an event) and defeat him. This occurs early in the battle if you fight up the hill toward him.

Xu Huang (Marauder)
(Xu Huang’s weapon has no element)
Basic +46, Speed +21, Musou Gauge +82, Att +24, Luck +24, Range +22
Stage: Fan Castle (Sima Yi’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: Close to the Northeast corner on the ground level).
Requirements: Defeat Guan Ping before the flood event (10 minutes). If you plan to do this in free mode unlock the Wei side at Fan Castle first (you can do this by beating it in musou mode with Sima Yi).

Xu Zhu (Stone Crusher)
(Xu Zhu’s weapon has no element)
Basic +50, Musou Gauge +88, Life +86, Att +28, Def +58, Luck +27
Stage: Tong Gate (Cao Cao’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: Southeast from Ma Chao’s fort).
Requirements: After defeating Ma Dai and Pang De (Ma Chao’s officers) pass through Tong Gate to trigger the special item report. If you are playing with two players it is okay for the second player to kill Ma Dai and Pang De, but it must be the first player (Xu Zhu) who passes through the gate.

Yuan Shao (Grand Master)
(Yuan Shao’s weapon has no element)
Basic +44, Jump +20, Musou Gauge +78, Def +54, Arrow Att +51, Mounted Att +46
Stage: Guan Du (Yuan Shao’s Forces)
Supply Team (starts: North from Southeastern fort, moves: Southeast entry point).
Requirements: Keep Wen Chou alive for 10 minutes. Go to his aid at the beginning of the battle, he will be in trouble quickly. As soon as he is safe find and defeat Guan Yu (if Guan Yu gets near Wen Chou he will automatically kill him). After defeating Guan Yu return to Wen Chou and start killing the closest officers.

Zhang Fei (Viper Blade)
(Zhang Fei’s weapon has no element)
Basic +47, Att +29, Def +58, Mounted Att +56, Mounted Def +57, Musou Charge +24
Stage: Chang Ban (Liu Bei’s Forces)
Supply Team (starts: entry point by Xu Zhu, moves: North then Northeast).
Requirements: Go to Chang Ban bridge (the detailed bridge North of Xu Zhu) and wait until an officer attacks you there. When you meet the officer on the bridge you will see the Zhang Fei shout event. It does not matter what officer you meet on the bridge, they can come from the North or the South. You can also initiate the event by getting an officer to chase you to the bridge. When you have done this defeat Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan.
This weapon can be very tricky to get because Liu Bei will usually be in danger before an officer arrives at the bridge. For this weapon I advise two players (under your control or with a friend). Make Zhang Fei player 1 and choose your best officer for player 2 (the instructions will assume that you have done this, but you can really make Zhang Fei player one or player two). Simultaneously move Zhang Fei down to Chang Ban bridge while you move your second officer up to Xiahou Dun. Leave Zhang Fei on Chang Ban bridge while you defeat Xiahou Dun, Zhang Liao, and the gate captains with the other player. As soon as you have defeated them move your second player to Liu Bei’s area defeating all officers that get near you on the way. Defeat Xiahou Yuan and if you have time, Zhang He. By now Cao Cao will have arrived. Continue to kill as many people as you can in Liu Bei’s area until an officer attacks Zhang Fei (try to move your second officer to a safe spot before this happens by watching the Start map.
The shout event will occur as soon as you begin combat with that officer (you will usually face on of Cao Cao’s officers, not Xu Zhu’s (probably Cao Ren). Right after the shout event occurs you will get the Supply Troop announcement. Chase them down and get the item. Run Zhang Fei to the far north (where Xiahou Dun was) and leave him there. Finish off all officers with your second player. Eventually Cao Cao himself will come to attack Liu Bei so it is okay if you cannot leave his side (due to him being in trouble). There is room for error with this strategy and you should pull it off as long as your second player is powerful.

Zhang He (Peacock Talon)
Element: Death (Activate with: SSSSST*)
Basic +43, Jump +23, Att +24, Range +27, Musou Charge +29
Stage: Guan Du (Cao Cao’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: center of map by bend in river).
Requirements: Find and burn the enemy supply depot with Yan Liang and Wen Chou alive. The supply depot itself changes location each game.

Zhang Jiao (Volcano Staff)
Element: Fire (Activate with: SSSST)
Basic +37, Musou Gauge +72, Att +43, Range +27
Stage: Yellow Turban Rebellion (Zhang Jiao’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: Southeast from the Northern river).
Requirements: Defeat all three of Liu Bei’s officers, all five of Cao Cao’s officers, or all four of Sun Jian’s officers.

