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The Sims Cheats for PS2
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The Sims PS2 Cheats

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The Sims

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Unlock the criminal career path 100%
In order to unlock the criminal career path in all modes, successfully
prevent a thief from getting away in Get a Life mode. It helps to have a burglar alarm system installed.
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Chapter 2 Unlocks 100%
Get This-By Doing This
Slurp 'n' Burp Beverage Cooler (Buy Mode)Get promoted to job level 2
Teppan'Yaki Table (Buy Mode)Get promoted to job level 3
Maid unlocked-Clean up the house
Handyman unlocked-Fix everything in the house Electronic Insect Control System (Buy Mode)Upgrade house
Frat House (2 Player Mode)-Complete all goals and move out
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following cheats 98%
Get This - By Doing This
Unlocks all two-player games, all locked objects, and all locked skins MIDAS
Makes all objects cost 0 simoleans FREEALL
Unlocks the Party Motel two-player game PARTY M
Unlocks the Play The Sims Mode without going through the Get a Life Dream House. SIMS
First Person ViewFISH EYES;
In game, press O to change walls. When the walls are gone, press O again to change to a 1st person view.
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SIMS 98%
- Unlocks the Play The Sims Mode without going through the Get a Life Dream House.
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Unlockables 98%
Chapter 1 Unlocks
Get This - By Doing This
Chairmaster Vanity Table (Buy Mode)Fix the TV
Aromaster Whifferpuffer Gold (Buy Mode)Cook dinner
Museum (2 Player Mode)Borrow $800 from Mom
Perspiraction Executive Treadmill (Buy Mode)Find a job
Beejaphone Electric GuitarGet through the house in 24 hours or less
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Unlock objects, skins and 2 Player Options 98%
Enter "MIDAS" .
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Chapter 4 Unlocks 98%
Get This-By Doing This
Sonic Shower (Buy Mode)-Get promoted to career level 6
Artists Block (Buy Mode)-Get promoted to career level 7
Heart Vibrating Bed (Buy Mode)-Upgrade your home
Club Abhi and Taylorís Place (2 Player Mode)-Throw raging party
The Park (2 Player Mode)-Bobo may appear if so greet and feed him
Wurl ĎN Hurl Jukebox (Buy Mode)-Get through the house in 8 days
or less
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Two-Player Mode Unlock 98%
Two Player Unlock
- At the start up screen press on R1, R2, L1, L2 at the same time to bring up the cheat menu.
- Type in MIDAS and press done.
- Start up ''Get A Life'' mode
- Get into the Hot Tub with the girl
- Press Start
- Choose Quit
- Choose Just Quit
- You have unlocked Two-Player
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Chapter 5 Unlocks 98%
Get This-By Doing This
Beach Simulater (Buy Mode-)Raise 1st baby to kid
Sprinkler (Buy Mode)-Raise your 2nd baby to kid
Maidís House (2 Player Mode)-Get promoted to career level 8
2 swimming Pools (Buy Mode)-Get promoted to career level 9
The Park (2 Player Mode)If you havenít already, greeted and fed Bobo the Bum Bearskin Rug (Buy Mode)-Get through this house in 8 days or less
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Chapter 3 Unlocks 98%
Get This-By Doing This
Strip Poker Table (Buy Mode)-Get promoted to career Level 4
Master Suite Tub (Buy Mode)-Get promoted to career level 5
Tree Swing (Buy Mode)-Upgrade your home
The Motel (2 player mode)-Throw a raging party
The Park (2 player mode)-Greet and give Bobo the bum food
Head in Curio Jar-Get through this level in 8 days or less
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First Person View 98%
To get 1st person view 1st open the cheat menu and enter in, fish eyes.
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Cheats 96%
To get to the cheat menu, at the MAIN MENU screen Simultaneously press all 4 of the shoulder buttons. From the cheat menu, you can enter the
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Chapter 6 Unlocks 96%
Get This By - Doing This
Meet Major Dormo (Monkey Butler)-Send both kids to Prep school
The Park (2 Player Mode)-Greet & feed Bobo if you didnt yet
Rhino head (Buy Mode)-Get through the house in 8 days or less
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Ikea On Speed 96%
A fast easy way to laydown wallpaper and tile in a big or small room is by pressing and holding L1 or L2 then pressing X this will lay tile or wallpaper in a 2nd instead of using click and drag.
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- Makes all objects cost 0 simoleans. PARTY M - Unlocks the Party Motel two-player game.
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Cheat Menu 95%
At the cheat menu, hold L1, R1, L2, and R2
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- Unlocks the Monkey Butler.
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Cheats 90%
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Haunted sim house 71%
Wanna turn your place into a haunted house? well now you can! simply kill off one or more of your sims. best way to do this is to stick them in the side room, take away all the doors and let them die of starvation. the grim reaper comes ( you can also make 700 simoleons, when he waves his skythe over them, he goes smoky, go on buy a mode and sell him!) and they turn into a urn. keep the urn and eventually, @ night fall the ghosts will wander around through walls and back to the urn. when a sim sees the ghost, the will be spooked. keep creating and destroying sims for more ghastly fun!
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End of the sims ps2 67%
This is a vid that I have found on youtube, it show you the end of the sims I have put iton here so the you ham (oops!) (can) have a sneeck peeck. sorry if I spouilt the suprise
but here is the vid plz watch!
The Sims cheat video Cheat Video
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Baby care 64%
To get your baby to shut up."stop crying faster"
simply just feed it and sing you don't have 2 play with it, playing with the baby just wastes time. you may have 2 do it about 4 time though
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Cheats 59%
Unlock Cheat Menu
To unlock the Cheat Menu, press L1+R1+L2+R2 at the main menu.

