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Luigi's Mansion

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How to Beat Chauncey 100%
Beating Chauncey the sleepless baby is no easy task. First, to get his attention (as you walk into the room), you must use your vacuum to rock the rocking horse a few times and wake him up. He will then "play" with you (hurling teddy bears at you and hitting you with his rattle). Make it end quick by shooting his bouncy ball at him. You will then become a mouse-sized pet for Chauncey to beat up. Dodge the rocking horses he throws at you (when he throws two stay in the middle) and when he throws the balls, suck up the third one and shoot it at him. He will be stunned and you can move in for the suck. He will then bounce around the crib. Simply dodge until the next round of balls.
By: Rocker99(1124)
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Locations of Big Hearts 100%
There are several hearts in the game located in unique places that will give you the nice boost of 50 HP. Here are there locations:

Nursery: There's a big heart in the small dresser next to the door.

Graveyard: In the far left Grave, there's a large heart for you to nab.

Safari Room: On the right side of the room, in the leapord-skinned box.
By: Rocker99(1124)
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Easy Dollers ($$$!) 100%
Aim the Vac in the master bedroom @ the fan and hold R untill Dollars Appear! Do the Same in the Room With Mr. BankShot
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Glich:Nodding head at Toad 100%
First find a toad,then talk to him or save.After you save, DONT MOVE,Luigi should be looking down at toad and nodding his head.
By: videogamemaster(240)
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How to beat bowser 100%
You wanna know how to beat bowser well heres how. First he will throw spiked balls at you. then you have to suck em up and shoot them at his mouth when he trys to breathe fire. Then his head will pop off and King Boo will pop out. He has 500 GP so don't think youre gonna get him in 1 or 2 shots. Bowser's floating head will shoot Ice balls at you dodge them and you will be ok. thats how you beat bowser bye!
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How to beat Bowser: 100%
Ok. You think you're stuck on Bowser? Not anymore. Here's how to do it. Bowser will throw 3 spiked bombs at you. Suck one up, and when he tries to breathe fire, shoot it in his mouth. His head will pop off, releasing King Boo. While you whittle away his 500 GP (trust me, I was surprised too), Bowser's floating head will shoot Ice Balls at you. If you're hit by an ice ball, you will be temporarily frozen. Repeat this process, and you could possibly beat him.
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How to win against the twins Henry and Orville 100%
First, you need to twirl their helicopter counter-clockwise (as if the planes were flying forward), then they will appear, asking you to play hide and seek with them. You must then leave the room and come back in. There will be 5 boxes on the floor. Use your vacuum to shake them; if it shakes, it contains one of the twins. Henry will run you down in his car while Orville dive bombs you from his plane. After you beat them, a chest will a appear that contains the final dropped item; Mario's shoes. (Hint: If you're one for cash, take out Henry first, because he has no pearls.)
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How to Beat Chauncey 100%
I heard alot, but Chauncey seems to be the most annoying for you people. Here's how to beat him: When the battle starts, Chauncey will fire Rocking Horses at you. Dodge them, and he will then shoot big round balls at you. Dodge them, and the third one to hit the ground will stay. Suck it up, and shoot it at Chauncey. After you've had your fill of GP, Chauncey will start bouncing on the floor. Dodge him again and repeat the Process. Beating him will grant you Area 2's Key. (As Chauncey loses GP, the Rocking horses he throws will go faster. If you're not careful, you're going to get smacked by a piece of carved wood.)
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Big 50 hp hearts 100%
Basement: the first shelf you see.
1st floor: the tombstone to the left of bogmore's grave. (graveyard)
2nd floor: the heart-shaped dreser. (nersery)
3rd floor: the box next to the chair. (safari room)
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Sealed room 100%
To get in to the sealed room, go on the roof and go to the right. then climb the ladder and fall (you won't get hurt), then defeat the ghosts, then you have treasure
By: sonicdino(35)
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Fake Door Detector 100%
If a door is fake it will...
shake if you suck or blow on it,
burn if you torch it,
not be shown on your map,
or probably wont have a mat under it. [some fake doors have this so be careful]
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Mouse 100%
Purple mice climb walls, Blue mice are "Normal", and Golden mice give a lot of money
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Glitch: Pushing Toad 100%
Go to the small balcony where toad is and go to the bottom left hand corner and try to get behind Toad
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Fact: Other Bosses?! 100%
In the Conservatory on the wall you might notice that there's two pictures of ghosts with silver frames. It is said that those two ghosts were intended to be bosses but they "failed" to become the boss. Then being replaced by Melody.

