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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Cheats for Xbox
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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Cheat: Item Duplication 100%
Go to Manaan and down into the underwater facility. Equip your teammates with the armor and accessories that you want to duplicate and save(very important)right in front of one of the pressurised door.
Now, unequip all of the things you want duplicated from your teammates and go into the pressurised door.Go right back in and you will notice that your teammates' equipment are back on. And more importantly, you will notice that there is a duplicate of each item added to your inventory. You can do this as many times as you want, and as far as I know, it causes absolutely no problems. It's your choice to keep it, or sell it for big bucks.

Also note that when you duplicate an upgraded weapon, all the items that are in it are duplicated too. So, you don't have to worry about things like evenly distributing crystals to all of your jedis lightsabers. Just make your best lightsaber, and duplicate it.
By: linkdino2(389)
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Hint: Jedi Robes 89%
The best Jedi Robes in the game are made, not found. As we all know by now, the Star Forge is a factory, not a fortress, and I bet you want to know if you can make that factory work for you. Well, you can. On Deck 2 in the Star Forge, you can take a left or a right. If you take the left path you can get to a computer room. In the computer room, slice the computers, and one will let you make 3 rather crappy armors but also let you make customized robes. If you're of the light side, the robe gives you +5 defense, +2 to all saves, and +5 wisdom.
By: linkdino2(389)
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Beat Malak: 89%
The easiest way to beat Malak is to drain all of the life out of the jedi before you fight Malak the second time around then you must(this part is optional) equipt yor player with strength, stamina, and battle stimulants that is the easiest way to beat Malak. (PS) Don't waste your time using force powers on Malak most of time he resists it only use Drain life or Death field on the jedi or on Malak in an emergency.
By: linkdino2(389)
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Sith card code for maannan 85%
By: mandalore(237)
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Hint: Double The Pearls 83%
You can easily gain two Krayt Dragon Pearls simply by following the Dark Side. After killing the Krayt Dragon on Tatooine, demand more money for the task (from the Twi'lek who conceived the mission). When he refuses to give in, kill him and loot his body for a pearl. A second pearl should be in the Krayt Dragon. Both should upgrade your lightsaber considerably.
By: linkdino2(389)
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Mandalore being 83%
When you making your person name your guy candours ordo and you will have a manalore being
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Power Transfer in Sith Tomb Instructions 81%
When being tested in the Sith Academy, you will be required to perform a final task. You have to go into a tomb and find a lightsaber and the star map. Along the way there is a room where you must transfer the power to the right pillar without having it overload. There are restrictions but I have the order in which You have to transfer them (L for left pillar, M for middle pillar, R for right pillar):
1)L to M
2)L to R
3)M to R
4)L to M
5)R to L
6)R to M
7)L to M
8)L to R
9)M to R
10)M to L
11)R to L
12)M to R
13)L to M
14)L to R
15)M to R
The power will be restored and you'll be allowed into the next room
By: linkdino2(389)
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Return Bastilia to the Light Side 80%
Enter the cheat oReturn Bastilia to the Light Side
When you reach the Star Forge and confront Bastilia, Make sure that before and after each battle you choose the following conversation choices in order to bring her back to the light..

"I'll never give up on you, Bastilia.."
"I'm as strong in the light as I ever was.."
"Malak will never let you.."
"You're dooming yourself to.."
"Then Strike me down.."
"You are not evil, Bastilia.."
"Now you can see the dark side.."
"There's no need for me to.."
"You can reject the dark side.."
"I was redemmed, Bastilia.."
"You did Protect me.."
"Help us defeat.."
"I trust you to.."
You won't, Bastilia.."
"You could use your.."

