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Terminator: Dawn of Fate Cheats for Xbox
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Terminator: Dawn of Fate Xbox Cheats

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Terminator: Dawn of Fate

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T800 Threat Data 100%
Get 4 medals on level 3. This can be quite difficult because your
character gets hit all the time and it is hard to dodge the enemies.
Go to "Awards" to check what medals you received. *** This was the
cyborg from in T2: Judgement Day and The Terminator.
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Weapon damage 100%
Twin machine guns: Low
PL: High
AP15: Medium
Shotgun: Medium
R6: High
Level 9 bazooka: High
Level 10 multi stun gun: Depends on how long held down
Grenade Launcher: Medium (useful in the T-800 fight)
Level 9 Endo Tager: Low (very useful in brawls)
Prod: Medium (endoes and humanoids only)
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T-400 Threat data 100%
Finish all the training missions under the time limit, then press L
at the mission complete screen to see what you have unlocked.
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Turret gun zoom 100%
When you get to use a turret gun in certain parts of a level, click
Left Analog-stick to zoom in 3x. This will help you see what you are
shooting at, and result in better aim.
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Defeating Endos 100%
Arm yourself with the baton and find an Endo. Do a sweep attack on
him. Walk up to the Endo on the ground, then press A. Your character
will stab the Endo with the baton and will kill it after 2 to
3 seconds. *** This will not work on the Terminator at level

Hold R to lock on to an Endo. Now, hold L to switch to first-person
mode. Your target will move from the torso to the head, requiring
fewer hits to kill. Now, pick up the head for Skytech Points. This
will not work well if the Endo is moving.
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Destroying the Loader 100%
In level 5, you find yourself in a large room with a huge robot. If
you have plenty of health and armor, run to the back corner behind
the stacks of boxes. If not, you can risk going up the stairs on the
walkway and grabbing the armor and health. Now, grab the C4 on the
edge of the stack of boxes and hide again behind the stack. You will
notice that his shield drops just before it fires. Drop a few blocks
of C4 (you will have to keep re-selecting the C4) in front of the
conveyer belt closest to you. Now, run back behind the boxes. Wait
for the Loader to go to that conveyer belt, pick up the box, and
drop the shield, then blow up the C4. Keep doing this until it is
destroyed. The C4 respawns in case you run out.

Alternatively, place the C4 onto the blocks of platinum that the
loader picks up. It will shoot you, but so long as you have enough
strength it should not be a problem.
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Destroying Skynet Planes 100%
This is one of the toughest enemies to hit. Destroy the plane by
firing a R6 rocket at one of its weak spots. Do this by dodging the
rapid lasers, then hit the engines that allows it to fly in the air.
Repeat this process until the plane has been shot down. Watch out
for more cyborgs dropping from the plane
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Game Intro option 100%
Complete the level 1 under the medium difficulty
setting to unlock the "Game Intro" in the "Bonus Material" screen.
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Adrenaline combos 100%
Use the following trick for adrenaline combos using little
adrenaline. When you are about to attack with your electric baton,
turn on your adrenaline and start to attack. When you land the 1st
hit, turn off adrenaline and continue to attack. You will notice
that you attacked with your adrenaline combos.
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Defeating SkyNet 100%
On level 10, after placing C4 in the core room you will see an
intermission sequence featuring the T-800 going through time, and
your friends will be trapped. Grab their ammo and go to a room with
a big elevator. Turn left on the screen. You will see a guardian.
Dodge it and hit it with the "eternal" stungun. You will meet
another one. When you get to the top, you will be assaulted by
everything. Destroy SkyNet's generators. SkyNet is the red-eyed cone
in the center. Keep hitting it until it is obliterated. Exit where
you came in to complete the mission.
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Destroying Skynet Tanks 100%
If you encounter a Skynet Tank, do not waste rockets on its powerful
armor. Instead, use this trick to take out all the parts. Your best
chance is to take out its guns first, then searchlights. Now, find
C4 to blow up the tracks to destroy them. Be careful where you place
it -- the tank can burn you with its flame gun.
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Weapon zoom 100%
On most weapons, you can zoom in by 3x pressing R.
Information in this section was contributed by SHORTYbrd21.
Another way to zoom in is to click the Left Analog-stick up to 3
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Defeating humanoids 100%
On level 6, you will meet anti-human humans. They are like T500s,
but explode. They only fast way to kill them is with the shotgun.
Using the R6 is a waste of ammunition.
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Easy kills 100%
Aim for a terminator's head while in battle. If you shoot its head,
it will pop off, and you will get a lot of Skynet Tech points.
Sometimes when you shoot its head off, it will run around shooting
its gun in the air and then explode.
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Easy Skynet Tech points 100%
While zoomed in, aim for the neck of most enemies and their heads
will pop off. Each head is worth Skynet Tech points.

When you are using the R-6 handheld rocket launcher and destroy an
enemy, pick up its head to collect Skynet Tech points.
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HK Recon Threat Data 100%
Get 4 medals to get the HK Recon threat data option.
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Control introduction sequence 100%
During the opening screens, press L and R to zoom in the image in
the background.
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How to kill the spider terminator. 100%
On level 7, if you have a hard time killing the spider terminator switch to a machine gun and lock on to it's eye [the center of it] and SHOOT!Be ready to heal you'rself because you will get hit!Good luck!By:Devin
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Big bang 50%
When playing hold Rt and Lt and press b b b x b x
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