The Safari Room was supposed to have a hunter type ghost that said something close to, "I'm gonna hang your head on my wall" and he would shoot you with a rifle during battle.
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A picture lasts longer, more so with a golden frame. 100%
Normal boss ghosts gold rank depends on how much life of theirs is drained.
0-49 Hp = Bronze frame
50-89 Hp = Silver frame
90-100 Hp = Gold frame

Area boss ghosts rank depend on how much health YOU survive with in the end.
0-49 Hp = Bronze frame
50-89 Hp = Silver frame
90-100 Hp = Gold frame

Yes, the ratio is the same but one applies to YOU other than the ghost
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Easy Coins and Hearts 98%
To get a bit of coins every so often, check all the lamps, vases, and chandeliers. You should find small hearts and alot of coins. Good Luck!
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Secret Passageway 94%
This doesn't always work, but on the 1st Floor, in the Large hallway, go under one of the lights. Examine some objects with the GB Horror until you find something. If that doesn't work, Call Mario (With the A Button) and you should here a ding ding noise. If you don't, you did something wrong. I don't know how to get through the passageway though.
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Glitch: 1 1/2 Moons!? 100%
If you look through the telescope in the Observatory and go into first person and look to where the half moon appears its there before you blow up the moon
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Glitch: Hows a hanging Luigi? 100%
During the blackout its said if you go to the telephone room and answer a telephone and then lightning flashes Luigi's shadow is supposed to be hanging itself
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Penny Pinching 100%
Water the plant in the room you fought Lydia
water all the plants on the balcony gets ya some cash
the bottom left hand corner bucket in the butlers room always has a jewel in it
the rain gutter in the grave yard always has a jewel in it
the chandelier in the altar has a jewel in it
the light in front of the heart shaped door has money in it as the chandelier in the foyer
some treasures can only be obtained when a room is light and/or dark
watering the plant where spooky the guard dog is before and after the area 2 fight and after the area 3 fight, getting all the boos also gets you a golden diamond. getting the two golden diamonds is 2/5 of getting an A rank
catching all the upside-down hanging ghosts of all types in the courtyard gets the area lit up and a money chest appears :o\
water all the plants in the courtyard should give you some money
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Location of Every Last Golden Mouse 88%
Here is the location of every golden mouse in the game, including Cheese and Random Mice.

Study - Cheese behind the Desk Chair

1st Floor Hallway - Head to the right, and when you come to the intersection, 20% of the time you will hear a jingle. A Golden Mouse will dash down the center, leaving you in the dust. Catch up to it and suck it up with the vacuum and it will explode into 30 coins, 15 bills, and 2 gold bars, an extraordinary cash prize to experience this early in the game.

Fortune Teller's Room - Behind the Chair

Dining Room - Right Dining Chair

Kitchen - Keep entering and re-entering until a gold mouse dashes right in front of you. Suck it up before it disappears and it will net you 30 coins, 10 bills, and a Green Jewel.

Tea Room - Random Mouse: Be alert for the jingle when you enter this room the mouse makes a loop in the center, so grab it for the usual prize, only this one contains a Red Jewel.

Cheese Mouse: Behind the Far-left back room chair, there is another Mouse with the same treasure as the other.

2nd Floor Hallway - Head to the left and down the intersection. Make it to the end and take a right. If you here a jingle, turn around quickly and dash after the speedy Golden Mouse that appears. If you are too slow, well, you just threw a Blue Jewel down the toilet.

Safari Room - The Final Cheese Mouse in the game, don't rattle the antlers on the wall when you enter this edge-of-death encounter. Instead, look at the leapord skin chair and the crates. Inbetween them is the final cheese mouse, so grab it's loot before it gets away.