Choosing those will lure Bastilia back to the light sider hints here!
By: linkdino2(389)
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Kill Rancor: 80%
When you go to the door with the rancor on Taris, use Mission in stealth mode to walk past the rancor, watch out for his swinging hand. Walk through the door and there are two guards, use Mission to kill them both, you get experience for getting past the rancor without killing it. Then choose a different charecter to kill the Rancor. A different way than listed as above is walk out and throw a grenade at it then run back down the hallway a little bit. The rancor will just turn back around, after a few grenades he dies. And you get extra experience.
By: linkdino2(389)
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Hint: Medpac Crisis 75%
Hint: Medpac Crisis
On Manaan, if you choose to poison the big fish in order to kill it, you'll also poison the water. This causes a massive shortage in medpacs for the rest of the game, driving their prices sky-high.
By: linkdino2(389)
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Dantooine murders 75%
Both men are guilty
By: mandalore(237)
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Beat malak 75%
When your in cobat with malak you and every time you think malak is far away from put down a mined an keep that doing it.
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Only have to beat calo nord one time 75%
After you finsh dantooine go to kashyyyk and you will see calo nord kill him and thats the last time
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Hint: Cure Poison For Nada 71%
If you get poisoned or attacked by a force power that life drains your character after battle, simply talk to any one of your party members and you will automatically be poison free.
By: linkdino2(389)
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Hint: Heal By Leveling Up 71%
If you're in the midst of a fight and notice an "up arrow" icon over a character's face, pause during the battle and level that character up without having to use a Medpac. (Anytime you level up all of your health is restored).
By: linkdino2(389)
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Hint: Watch Hidden Ending 67%
Plug two controllers into your Xbox. Outside the doors to the final battle with Malak (don't open them!), push down both triggers and press the Y Button on both controllers at the same time. You'll need a third hand or a friend to pull this off.
By: linkdino2(389)
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Glitch: Timeless Healing 67%
As you are in battle you can pause the game (press the start button) go to useable items and you can heal or turn on energy sheilds without actually lossing a turn. you can only do this once per turn though but you still dont lose that turn.
By: linkdino2(389)
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Hint: Keep Sith Armor 67%
First off you have to have the Sith armor and there's two ways to do this.
Go to the Upper City Cantina and befriend the Sith lady in there. After she Invites you to the Sith party go to the north apartments. Party with them until they all faint then search the backpack to get the armor.
Go to the north apartments and you will see a guy getting interrogated by the Sith.
Kill them all and save the guy then search the Sith body to get the armor.
After you have the armor go into the Lower city and Walk forwards a little bit until you get to the Hidden Bek base. Now equip Carth with the Sith armor and then take him out of your party. Now enter the Hidden Bek base and speak to Gadon Thek. Trade the Sith armor for the Papers but instead of losing the armor you just get the papers!
By: linkdino2(389)
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Sunry's trial 67%
Need jolee from wookie home world
By: mandalore(237)
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Gaint windmill in lower City appartment 67%
Go to the appartment where you can help that one guy fake his death, when you get the charges to help him blow up his appartment, after he blows his appartment up and this big block like thing is in the door way, use free camra rome ( if you know how to get it ) and go through the roof of the hall way and you will see and gaint windmill thats blocking the door.
By: donthreebs123(40)
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30 STR ((Darkside Only)) 67%
STR 16 Your first three points should go here.
DEX 13 Your fourth point should go here.
CON 14
INT 9 Your fifth point should go here.
WIS 12
CHA 12

You should be a Soldier/Guardian for this.
You should keep Treat Injury at MAX.

The only equipment you need is the CNS Strength Enhancer (+2 STR), Revan's Robes (+4 STR), and the Dominator Gauntlets (+5 STR).

If you want to use a Double-Bladed Lightsaber, go to Manaan 3rd and take the lightsaber off of Darth Bandon, you have to leave the Red Crystal in it. Equip the Sapith and Upari crystals with it to get +9 ATK and +9 DAMAGE. If you remove the Red crystal, you'll only get a +5 instead of the +9.
By: sj65(373)
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Ultimate Melee Character 67%

STR 16
DEX 13
CON 14
WIS 10
CHA 10

You need to increase your stats in this order, 1-3 go into STR, the last 2 go into INT.

For equipment, you need to get this:
CNS Strength Enhancer, this can be bought on Dantooine, +2 STR.
Dominator Gauntlets, this can be bought in the Korribon Secret Shop, +5 STR.
Revan's Robes, this is created on the Star Forge, +4 STR.

By the end of the game, you attributes should be this:

Without Equipment With Equipment
STR 19 30
DEX 13 13
CON 14 14
INT 10 10
WIS 10 10
CHA 10 10

With a STR attribute of 30, all melee attacks get a +10 bonus to hit, and to damage.

*For the maximum amount of damage, you should build your character up to use a double-bladed lightsaber. Go to Manaan as the 3rd planet, and when you kill Darth Bandon, take his lightsaber, keep the original red crystal in it if you don't this won't work at all. Now progress through the game using his lightsaber, and equip it with these crystals when you get them:
Normally, these crystals give you a +5 bonus to attack and to hit. BUT, if you kept Bandon's
lightsaber, and kept the orginial red crystal in it, you should get a +9 bonus instead.*

Doing all of that will create a character that can't be beaten in close combat, you should be able to easily kill enemies, and due to the decent CON, you should have plently of Vitality Points if you want to play on hard or alone.

