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Dark Forces Cheats for PC
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Dark Forces PC Cheats

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Dark Forces

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Invincibility 100%
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All Weapons, Health, Shields, and Ammo 100%
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Map Supermode 100%
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Full Ammo 100%
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Squeeze Through Small Passages 100%
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Skip to the Next Level 100%
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Unlock All Items 100%
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Invincibility, Unlimited Ammo, and Unlimited Weapon Supercharge 100%
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Unlock Items and All Weapons 100%
Type LAMAXOUT (The result is a combo of typing LAPOSTAL and LAUNLOCK)
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Weapon Supercharge 100%
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Dorothy Mode 100%
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Get Location Co-ordinates and Secrets You've Found 100%
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Teleport Using Map 100%
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Freeze All Enemies 100%
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Mega Jump 100%
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--------Mac Cheats-------- 98%
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