And that conludes the location of every Cheese and Random Golden Mouse. Hope it helped!
By: Rocker99(1124)
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$$$ Secret Rooms $$$ 86%
To get to the secret rooms(there are only 2 that I know of and I've beaten the game 5 times)you must either: Go to the butlers room, go to your right and use the GameBoy Horror on a mousehole that should be there,it will then suck you in(make sure you have the fire element,there are ghosts with ice in them)or go to the roof(go to clockworks room where the toy soldiers are and go in the middle toy house, it should lead to the roof)and go to the chimney on the right and there should be a plank on top and fall down(this is where the sealed room is and there is no exit except for a mirror that is covered by a cloth and use the GBH on it).
By: videogamemaster(240)
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Hidden Room 83%
Go to the Butlers' room and go to your right. There should be a mouse hole. Try to suck yourself into it and it leads to a new, golden room with lots of money.WARNING: There is a tough ghost in there
By: videogamemaster(240)
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In the butler's room capture the butler.After that go to where he was sitting.Then go to the right of where he was sitting to the wall.Now use the GB Horror and use the scan thing option go down with the GB Horror you will see a mouse hole go through it by pressing on it.WARNING:Make sure you have full fire meater because there will be ghosts that need to be fired to kill.Then when you beat the ghosts check all the treasure chests some treasure chests had those ghosts that need fire to kill. Now you can enjoy the money. There is so much money in this room.
By: pokemon27(365)
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Number of Boos you will require to complete standard tasks 82%
Below is a small list of the required amount of boos you will have needed to suck up and capture to enter certain rooms.

Area 2 Washroom - 5 Boos

Area 3 Boss - 20 Boos

The Mansion's Final Boss - 40 Boos
By: Rocker99(1124)
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Beat the Boss : Baby Boss ( Boss 1 ) 80%
If you need help so here :

1. Go to the room ( First Boss Room. )
2. Use your Poltergust 3000 to the horse ( Toy ).
3. The baby will ask you to play with him.
4. While the baby try to attack you , (don't let
him attack you ) Try to use Poltergust 3000
to the ball , and when the ball is on the
Poltergust 3000 , Shot him!
5. When you are done to talk the baby you will
be very little and the baby are Big!
6. When the balls come make sure balls don't
hit you , try to find the real ball and Shot him!
7. To the same as 6 every time till he is on the
Poltergust 3000.
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Official Process to Beating Bowser 80%
The final boss is by far the game's toughest. But if you take the time to learn his patterns, you should be able to beat him, and maybe even score a gold frame in the process!

You can only hit Bowser with his own spiked bombs. When he throws them, immediatley suck one onto your vacuum. If you're too slow, Bowser wil jump, and you'll need to let go of the bomb and run for it. But if you're quick enough, Bowser will charge instead. Slowly back away, and when he lowers his head to blow fire, release the bomb. If you're aim is true, you'll knock his head off to reveal King Boo. Aim your vacuum up and whittle away at his 500 GP while moving around in a wide circle to avoid the ice balls spat by the floating head. As you repeat this process, a time may come where Bowser's head reattaches itself backwards. When this happens, Bowser will run amok for a few seconds, so stay far away. But keep an eye on him the pillars he smashes may contain hearts (but are more likely to contain poisonous mushrooms).

In general, fight conservatively: A single Bowser hit usually turns into several, and in this long battle, that's a risk you can't afford to take.
By: Rocker99(1124)
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Secret boss 80%
After Beating the game six times, when you face king boo instead of him possessing bowser you face king boo himself
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Catching Boo's Easier 80%
Try to capture a Boo in a lit room and his health goes down faster.They're harder to catch if they're in a dark hallway or if they go into an unlit room.
By: videogamemaster(240)
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The Elements 75%
Here is the list of Element Types, what they do, where they appear and what you need to get them.

Fire Element Medal:

*Place Found - Clear the Mirror Room located in the chest that appears.

*Sources - Torches, Candles, and Fires.

*Use - Melting Ice Elemental Ghosts and burning Fake Doors.

Water Element Medal:

*Place Found - Clear the Kitchen located in the chest that appears.

*Sources - Fountains, Faucets, and Water-Spouts.

*Use - Extinguishing Fire Elemental Ghosts and Watering Plants.

Ice Element Medal:

*Place Found - Clear the Tea Room located in the chest that appears.

*Sources - Frozen Buckets, Freezers, and Iced-Over Objects.

