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Diablo Cheats for PSX
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Diablo PSX Cheats

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Infinite Gold 100%
Start a new two-player game and load up a character with gold in their possession. Get them to drop their gold and pick it up with the 2nd player's character. Save the 2nd players character and then quit the game without saving player 1's character. Repeat as necessary.

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bout the Infinite Money 100%
You cant put the money on the ground or they will start to disappear. I use that cheat but you just got to keep the money in your inventory.
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Premium Items 100%
To get new premium items save the game in front of Grizwald. Then reload the game to get a new list of premium items.
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Duplicate belt Items 100%
To get infinite items you have to drop 9 items in a square and stand in the middle and act as if u were going to drop an item by pressing X on a belt item and then press.. Triangle.. and you will have 2 of the belt item.
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How to get good armor and spells 100%
Just load the game and there should be new stuff in griswolds and adrias shops (keep loading the game until you find something good)
By: thedominater323(658)
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The best way to play the game 54%
The best way to play diablo is on fast speed. because then when you are facing a enemy You can run away from the enemy and save yourself
By: jimbooo(96)
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6 Need to know things about Diablo when You play 45%
(The Highest level You can ever reach is 50. (Pepin the Healer will heal you full when you first talk to him)
(The bestes armer: (Demonspike Coat)- Armer 100%.)
(Flamedart bow: (damage 2-5) - (Shoots Fire)
(The best Character in the game is: Rogue)
(The best points to add on to is: strength)
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Most Boss Battles 44%
Just about every Boss in Diablo You can run to a gate that You can shoot through. The Boss can not hurt You this way. So Keep shooting at him untill He dies.
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Do not trust snotspill 38%
I got snotspill his talismen thing and he sead "we kill all with big magic. then he killed me.
by kill snot spill.
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