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Godfather Collection, The Cheats for DVD
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Godfather Collection, The DVD Cheats

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Godfather Collection, The

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Bonus Easter Eggst 100%
On the 5th disc the extra features go to [Set Up] & press right on the key pad and a globe will pop up.
On the 1st screen (young Vito sat singing to himself), select Scene Selections or SetUp, then select Return to Main Menu. You'll see a different screen, showing Michael opposite Fredo in the boathouse. Do the same again, and see a rather grisly screen showing Vito's revenge!

On the 5th disc (bonus selections) go to the [Family Tree]. Select Santinos branch. Highlight the photograph of [adul Sonny. Access the egg by highlighting James Caan's headshot. You will discover a brief snippet which was apparently part of James Caan's audtion. It is an amusing impersonation of Brando as Terry Malloy in "On the Waterfront".

On the bonus disc, go to DVD credits. Push next twice. Arrow down from previous to next, press enter. The Soprano Regime are sittng around watching a stolen bootleg godfather dvd.

Click on [Galleries], then [DVD Credits]. Hit [nex 4 times and you will get an FBI warning screen you will actually enjoy watching.

On the [Bonus Materials] disc, go to the Family Tree section. Upon selecting any of the characters in this section, you will be taken to a [biography] screen of the character with their respective picture on the top of the screen. Simply push [up] on your controller, and you can select the picture. Selecting the picture gives you an acotr/actress bio... as of 1974!
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