*Use - Freezing Water Elemental Ghosts, needed to beat Boolossus, and freezing water.

Now that you understand the point and usage of these Elemental Figures, go ahead and use them to your advantage!
By: Rocker99(1124)
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Treasure Values 75%
Here is a list of how much each treasure item is actually worth in the game.

Gold Coin - 5,000G

Bill - 20,000G

Gold Bar - 100,000G

Blue Gem - 500,000G

Green Gem - 800,000G

Red Gem - 1,000,000G

White Jewel - 2,000,000G

Magenta Jewel - 5,000G

Golden Jewel - 20,000,000G

Small Pearl - 50,000G

Medium Pearl - 100,000G

Large Pearl - 1,000,000G

Based on how many of each of these collect, your letter grade at the end of the game will be ranged from A-H (A being the highest).
By: Rocker99(1124)
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Shortcut 71%
You may not know this, but in the exersize room, there's a hidden key. To get it, bat the ghost by hitting the punchbag at him. After that, step onto the treadmill, and run. After a while, a key will pop out. Open the door that you HAVEN'T been through, and keep going.
You will have to do the long way though, this is just a shortcut if you've done the long way.( the long way is going through the whole garden )
By: Saltpot(1120)
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Getting 50 hp 67%
Go to the room with Chauncey in it and go to the heart-shaped draw and open it. There you will find the heart.
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$$$$ in secret rooms 67%
First go to the butler's room and get out your gameboy horror and on your right there is a mouse hole... click it. there is a tough ghost there get full hp. and to beat the ghost you need fire. once you beat that ghost search for money! there is another secret room! unlock the roof and beat it. then go to the far right and you will see a chimney... jump down it.beat the ghosts, search for money and take the key. but your locked in! suck on the sheet and teleport to foyer with gameboy horror then save with toad. then the key leads to the locked door on the 2nd floor hall!
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Watering Plants=$$$ 67%
Water some of the plants that are in the mansion. On the big balcony with the Boo's you have to freeze, there are lots of plants that if you water, they give you money,gems and even a red diamond.And there is a plant that you have to water every time you beat an area that gives you a gold diamond
By: videogamemaster(240)
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Luigi humping 67%
When you open a treasure chest, it looks like Luigi is humping it
By: sonicdino(35)
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Location of Every Single Blue Ghost 63%
Here are the locations of all of the Blue Ghosts in the game. The following will give you the room name and where in that room.

Wardrobe Room - Far Right Wardrobe

Study - Desk Chair

Breaker Room - Table

Storage Room - First Chair

Dining Room - Left China Cabinet

Kitchen - Dishwasher

Rec Room - Lower Exercise Bike

Nana's Room - End Chair (Not the Sofa!)

Billiards Room - Corner Chair

Twin's Room - Top of Bunkbed

Cellar - Crate (next to door)

Sealed Room - Chest in South East Corner

The 3 Blackout-Only Ghosts:

Nursery - Chauncey's Crib

Hidden Room - Large Chest on Far right of the room

Conservatory - Melody's Piano Bench

This concludes the location of every Blue Ghost in the game!
By: Rocker99(1124)
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The Hidden Room. 63%
There some hidden rooms , on the mansion where you can get some
money! To get there :

1. Try to find some micehole ( Mouse Hole ).
2. Use your Game Boy Harror.
3. Search into the hole.
4. The hole will suck you to the hidden room.

PS. ( There can be some Fire Ghost , or Ice. So try to find
water , ice , fire to protect. )
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Easy Hearts 62%
Alot of vases in the house have hearts in them. Vacuum them until they shake enough and either coins or a small heart will pop out.
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The Pearls and Their Value 60%
Below is another small list giving you the pearl value and appearance rate.

