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Driver 2 Cheats for PSX
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Driver 2 PSX Cheats

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Driver 2

Rating: 3/5 VOTE

Hint 98%
Go to the police station in RIO and there will be a building to the right go to the door and open it, the cops will not chase you anymore.
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kill cops 94%
With one hit pause game press x,x,x ,sguare ,l1,l2,l2,l1,r1,r1r1,r1,tringle,circle
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train in chigago and helicopter in havana 94%
go to chicago and pause game press-l1l1r2r1 triangle square and the same in havana then in havana go to secret tunnel and turn left the shoul be a heli pad there - wait a while and copter will come.
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Taking Police Cars 100%
On rare instances, you can find a police car on the side of the road that does not appear on the minimap as a white blip/cone. YOU CAN STEAL THIS CAR. However, in doing so, you immediately max out your felony meter.
Usually, unattended cop cars are on smaller side roads, not the main roads.
By: Gryfin96(243)
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Secret Car in Havana 80%
To find the secret car in Havana, go to the south-west corner of the city. While on the highway there is a turnoff that leads to a dead end on the map. Follow the twisting road until you are stopped by a large wall. Turn right onto the grass and follow the wall on the left side. Most of the trees are large, but when you come across a short tree that doesn't fit in, stop, get out of your car, and flick the hard-to-see switch behind it. An entrance will open in the wall, as you will see. Get back in, drive in, and go into the tunnel. Make your way through the maze (If you find yourself going up the ramps, you are going the wrong way! Do a 180 and go back.) until you find a room with a Mini-like car on a platform. Drive to the opposite corner, and flick the switch, and the platform will lower, allowing you to get in the car. Leave your old car behind, get in the new one, and platform will raise you to the surface, allowing you to, again, see the light of day. Now that it has been unlocked, the Mini will be available any time you take a drive in Havana. Don't forget to save! There is also a secret car in Chicago, as well as the later unlockable cities Las Vegas and Rio. Have fun looking for them!
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Sedan in chicago 75%
In chicago go north to the base ball stadium and go to the ticket booth and press triangle and it should open a big door then go in and go up the stairs and follow the path down into the car park and a sedan should be there.
By: shadodom(4)
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Draw bridge jump. 60%
Start in chicago, and as fast as you can keep going foward without turning at stops.
eventualy you will see a bridge going up.(note: some times when you jump the bridge, and youkeep going to the next stops, you and other cars will levitate or go troght the grond.)
By: gaineyd96(33)
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Hint 58%
To get the secret car in Havana, just follow these steps:

1) Go to the place that's far-left of the screen.

2) Drive along the road until you see a building.

3) Drive along that building untill you see a switch get out of your car and press triangle (the action button). A gate will open.

4) Go into the gate. There are two things you can do from this point.

5a) Go into the tunnel that you first see, follow the maze, and you'll eventually find the car. Press the button to get it down, and get in it to raise it back up.

5b) Go past the tunnel and fall down the hole (in your car). Press the button and you should get the car. If that doesn't work try getting in the car. It is white with a pink roof and looks like a Mini Cooper.
By: gamestatus(973)
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Fast Yellow Car in Chicago 53%
Go to "take a ride" mode. Go to Chicago. Then drive to the top of the city where it says Wrigallyville. Go to show map and look for a black square box, drive to it. Go to the side where the ticket windows are. Go to the window that has TICKETS written above it. When you are at it, press square. The screen will say "Youv'e unlocked a secret area". Drive to the door that you just opend. Go in and get out of the car. Walk up the stairs and follow the tunnel. You will see a yellow car. Get in it and the glass door will open and drive off.
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Stoll on the beach 50%
Go to Chicago, then go to the iner-state on the part where it splits into four roads. walk to one of the sharp corners, and back up into it 'till you're under the road. walk tward the sand, then back up again if you do this you should be on the beach.If you want to return to the road complete the following steps.

1. go trogh the cement (yes you can do this).
2. go under where the grass meets the road, and keep going.
then wa-la! you're back.
By: gaineyd96(33)
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North Turbo 40%
By: kostas 34(3)
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Watch scenes from disk two. 33%
Go to scene select, and wile it's loading swich from disc 1 to disc 2.
By: gaineyd96(33)
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