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Luigi's mansion

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Secret Warp Zones 100%
Running around from one end of the mansion to the other can be a very time consuming task. Thankfully, Nintendo has implemented hidden warps that let you zoom back to the entrance hall.
Basically, any mirror in the mansion (except for the large ones that reflect invisible ghosts) can act as a warp. To warp using a mirror, switch to your Game Boy Horror's 1st person mode and examine the mirror with A. After a really trippy warp sequence, you will find yourself in the entrance hall of Luigi's Mansion.
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Hidden Mansion Mode 100%
Rescue Mario and finish the game. You will get ranked according to how you did and receive a letter grade. Your game automatically saves after the credits. You now have the option to restart Luigi's Mansion 2 ways (in addition to going to the completed Gallery). The 1st option lets you go back to the regular Luigi's Mansion Mode. The 2nd option, called Hidden Mansion (Ura-Yashiki in Japanese), lets you restart the game -- and some of the things in the mansion have been changed around. For example, the ghost AI is tougher, but your vaccuum is also stronger. The differences are very subtle, so don't expect a whole new quest, though.
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Another Mansion (Ura-Yashiki) mode 100%
Win the game and save. Ura-Yashiki (Another Mansion) mode will now be available to the main menu. This mode allows you to play the game with various differences. You can get a different sized house at the end of the game, depending on your rank.
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Henry and Orville 100%
First you must make the planes on their ceiling go counter-clockwise with your vacuum. Now, they pop out and ask to play hide and seek. Leave and come back in. There will be 5 boxes sitting on the ground in their room. To find them easily, shake the box with your vacuum. If it shakes, it has one of the twins. If it doesn't, don't open it, or you will have to start all over. Henry drives his car, and Orville dive-bombs you from his plane. Just incase you're not sure, if your going for cash, take out Henry first, since he doesn;t have any pearls. Then you should be able to get Orville in one, long suck.
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Portrait List 100%
1 - Neville, The Bookish Father
Location: Study
2 - Lydia, The Mirror-Gazing Mother
Location: Master Bedroom

3 - Chauncy, The Spoiled Baby
Location: Nursery

4 - The Floating Whirlindas, The Dancing Couple
Location: Ball Room

5 - Shivers, The Wandering Butler
Location: Butler's Room

6 - Melody Pianissima, The Beautiful Pianist
Location: Conservatory

7 - Madame Clairvoya, The Freaky Fortune-Teller
Location: Fortune-Teller Room

8 - Mr. Luggs, The Glutton
Location: Dining Room

9 - Spooky, The Hungry Guard Dog
Location: Boneyard

10 - Bogmire, The Cemetery Shadow
Location: Cemetery

11 - Biff Atlas, The Bodybuilder
Location: Recreational Room

12 - Miss Petunia, The Bathing Beauty
Location: Upstairs Bathroom

13 - Nana, The Scarf-Knitting Granny
Location: Nana's Room

14- Slim Bankshot, The Lonely Poolshark
Location: Pool Hall

15 - Henry and Orville, The Twin Brothers
Location: The Twin's Room

16 - Boolossus, Jumbo Ghost
Location: Balcony

17 - Uncle Grimmly, Hermit of the Darkness
Location: Attic

18 - Clockwork Soldiers, The Toy Platoon
Location: Playroom

19 - Sue Pea, The Dozing Girl
Location: Daughter's Bedroom

20 - Jarvis, The Jar Collector
Location: Dish Room

21 - Sir Weston, The Chilly Climber
Location: Freezer

22 - Vincent Van Gore, The Starving Artist
Location: Studio

23 - King Boo
Location: Shrine
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Secret Treasure Rooms 100%
There are 2 secret treasure rooms in Luigi's Mansion that you can access to load up on gems and money.