Small Pearl - 50,000G - Appears with every 10 HP vacuumed from a Portrait Ghost

Medium Pearl - 100,000G - Appears with every 50 HP vacuumed from a Portrait Ghost

Large Pearl - 1,000,000G - Drain 90 HP from a Portrait Ghost in one vacuum suck

Hint: Basically, if you get a Portrait Ghost in one suck, you wil recieve 4 small pearls, 2 medium pearls, and 1 large one.
By: Rocker99(1124)
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Ura-Yashika Mode (Hidden Mansion) 57%
Beat the game and talk to the professor. He will give you a new option, The Hidden Mansion. Nothing has changed, except the fact that the Poltergust 3000 is twice as fast, so getting Portrait Gohsts is alot easier. The downside is that all of the ghosts disappear twice as fast, so you better be quick on the trigger.
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The Mansions' Plants 56%
There are severl plants on the balcony on the third floor if you water them with the water element you'll get bills and even some rubes in return.
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How to Teleport to the Foyer 56%
Every mirror in the house (except the ones that reflect invisible ghosts), will be able to transport you back to the Foyer. Just Examine it with your GB Horror, and everything will start to spin and you will end up in the Foyer. (This is the only way to get out of some rooms)
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Death glitch 55%
If Luigi is at a very low HP rate(try 10), open a FAKE DOOR. luigi will be hurt. after he hops up, HE WILL STAND, INSTED OF LAYING DOWN!
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Secret Cash Ghosts: 54%
There are some secret ghosts in the game that give you alot of cash and sometimes a Rare Gem. This is what they are:

Golden Mice: There are 2 types of this ghost. A random mouse and a cheese mouse. The random mice only appear when you pass a certain point or go into a certain room. Suck them up and cash will shot out everywhere. Cheese mice appear only when you find their Hidden Cheese. Here's a couple spots where there's cheese: Dining Room, Study, Tea Room, Fortune-Teller's Room, and the Safari Room.

Blue Ghosts: These fellers give you more cash than Golden Mice, but they are much quicker than them. If you don't suck them up right away, they'll escape for good. The only way to win again is to reset the game and try again. Here's all the spots they appear in: The Hidden Room (Blackout only), Kitchen, Conservatory (Blackout Only), Nana's Room, Sealed Room, Study, Cellar, Breaker Room, Storage, Twin's Room, & The Nursery (Blackout only).
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How to get the First Golden Diamond: 54%
In area 2, before you fight Bogmire, you will have to face the Guard Dog Spooky. After Mr. Bones appears, there will be a round seed on the ground. Water it, and it will sprout into a stem. Water it in Area 3 and Area 4, and it will explode into a 20,000,000G Diamond. But if you don't water it in all three areas, you won't ever be able to get the prize.
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Hidden Treasure Rooms: 53%
There are 2 Hidden Rooms in the Mansion that contain a-lot of Cash. Here's where they're located:

Hidden Room: In the Butlers room, their will be a mousehole. Search it with your GB Horror, and you will be sucked into a room of Gold and Cash.

Sealed Room: After you beat the Clockwork Soldiers, there will be an elevator leading to the roof. Enter it, and after you complete the roof, there will be 2 Chimneys. One contains the Chest, and the other contains a hole that warps you down to a room who's Door is Boarded up. (Hint Hint!)
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Hint: The Elements 53%
Each element gives you a special power. But what can they do to you while their floating around? Here's what they do:

Fire: If you touch it, it will burn you.
Ice: If you touch it, it will freeze you.
Water: Nothing.

So watch out for them from now on!
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Find all toads: 52%
Toad 1: Foyer
Toad 2: Small Balcony
Toad 3: 1st Floor Bathroom
Toad 4: Courtyard (in the Shack)
If you have trouble locating the Toads all the time, just keep looking on this website or write it on a piece of paper.
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How to Beat Boolossus: 51%
To beat Boolossus, you need to do the following: When the battle starts, suck up Boolossus and drag him into a unicorn statue. He will explode into a bunch of little Boos, exposing his weakness. Then suck up some Ice Element from the Statues and spray it on the tiny boos. They will freeze and drop to the ground, and you can suck them up. When there is only 4 or 5 boos left, it will get pretty hard. if you're not quick enough with the freezing, they will dive bomb you. It only does 10 damage (10 HP lost), but after a while it will really get annoying. If you die, you have to start the whole battle over again. This boss takes a while, but doesn't do too much damage. Easier said then done. I know, I know. I can hardly beat him.
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Hint: Bats 50%
There are different types of bats hangin' around up there. Here's what they are:

Purple Bats: These little buggers always attack you when you run underneath them. If you're not careful, these guys will give you an unexpected whack.