Good Luck!
By: sj65(373)
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Free rome with camera 62%
First press start and go to the journal then press X, Left, A, X and there should be message that says Punch it chewie
By: Deval2332609(35)
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How To Get A Darth Revean Robe 61%
First go 2 deck 2 then turn right and go until there is a dead end then turn around and you should see a big door open then go inside and should see 3 sqear computers go to the one on the right and slice into it then then go to the last one it should say jedi robe
preass A. eixt it then go to the crate open it up And preass A agin then it should say item received
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How to kiss bastila 60%
On maanaa ( what ever its called! )

the screen will say ( bastila has something on her mind )
talk to her
heres what you say

bastila:what do you want?
you:you wanted to say something
bastila:how did you know
you:the way you looked at me.see anything you like?
bastila: you are the most ignorant man! ( blah blah insults blah )
bastila:i was just looking at you because the way I feel about you....err......think about you....

you: you look cute when your embarresed
bastila:kiss me
( kiss )
the end

do these pplanets in order to do that
taris,dantoonie then maanaa ( whatever! )
By: 3hailey8(290)
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Hint: Dark Side Discount 60%
After arriving on the planet Taris (and getting a Sith uniform) don't go to the lower city just yet. Instead, go to the Equipment Emporium and if the Sith body armor is equipped, some items are discounted.
By: linkdino2(389)
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Hint: Finding Party Members 60%
Bastila - Jedi Human - Taris
Canderous - Mandalorian Soldier - Taris
Carth - Human Soldier - Endar Spire
HK-47 - Combat Droid - Tatooine (buy him in the droid shop)
Jolee Bindo - Jedi Human - Kashyyyk
Juhani - Jedi Guardian - Dantooine (don't kill her!)
Mission - Tw'lek Scoundrel - Taris
Zaalbar - Wookie Scout - Taris
T3-M4 - Expert Droid - Taris
By: linkdino2(389)
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Magic Healing: 60%
Go to a area that is safe from combat (Not in combat or in a room) and pause and go to the map screen. Now hit the X button to jump back to the Ebon Hawk and be healed. Select Map again and hit X again to go back to where you where.
By: linkdino2(389)
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Jedi or Sith Guide 60%
Obviously, if you're light, Jedi, dark, Sith. Read through this to determine what type of Jedi/Sith to use.

Light Jedi have unique force powers such as Force Speed and Cure. Sith have Force Lightning, Drain Life, and Slow. There are more for each type but I don't remember them. Universal powers make up the majority of the force. The only one I can think of is Force Push/Whirlwind/Wave.

3 Types
Depending on what you started as during the game, you might want to pick a specific type of Jedi/Sith. The 3 types are: Guardian (blue saber crystal), Sentinal (yellow saber crystal), and Consulor (green saber crystal.

If you started as a gunslinger or you want to be very dependant on the force then this is your perfect type. The Consulor does not get very many vitality points but gets massive amounts of force points. An example of a Jedi Consulor would be Jolee, whom you meet on Kashyyyk. The attributes essential to a Consular are Wisdom and Charisma, Dexterity doesn't hurt and you can keep you Blasters if you want to. They have a point dispersal of 4 vitality (I think that's right) and 10 force.

A Sentinal is a very good type of Jedi/Sith. Bastila is a Jedi Sentinal. The Sentinal has a fairly balanced point dispersal of 6 vitality and 8 force. I recommend the Sentinal for anyone who is starting out or want to rely on the Force every now and then.

The Guardian is for anyone who wants to fight close up with melee weapons (swords, lightsabers, etc...). Their main attribute would be Strength. If I remember correctly they get the opposite of the Consulor (It may be 8 vitality instead of 10). The best type you could start with for the Guardian would be the Soldier because of his high vitality stat. Adding toughness level 1 or 3 doesn't really hurt to bad either.
By: sj65(373)
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My power 60%
On Taris when you kill the sith and take his armor wear it and talk to people to get different responses and the same goes with the sand person clothes on tantooin and many others
By: whatsthat(179)
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How to beat Malak easy with Light Side: 56%
*These force powers must be used: knight speed, heal, and destroy droid.*
When you fight Malak, you will be encountered with a saber duel. When you saber duel, use any feat on Malak. Then if you get hurt, use Knight Speed to run away from the duel. Then keep using Heal. Then go back and saber duel with malak. Then when he runs and drains the jedi in the glass. Don't worry about it. His health will increase. Now use Knight Speed and go around to every glass with the jedi enclosed and press the Destroy Droid button. It will destroy it. Then use Heal. Then when you destroy all of them, fight Malak in a final saber duel. If you get hurt run away and heal yourself. Then keep repeating those steps and Malak will finally die.
By: linkdino2(389)
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How To Get The Mandalorion Assult Aomer-And Look Like A Mandalorin Man!!!!!!!!!!!! 55%
Note:You need to be are woman to do this.

