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Max Payne Cheats for Xbox
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Max Payne Xbox Cheats

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Max Payne

Rating: 4/5 VOTE

Cheat Mode 100%
Start a game. Press Back during the game to display the main menu. Now, hold L and R, click Left Analog-stick and click Right Analog-stick, then quickly press White, Black, Black, White, White, and Black at the main menu. The cheat menu will appear, which contains "All Weapons" and "Refill" options. To access these cheats, press Back during gameplay and select the options you want at the cheat menu. Now, press Back to resume playing. Other cheat menu options must be unlocked during gameplay.
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Secret Ending 100%
Win the game on "Dead on Arrival" difficulty, using no codes, and you will be transfered to the "Final Battle." There you must fight several enemies in permanent bullet time. If you can defeat them, a door will open, revealing a secret finale.
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Additional Difficulty Settings 100%
Win the game on "Fugitive" difficulty to unlock the "Dead On Arrival" and the "New York Minute" settings.
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Get secret room and goodies in training level 100%
first, do everything u want to do on the training level, tehn go over to the van (with the sniper rifle in) then go around the side, you will be able to see a set of fire stairs, jump onto the dumpster, then onto the box on the wall then the bottom floor of the steps, climb all the way up the stairs, then on the top floor, the firthest window to the left, shoot out the glass then jump through it you will find some goodies in the cupboard, and it will say secret room found on you screen.
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Fight the Rats 100%
In Part 1 Chapter 2, at the very beginning, throw a grenade (you must use the "All Weapons" cheat to have one) in the hole in the brick wall in front of you. Select Show Objectives, and a new objective will appear: a war against rats. Continue the level and pass the sewer, then go up the stairs. There you will find armed rats to battle.
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Bonus Bullet Time Level 100%
Win the game on "New York Minute" difficulty to unlock a bonus level where you have to kill a lot of enemies, all in bullet time.
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