Golden Bats: These are even more annoying than Purple Bats. They will attack only when you use your vacuum. So watch out! Because these guys will definetely give you an unexpected smack. Also, they hide in groups, so don't just take out one, take out them all. And, they reappear quickly, so the best thing to do is avoid them.
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Hint: Being Frozen 50%
When you are frozen, sure it's annoying. But, there is one thing that may not have noticed. Luigi does lose HP while he is frozen, but he is easy to unfreeze. If you have good coordination, this is easy for you. If you don't have good coordination, just keep trying. This is your advantage if you get frozen by things alot.
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Sealed room 50%
To get in to the sealed room, go on the roof and go to the right. then climb the ladder and fall (you won't get hurt), then defeat the ghosts, then you have treasure
By: sonicdino(35)
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'A' Rank 49%
To get an 'A' Rank, at the end of the game, you need 100,000,000 G. This is easy if you get all the big treasures (Diamonds, pearls, and Gems) and the 2 Gold Diamonds.
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The Hidden Mansion 47%
After you beat the game, the Professor will ask you if you would like to go to another Mansion. Say yes, and you will go there. Nothing has changed Mansion-Wise, but there is some other changes. Luigi's Poltergust 3000 is twice as fast, but the ghosts are too. Other than that, there are no other Changes.
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Hint: Different Frames 47%
On every portrait ghost you can get, if you go to the gallery, you may have noticed that each one has a different frame. Here's how to get the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Frames:

Portrait Ghosts:
Bronze: If you were only able to get Small Pearls
Silver: If you were able to get Medium Pearls
Gold: If you got a Large Pearl

Boss Ghosts:
Bronze: If you finished with 1 to 59 HP
Silver: If you finished with 60 to 89 HP
Gold: If you finished with 90+ HP
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Hint: Beating Vincent Van Gore 47%
Vincent Van Gore is by far the games toughest Portrait Ghost. Before you can even get to him, you to go through 6 Battles of 3 different ghosts. If you want to win without fainting, bring an Element (Ice, Fire, Water). Save it for the last 4 trios of ghosts, because that's when you'll have Smashers, Red Grabbers, Masked Ghosts and Banana Tossers to contend with.
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Types of Hallway Ghosts: 46%
There are very annoying Hallway Ghosts in Luigi's Mansion that make it hard to get through sometimes. This is what they are:

Bowlers: These annoying yellow things will always appear behind you, so be careful. They also will roll a ball at you, so take them out fast. They have 0 GP, so it should be a snap to catch.

Danglers: There are 2 types of this one. White and Purple Danglers. White Danglers just hang around and pop out every so often. Like the bowler, they have no GP, so take them out for a free small heart. The Purple Danglers on the other hand, still have 0 GP, but they will whip bombs at Luigi, fryin' him good. So be careful!
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Mario Calls 42%
When you press A when you're not examining something, Luigi will call "Mario!" As Luigi loses HP, his calls get weaker and a bit funnier.
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Gallery Mode 42%
Beat the game and you will unlock everything in the Gallery.
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How to get Easy Hearts at Conveinent Times 42%
Almost every Vase in the Mansion has a Heart in it. Sometimes you will find cash and poisonous mushrooms though. The Rarest Heart is the Extra Large Heart, which restores 50 HP. For some reason, the Big Hearts may be Rare, but they appear alot more on saturday and Sunday than any other day. To end my story, if I was too specific, that's you're problem.
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How to beat Bogmire: 40%
Stuck on Bogmire? Well listen up. To beat him, do the following: When the battle starts, Bogmire will shoot lightning everywhere and Small and Large Ectoplasm Bogmires will start appearing all over. Don't be afraid of them, because their your only weapon against Bogmire. Suck them up and eventually they will turn to blobs. Shoot them at Bogmire (the purple transparent one), and you then can go in for the suck. Repeat this Process, and Bogmire is yours. Beating him will earn you Area 3's Key. (Remember to water your plant!)
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Gold Diamonds $200,000 each 29%
There are only 2 gold diamonds that I know of and they give you $200,000 dollars.One is where you have to catch all Boos.2nd is where you have to water the plant that is located where Spooky(the ghost dog)is.You must water it every time you beat an area or when you turn the power on or else it will die and you wont get the diamond.It helps when you want to get an A rank and buy a new mansion.
By: videogamemaster(240)
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