The 1st one is located on the 1st floor, in the south-west corner of the Mansion. After you have sucked in the candle-carrying butler, exmaine the room with your Game Boy Horror to find a mousehole. Press A to activate it and go inside to enter the trasure room.
The 2nd treasure room is accessible from the roof top. Use the elevator in the toy chamber to get on the roof, the go all the way to the right and climb up on the chimney. Fall down and you will land in another treasure room.
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Water the Plant 100%
Ever notice the seed in the outdoors area with the dog house? It's at the right side, near the graveyard and just underneath the balcony with Toad. This seed hides a secret that you can unlock right before facing the 2nd boss. Once you have the ability to use the Water Element, water the seed. A plant will grow. Now enter the dog house (examine it with the Game Boy Horror) and defeat the 2nd boss. Return to this area afterwards and water the plant again. Now continue with the game, but be sure to return after you defeat boss #3. Water the plant again and it will bloom and produce a precious diamond.
Note that if you fail to return and water the plant after a boss fight, the plant will whither and die.
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Hidden Hearts 100%
If you're running low on lifeforce, get out your vaccuum and start cleaning lamps and vases. Almost every 2nd vase has a heart hidden inside -- and nearly every lamp or chandelier either yields money or health. Happy hunting.
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Move map 100%
At the map screen, press A to zoom in. Now, use the C-stick to scroll around the floor that you are on.
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Teleport to main entrance 100%
Stand in front of any mirror in the mansion except for the large one that reflects the invisible ghosts. Now, switch to your Game Boy Horror's 1st person mode and press A to warp to the entrance hall of Luigi's Mansion.
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Secret room w/ a secret ghost!!!!!!!!! 100%
When you go 2 the treasure room on the chimney, you can find a key after defeating all the ghosts! you go on the second floor and look on every door until you find it. defeat the ghosts and then go to the room next to it. ull find a girl named sue pea! its also how you can find the last 2 boos for your boo collection!
By: daniel4ce(11)
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Full life 100%
If you go to the babys room you noke on the dreser it gives you alote ov life
NEW Cheat Please Vote !!
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Reward for 50 Boos 98%
One of the sidequests in Luigi's Mansion is the capture of the 50 Boos that you released accidentally in the beginning of the game. Finding Boos can be a time-consuming task as you have to make your way through the whole mansion and track them with your Game Boy Horror "Boo Sensor." Boos hide in furniture in rooms with the lights on, so be sure to check in every nook and cranny. A blue light on your GBH means there's no Boo to be found, a yellow light means you're close, and red means you're right in front of the hiding ghost. If the light is red, switch on your vaccuum or examine the object in question with A. Watch out, though, not every red light equals a Boo. Sometimes a Boo Ball will fall out (you can simply blast it at a wall or leave it where it is), or a bomb that has the potential to cause some damage -- so run! If you're having problems finding all 50 Boos, be sure to look in the "door-less" treasure rooms.
The reward for catching all 50 Boos is a large diamond.
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Hidden Boo picture 98%
Although you cannot pull off the projection room screen, you can make it change. Give it a tug with the Poltergust 3000. If you are persistent, you will reveal a huge picture of a Boo. There is another hidden Boo picture in the 1st floor bathroom. Vacuum at the poster with the word "Monster" on it. A picture of a Boo will appear.
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Change vacuum power 98%
There are 3 different medals you can collect to change the powers of the Poltergust 3000 vacuum cleaner. They are the Fire, Ice, and Water medals. When you collect the Fire Medal, you can suck up ghosts that have a ring of fire around the health hearts. Also, you can press L to spray fire from your vacuum to light candles and hit ghosts with a ice health meter. When you collect the Water Medal, you can extinguish flames that are too powerful for your vacuum to put out. Also, you can press L to spray water.
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Mario calls 98%
When you press A, Luigi will call "Mario!". The more damage Luigi has taken, the more desperate his call for Mario will be.
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"A" rank 98%
To obtain an "A" rank, get all the gold mice, catch all the blue ghosts, get both gold diamonds, and collect as much money as possible. You need $100,000,000 to get an "A".
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Extra hearts and money 98%
Use your vacuum to clean all lamps, chandelier, and vases, as most contain either hearts and money.
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In-game reset 98%
While playing a game, hold B + X press Start for about 2 seconds.
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Gallery mode 96%
Win the game to unlock everything in the gallery.
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Golden Mouse Locations 93%
Here is the location of every golden mouse in the game, including Cheese and Random Mice.

Study - Cheese behind the Desk Chair

1st Floor Hallway - Head to the right, and when you come to the intersection, 20% of the time you will hear a jingle. A Golden Mouse will dash down the center, leaving you in the dust. Catch up to it and suck it up with the vacuum and it will explode into 30 coins, 15 bills, and 2 gold bars, an extraordinary cash prize to experience this early in the game.

Fortune Teller's Room - Behind the Chair

Dining Room - Right Dining Chair

Kitchen - Keep entering and re-entering until a gold mouse dashes right in front of you. Suck it up before it disappears and it will net you 30 coins, 10 bills, and a Green Jewel.

Tea Room - Random Mouse: Be alert for the jingle when you enter this room the mouse makes a loop in the center, so grab it for the usual prize, only this one contains a Red Jewel.

Cheese Mouse: Behind the Far-left back room chair, there is another Mouse with the same treasure as the other.

2nd Floor Hallway - Head to the left and down the intersection. Make it to the end and take a right. If you here a jingle, turn around quickly and dash after the speedy Golden Mouse that appears. If you are too slow, well, you just threw a Blue Jewel down the toilet.

Safari Room - The Final Cheese Mouse in the game, don't rattle the antlers on the wall when you enter this edge-of-death encounter. Instead, look at the leapord skin chair and the crates. Inbetween them is the final cheese mouse, so grab it's loot before it gets away.