Free Objects
Unlock the cheat menu, then enter Freeall

Two-player Games, Objects, Skins
Unlock the cheat menu, then enter Midas

Party Motel Game
Unlock the cheat menu, then enter Party M

Play the Sims
Unlock the cheat menu, then enter Sims to unlock Play the Sims without going through Get a Life.

First-Person View
Unlock the cheat menu, then enter FishEye. Then when you play you can hit Circle and you will see through the Sim's eyes.
By: DJBillyBob(1357)
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Helps you easily get through level 2 ! 56%
Buy a monkey butler and make it clean up the house and it will fix the broken stuff (should do ).

have fun not making your sim bar on the green !

p.s. put freeall and midas first then buy a maid for the rest of the levels !
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Helpin ya! 50%
In all the levels except level 1 in the sims buy 10 or as many as you want well not really the maximum of major domos can fit in is about 23 anyway.its another way to make money and keep your sim as many as you can fit in your house use this iether one,get a life or the neighborhood of sims but always get the cheat menu first then as you all know you have to type in midas and freeall to unlock and be able to buy the monkey butler. O.K now lets find out how to make the money so type in midas and freeall buy about 23 major domos in all the levels except level 1 because you will only get about 3,000 but if you fill it up with the flat screen tv artist blocks use the artist blocks if you are going to be the street singer. after all that go back to the start screen save and quit then go to the start screen go back to the cheat menu and type in midas and freeall again to disable it from the last one after that click on get a life load it back realease them all make them get all the way out of its way go to buy mode delete the trees not the monkeys!

there you go
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3x time warp instead of 2x time warp and stop time warp and stays still ! 43%
Oh and when the curtains go up to change pause the game and go to buy mode and buy something or pause it in a diffrent way by pressing L1. to get 3x time warp press R2 (sometimes works sometimes it does`nt work ). To get 2x time warp press R1

have fun ! can use it if you need some money
and you have big salary , and if you are
trying to buy something and you haven`t
used freeall and midas , midas does`nt
have to be used if it`s already been

so there you go / tada !
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