First once you are on the unknow planet and you killed the rakatan cretures,two doras
will come and say staff about the Mandalorin are here and other staff,once you finshed
the talk go to the tempale,kill every single cretures thats there.
After you did that take all your items off you and the people that are with you,then
go to the right and going down there,then there will be are small puase small puaes in
the game,then you showed see the mandalorins there,then paues the game put all the
items back on you and other people,then kill them all and once you did it serch arund the bodeis and one off them should have it (It's called mandalorin assult aomer)then put it on you,and if has a red boxs itmeans that you can't were it,you have to have the fleat heavey
aomer,you have to have this fleat or you won't be able to were it,now you should look like
are mandalorin solier and look around the bodeis and you should find are mandalorin
power shelid.Well there you go you have a mandalorion assult aomer,and are mandalorin
power sheild and you should look like are man,well have fun with the mandalorin assult
aomer and are mandalorin power sheild.
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Record of sith murder on manaan 50%
Hack in the republic computer retrieve recording of the murder
By: mandalore(237)
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Blow up harvester mannan 50%
Fiil five dump into three. empty three. dump rest of five into three. fill five. transfer into three.
By: mandalore(237)
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Lightside mando truth korriban 50%
After you convince the mandolorian that you want 2 help there will b a setting for injecting to make him comatose on the console, give him three doses.
By: mandalore(237)
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Ultimate Character 50%
Start with the class Scout and pick the class Sentinal. You will understand why later.

Start with these attribute levels
Str - 15
Dex - 12 or 14 (opposite of Int)
Con - 14 - raise it to 16 at levels 4 and 8
Int - 12 or 14 (opposite of Dex)
Wisdom - 12 - raise it to 15 at levels 12, 16, and 20
Charisma - 10

Get these skills
Computer Use - 4 - raise to 10 and then stop
Awareness - 4 - just put points in here so you don't trip on mines
Treat Injury - 4 - raise this as quickly as you can to 20
Repair - 4 - raise to 15 and use equipment to raise to 17 (for HK - 47)
Persuade - 0 - when you become a sentinal add all of your points to this any spare add them to Treat Injury

Feats to get (in this order)
Toughness, Two Handed Fighting, Critical Strike, Flurry 2, Two Handed Fighting 2, Two Handed Fighting 3, Flurry 3, Toughness 2, Toughness 3, and Lightsaber Focus.

Force Powers (in this order)
Affect Mind, Saber Throw, Burst of Speed, Saber Throw 2, Knight Speed, Force Push, Force Whirlwind, Cure, Heal (any left over Force Powers can go pretty much anywhere).

Equipment to get
Adrenaline Stimulator - Korribon's Secret Shop
Dominator Gauntlets - Korribon's Secret Shop
Regenerator - Korribon's Secret Shop / Power Cardio - Korribon's Secret Shop

What they do
Adrenaline Stimulator - Saves all +2 (I think)
Dominator Gauntlets - +5 Strength
Regenerator - When hurt restore 2 life every 7 or so seconds
Power Cardio - +4 Constitution

Qel - De - Roma (or something like that) - Go into the cave on Korribon where the Renegade Sith are and defeat the Terentatek, go to the left side where the beast was and you will find the robe.
Star Forge Robe - Star Forge, Deck 2

Qel - De - Roma - 5 defense, 8 dexterity, +2 or 3 Wisdom
Star Forge Robe - ? defense, ? dexterity, + 5 Wisdom

Solari - Sith Tomb of Naga Sadow
Opila - One of the Dark Jedi that stalks you
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Character Builder 50%
If you're new to playing this game then you need to know that there are 3 types of characters that can be either male or female. Scout, Scoundral, Soldier.

I would only recommend the Soldier for someone who is either some what experienced in the game or intends to get up close and kill their enemies with a sword or lightsaber. The best thing about a Soldier is that they have feats that no one else has. These are specialization feats. Treat Injury is a Soldier's best skill. The attributes that I recommend for a Soldier would be a very high Strength of 15. Get everything else to 10 and use the remaining points to raise Wisdom and Charisma.