And that conludes the location of every Cheese and Random Golden Mouse. Hope it helped!
By: Rocker99(1124)
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The Twins' Boxes 83%
When you play hide and seek with Henry and Orville, you can find which boxes they are hiding in by shooting water, ice, or fire at it. if the box shakes, that means that a twin is in it. This can be found in a book in the study that says that the boys are afraid of the elements.
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How to beat normal ghosts with elements 83%
Get fire, water or ice then expel one of them on to the ghost and it s health will decrease very good on theartists ghosts
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SUPER secret golden mouse!!! 80%
Go to the sealed room and go in and out, and in and out, and... Well you get it right? If that doesn't work, try doing alot of things, like looking at your money or ghost profiles by pressing Z or taking pictures of things stuff like that but it will come out right next to you. (P.S. Rocker99 was wrong!)
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Official Process to Beating Bowser 69%
The final boss is by far the game's toughest. But if you take the time to learn his patterns, you should be able to beat him, and maybe even score a gold frame in the process!

You can only hit Bowser with his own spiked bombs. When he throws them, immediatley suck one onto your vacuum. If you're too slow, Bowser wil jump, and you'll need to let go of the bomb and run for it. But if you're quick enough, Bowser will charge instead. Slowly back away, and when he lowers his head to blow fire, release the bomb. If you're aim is true, you'll knock his head off to reveal King Boo. Aim your vacuum up and whittle away at his 500 GP while moving around in a wide circle to avoid the ice balls spat by the floating head. As you repeat this process, a time may come where Bowser's head reattaches itself backwards. When this happens Bowser will run amok for a few seconds, so stay far away. But keep an eye on him the pillars he smashes may contain hearts (but are more likely to contain poisonous mushrooms).

In general, fight conservatively: A single Bowser hit usually turns into several, and in this long battle, that's a risk you can't afford to take.
By: Rocker99(1124)
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Boss tips 67%
suck up the balls he sends out and when he claps, shoot the ball at him.

shoot his shadow clones at him, then suck him before he escapes.

prick the big form using the unicorn, spray the small boos with ice, then suck them up for good.

there's a LOt of cheats regarding this, so i'll leave it to them.
By: marble9(5)
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Mirror Teleport 60%
Walk around the Mansion and locate some of the mirrors. Memorize their location. When needed, you can teleport back to the Foyer if you use the Game Boy Horror and search the reflective area on the mirror. This works on all mirrors in the Mansion except the ones that reflect invisible ghosts.

Hint: During the blackout, use the mirror on the back wall of the Safari Room to your advantage teleporting there will save you 3 floors of unneeded ghost battles.
By: Rocker99(1124)
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Extra Key 60%
When you clear the room with all of the excersising equipment, step onto the small treadmill at the ledt end of the room and keep on running. eventually, a key will pop out. this key will open the door at the stariwell heading up to the 2nd floor, thus eliminating the need to take the loong way through the yard and exercising room.
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How to beat Bowser: 51%
Ok. You think you're stuck on beating Bowser? Not anymore. Here's how to do it. At the start, Bowser will throw 3 spiked balls at you. Dodge them, suck them up, and shoot it in his mouth when he goes down to breathe fire. His head will pop off, and King Boo will pop out. While you whittle away his 500 GP ( Trust me, I was surprised too.), Bowser's floating head will shoot Ice balls at you. If you're hit, you will be frozen for a short period of time. Repeat this process, and you could win, and maybe even score a gold frame in the process! But, there may be a time where Bowser's head reattaches itself backwards. When this happens, Bowser will run amok for a few seconds, smashing the pillars around him. (The pillars he smashes may contain hearts, but are more likely to have poisonous mushrooms.) Also, sometimes, if you're not quick enough to pick up a spiked ball, Bowser will jump, and you need to drop the bomb and run. If you don't, Bowser will smash you, making you unable to move for a couple seconds.
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Basement Door "Glitch" 50%
Before the blackout, when you go into the basement, the breaker room door is unlocked. however, when the blackout occurs, the door is suddenly locked and you have to get the key from unle grimmly. ummmm... What?!
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Ura-Yashika Mode 47%
After you beat the game and you are graded according to cash with a letter grade, the professor will give you a new option. 'The Hidden Mansion.' It has no differences appearence-wise, but a few things have changed. Luigi's Vacuum is twice as fast, so getting Gold Frames is alot easier. (Hello, 'A' Rank!) The downside is that the ghosts disappear twice fast, so be sure to be quick on that vacuum trigger.
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Valuble tresure 40%
Blue ghosts: wardrobe room, right wardrobe
study, desk chair
breaker room, table
nannas room, rightmost chair
storadge room, pile of chairs-i think
astral hall- maybye...
safari room
i thot there wus 1 in the telephone room...
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