Zhang Liao (Dragon Breath)
(Zhang Liao’s weapon has no element)
Basic +48, Life +79, Att +25, Mounted Att +58, Mounted Def +58, Range +21
Stage: He Fei (Cao Cao’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: North from the broken bridge in the Southeastern area of the map).
Requirements: Defeat Zhou Tai.

Zhao Yun (Fierce Dragon)
Element: Fire (Activate with: SSSST, SSSSST*)
Basic +43, HP +74, Att +25, Def +52, Musou Gauge +80
Stage: Chang Ban (Liu Bei’s Forces)
Supply Team (starts: entry point by Zhang He, moves: Northeast).
Requirements: Defeat Xiahou Dun, Zhang Liao, and Zhang He. In addition to this you must also wait for Cao Cao’s reinforcements to arrive (Cao Cao arrives at the 80 minute mark) and for Liu Bei will say, “Cao Cao, so you want to end it here at Chang Ban?” (occurs at the 78 minute mark) after this happens fight anyone around Liu Bei with Zhao Yun causing a cut scene in which Yun tells the enemy soldiers not to harm his lord. (This event can not be triggered by all characters, only Zhao Yun and some other Shu officers and cannot be triggered if Liu Bei has already reached his destination by Liu Qi’s ships). You must finish everything before Liu Qi arrives with reinforcements and the requirements may be fulfilled in any order (the supply team arrives after completion). It is suggested that you defeat Zhang He last (so you are close to the supply team).

Zhen Ji (Dark Moon Flute)
(Zhen Ji’s weapon has no element)
Basic +37, Speed +23, Def +52, Arrow Att +50, Mounted Att +50, Range +25
Stage: Jie Ting (Sima Yi’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: by Zhuge Liang’s camp).
Requirements: Defeat Jiang Wei.

Zhu Rong (Magma Wheel)
Element: Fire (Activate with: SSST, SSSST)
Basic +42, Musou Gauge +72, Def +52, Arrow Def +52, Range +26
Stage: Nanman Campaign (Nanman Forces)
Precious Item (location: close to the bridge in the center of the map).
Requirements: Keep Dong Tu Na and Ahui Nan alive for 15 minutes so they can trigger an event together. After the escape event the item will appear. As soon as the battle starts go and kill Ma Chao (he will kill Ahui Nan) and once you have done that go and attack the next closest threat (probably Zhang Yi). From there fight anyone that gets (or will soon get) close to either of them. Drop what you are doing and run to the rescue if either of them is in danger or has low morale.

Zhuge Liang (Peacock Feather)
Element: Fire (Activate with: SSSST)
Basic +40, Speed +22, Jump +22, Defense +55, Arrow Def +55, Mounted Def +55
Stage: Wu Zhang Plains (Zhuge Liang’s Forces)
Precious Item (location: down the passage to the East of Zhuge’s fort).
Requirements: Defeat Cao Xiu after he arrives with his reinforcement troops.
By: dantemspeed(5)
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Lu Bu's fourth weapon 67%
On the battle of hu lao gate kill Liu bei,Guan yu, and Zhang fei on hard diffuculty.
By: thedominater323(659)
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How to beat lu bu 50%
Keep chargin up your musou and use it on him
By: thedominater323(659)
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How to ulock zhang liaos 4 weapon and take advantage of it 50%
Go to free mode on hard mode and do the battle of he fei. then kill zou tai then it will say a special item has occured go get it and beat the mission and you will get dragon breath his 4 weapon . anyone who has the second weapon you ll get the 3 fast just zhang liao on hard mode with 2 players .player1 should be zhang liao and 2 should be who ever you pick to have there 3 weapon.use zhang liao to beat zou tai then move him to asafe spot then move the 2 person to the special item then leave him there .then use zhang liao to kill sun quan.
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Nu wa's fourth weapon 50%
On the battle of wan castle(other forces not cao caos)kill dian wei
By: thedominater323(659)
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How to unlock ganin and a special item 48%
Make sure option mode is on hard then go to free mode and choose the stage he fei . then destroy ganin when he comes out as reinforcements and make sure most of your allies are alive then kill sun quan before he enters cao caos HQ tip:when you kill ganin a red glowing item will apear
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