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Dragon Seeds Cheats for PSX
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Dragon Seeds PSX Cheats

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Dragon Seeds

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Easy Cash at Start 100%
First get a dragon (just for the trick, not to be really used), and get a knife and pot lid (cheapest weapons). Go to the arena and fight in A Class and surrender immediately and you get 80 gold. Continue till you get enough gold and then start a real dragon with your hordes of gold!
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Powerful dragon 100%
Start with the phrase "Life is Beautiful".
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High stat dragon 100%
Start with the phrase "The power is eternal".
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Earn Money Easily 100%
A) Have a memory card in the 2nd slot so that you can get the wild dragons when you go to the memory forest. Make sure you have a dragon that has evolved into a senior.

B) Get enough money from tournaments to buy many knives and pot lids from the shop.

C) Now with your dragon, go to the memory forest to get the wild dragons. Get the dragons with the best weapons and reflectors. (*** you can get the same dragon as many times as you like as long as you have enough biobanks in the game.)

D) Go to the biobank. Exchange your dragon for any of the wild dragons that you had just caught.

E) Go to your apartment. Equip the wild dragon with the knife and pot lid. In the same menu, go to the weapons and the reflectors that your wild dragons previously had (not the knife and pot lid). You can sell them off by choosing the "discard" option.

F) Voila! You've earned profits from buying a 10g weapon and 30g reflector.

G) To finish, bring your wild dragon back to the memory forest and release it. Repeat steps 4 through 7 until you do not have any more wild dragons left in your biobank.
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High wisdom dragon 100%
Start with the phrase "The Egg is Crying".
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Immortal dragon 98%
Start with the phrase "Life is eternal".
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Get Powerful Weapons and Reflectors 98%
Enter and exit from Nancy's shop continuously until she says that the junk shop's owner is complaining that you didn't visit him. Now, go to the junk shop and he will sell you either a weapon or a reflector.
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Fire dragon 98%
Start with the phrase "Armageddon is near".
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Special attack dragon 98%
Start with the phrase "The Rock is Shining".
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