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Diablo II : Lord of Destruction Cheats for PC
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Diablo II : Lord of Destruction PC Cheats

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Diablo II : Lord of Destruction Cheats

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Diablo II : Lord of Destruction

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Glitches 100%
Near Infinite Mana
This glitch can allow you to cast 2 of the spells (Inferno [Sorc] and Arctic Blast [Druid] only) without depleting mana for a period of time.
When you use the skill, start the ''click-n-hold'' inside the mana meter ball. Your mana will drain as normal, however, when it reaches low numbers it will stop draining, but you will still continue to cast. This glitch seems to randomly not work, although it works more often then not.

Starting Character Level of 32
** This is only known to work on v1.07 The base version number of Lords of
Destruction expansion pack. **

Add a short cut to LoD on your desktop. Right click and select properties.
Under the target line on the very right add one space and insert '' -Act5
'' ** Note only the dash and act five need to be added one space after the
orginal target line. If done correctly you will start in act five will all
correct attribute and skill points to spend. This works with the Assasin,
Amazon, Druid, and Barbarian classes. If you find a way to get this to
work on other classes please let us know. Also not you must create a new
character of said classes to do this. You will however only start with the
base inventory and no wavepoint or quests completed. Simply go to the wave
point in the town and jump back to the Rouge Encampment.
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Easter Eggs 100%
Secret Cow Level
Just like the Secret Cow Level in the original Diablo II, the Secret Cow
Level is in LoD as well. You must have beaten Baal on the difficulty you
want to make the portal for though.

1. Go to Rogue Encampment
2. Insert a Wirt's Leg and a Tome of Townsportal into the Cube and
3. Enter Portal.
4. Fight Cows.

The cows CAN be difficult to kill with melee characters, so be careful.
Paladins and Sorceresses are always helpful here.

The cows do not give good experience, but the chances of finding good
runes/gems/equipment is better than most places. Also, most of the
''stashes'' and ''chests'' here are good drops as well.

WARNING: If you want to make the portal again, DO NOT KILL THE COW KING.
If the Cow King is killed in a game where you made the portal, you WILL
NOT be able to make the portal for that difficulty anymore.
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Hint 100%
Start a new charater online and make a friend with a lot of high level charaters (if you don't have any, ask around about joining a clan). Let him or her rush you all the way from the start to end of hell (you should be at least level 6 now because the experience you gain from killing bosses), this rush will work better if your friend has maphack. Now, ask your friend to join a hell cow game with you so he or she can kill cows easily (go to channel hell cow). Follow your friend around and gain tons of experience. Once you get to level 20 (5 levels) tell your friend to do normal ancients for you, then nightmare ancients at level 40 (7 levels), and hell ancients at level 60(3-7 depending on different characters). At last, keep doing hell cow until you are level 99 (maximum level) and you will have a extremely good charater for dueling and playing around. This should take 5-8 hours so be patient about it.
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Baal's minions skip 100%
When you 1st find Baal he will keep summoning different demons to fight you. Eventually he will summon his lords of destruction which are extremely powerful. If you don't want to face them, have them follow you towards the entrance, then run as fast as you can back towards Baal.
If you do it fast enough, they will disappear and Baal will then go into the portal and you can go face him.
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Codes 98%
View Lag , Frame Skip , and Frames Per Second
Go to an offline or online game press enter to type a text, then type in
fps .(no period) Then at the top left of the screen the ping (lag) frame
skip , and frames per 2nd (fps) will show.

1.10 Cache & framerate info
In 1.10, to view the framerate, cache, and memory information, input

It shows the same stuff as typing ''/fps'', but also shows cache figures
and memory figures.

1.10 New Commands
There are about a couple of dozen commands that have been (re)enabled in
the 1.10s patch. To access some of the new commands, create a new shortcut
either to the game.exe or diablo.exe(???). Right click, properties, and
then add outside the quotes:

-act x ::: where x is 1-5. You will start at that act with certain levels
and unused stat and skill points

-seed x ::: where seed can be anywhere from 1 to 100, and possibly beyond.
This will increase the density of monsters. Doesnt work in bloody
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Level 32 Char 98%
In LoD with patch 1.11b installed you are able to make a level 32 char with any char.

Allows any character to use 2 items at the same time (ex. 2 wands or staves). How to do it: Equip one item into either your left or right hand, press 'W', and pick up the other item you want to wear from your inventory. You must place this item in your right hand if you have the other weapon in your left hand; switch that around if it is equipped in your left hand. Just as you place the item in your hand, press 'W' again. If done correctly you will see both items as red and both images will be visible.

Caution: Using this bug with a barbarian will basically corrupt your character, there are ways to fix this but trying this with a barbarian will not give you any advantage.
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Assassin 98%
An Assassin uses no Magic and Specializes in Martial arts Shadow masteries and traps. An Assassins Martial art skill provides her with close range attacks that charge up damage and then there is a finishing move that releases the charged damage. The shadow skill provides her the ability to make shadow doubles of her self, use psychic energy to attack and the ability to cloak herself. The traps consist of having a monster walk over it inflicting damage and Sentinels that shoot out elements and ninja stars.
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Crafting Items 98%
What you need, Ort Rune, any kind of jewel, and a Perfect ruby or a perfect emerald, and the weapon that you chose(Has to have blue or have a white text). You put those Four items in your Cube and click the transmute button. Look in your iventory and there you have a crafted item
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Tips 98%
Helping pick a begining character In Diablo 2 Lord f Destruction there are 2 new characters, a druid and an Assassin. Joining them are 5 other unique characters each with 30 skills. Each person specializes in different fields of combat.
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Druid 98%
a new character to the Diablo realm a Druid summons animals he has elemental magic attacks, and he can shape shift.The druid summons animals from the wild such as ravens to grizzly bears and vines. Each has so much life and does damage. The elemental magic summons the power from the earth. he has Ice wind and Fire. His shapeshifting gives him the ability to turn into a werewolf or a werebear. After those he has fighting abilities only useable in the shifted form. He can not use magic in shifted form but he can summon an animal like his form like in werewolf he can summon a dire wolf.
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Every Sound 98%
To hear every sound recorded for Diablo 2 press ''enter'' in a game to
open the chat box and type in ''soundchaosdebug''
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Players X 96%
Players X only works in Single Player. To activate Players X, you must

Players X

You have to make X be a number 1-8.

1.10 FPS View and Player Count
In 1.10, to view FPS rate you have to press ''/fps''.

To increase player count IN SINGLE PLAYER/OTHER MULTIPLAYER ONLY you must
type in ''/players n'' where
n = number of players you want. The number set will be verified after
typing it in to make sure.

Note that you can only have 1-8 players typed for increased/decreased
player count.

1.10 Less Clutter Command
Type in: /nopickup and the only way you can pick items up from the ground
is by holding ALT down.

This allows you to move more freely in heavily cluttered areas, such as
right outside the Rogue Encampment where people are dueling, therefore you
won't accidentally pick up a whole bunch of ears.
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Hit enter type S-E-F-K HIT ENTER r. click on target and hit ctrl the target will explode. BOOM!
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