I'm very sorry that I don't have any great information on the Scoundral because I don't really use that particular type. I am pretty sure that at the beggining you get a type of Implant. If you don't have an Implant feat already then you might want to get it. Scoundral can pretty much be similar to a Soldier or you can raise your Dexterity to 15 and equip a Blaster Pistol to devastate your enemies from long range. Be warned that at close range a Blaster will be worthless so you might want to use your remaining points to up Strength that way you can fight your enemies at close range when and if they come at you.

Now for the almighty Scout. Like the Scoundral, the Scout can be pretty much any sort of fighter you want. Raise Inteligence to 12 or 14 and everything else to 10 and then raise charisma to 12 and use the rest for either Strength or Dexterity for whichever kind of fighter you want to be. Be sure to raise these particular skills: Security - 4, Persuade - 4 (it might be 2 for the max), Computer Use - 2, Awareness - 2, and Demolitions - 2. I might be wrong about how many points you actually get so be ready to make changes but defivinativaly get Security and Persuade. For whatever fighter you are go ahead and get either Rapid Shot/Power Blast for gunslinger or Power Attack for swordsmen.

I can't really tell you about the next 3 types that you choose from because I really keep my swordsmen style going even after that. But if you're a swordsmen you're going to want to get the type "Gaurdian".

Thanks for reading! :)
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Twisted rancor trio in order 50%
By: mandalore(237)
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Crystal Locations 43%
1. Dantooine
A. Blue Crystal
B. Green Crystal
C. Red Crystal
D. Rubat Crystal
E. Violt (Purple) Crystal
F. Yellow Crystal

2. Tatooine
A. Diomond Crystal
B. Krayt Dragon Pearl
C. Opila Crystal
D. Red Crystal
E. Violet (Purple) Crystal
F. Yellow Crystal

3. Kashyyyk
A. Diomond Crystal
B. Nextor Crystal
C. Yellow Crystal

4. Manaan
A. Jenruax Crystal
B. Luxum Crystal
C. Sigil Crystal

5. Korroban
A. Bondar Crystal
B. Eralam Crystal
C. Firkrann Crystal
D. Jenraux Crystal
E. Nextor Crystal
F. Opila Crystal
G. Phond Crystal
H. Sigil Crystal
I. Solari Crystal

6. Unknown World
A. Sapith Crystal
B. Upari Crystal
By: linkdino2(389)
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High Life Character 33%
Choose the Soldier class because you get a high vitality and multiple feats to choose from.

Str - 14 (raise on level 20)
Dex - 14
Con - 16 (raise this on the levels 4, 8, 12, 16)
Int - 14
Wis - 14
Cha - 14

Treat Injury - Raise on every level
Repair - Raise on every level for HK - 47 repairs
(Don't bother wasting points on Security because you can usually bash a door down and if you can't you can just use T3).

When you are creating your character give him/her the Toughness feat for starters. I would also recommend getting Flurry as your next feat. Make sure that as soon as you can you get Improved Toughness and then after that get Improved Flurry. Now get Master Toughness and then Master Flurry. Now focus on getting the Implant feats because you will be getting an Implant.

Jedi Class
Get the Jedi Guardian. He/she has a large vitality boost and an even better Str boost.

Get force Cure and Heal as soon as possible and keep raising your Treat Injury skill incase you can't use your force at the moment. Get the Power Lightsaber Throw and Advanced Lightsaber Throw.

Dominator Gauntlets - Str +5 - Korribon Secret Shop
Regeneration Implant - 2 vitality every few seconds when hurt - Korribon Secret Shop
Lightsaber(s) - Main hand - Krayt Dragon Pearl and Opila, Off hand - Krayt Dragon Pearl and any other that boosts attack or damage. (Get 2 Krayt Dragon Pearls by killing the Komad the Twi'lek that tells you how to kill the Krayt Dragon).

That's all you need to do to get a high life character. This particular character is great for anyone who likes to get up close and use Melee weapons and Lightsabers.
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Darkside mando truth korriban 20%
Give 3small doses and 1 medium dose
By: mandalore(237)
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How to bogi with the the stars 20%
On taris in the upper cantiana run to the coner and switch party members you may have to do it a fue time before you get it. it may not work
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How do you get the ebon hawk without doing anything 13%
You had to press ybbaa.
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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 508221How do you change the way juhani looks (i don't know if its true or not I saw it on youtube) Answers: 1
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 263997How do you use a lightsaber I've built one but it won't let me use it? Answers: 2
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 298990How do you get past the 3rd jedi trial. Answers: 3
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 314310How do you get rid of the gitza on tatooine while geting light side points Answers: 3
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 318233How do you get of of the world that you crash landed on when you found the star forge? Answers: 1
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 318514What is the password for the strongbox in the lowercity Answers: 2
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