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Duke Nukem Forever Cheats for PC
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Duke Nukem Forever PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

Trainer (PATCH 12.13.2011) by: Caliber Dec 13,2011
Trainer (PATCH 10.11.2011) by: Caliber Oct 11,2011
Trainer (PATCH 10.11.2011 #2) by: Caliber Oct 11,2011
Trainer (PATCH 08.02.2011) by: Caliber Aug 8,2011
Trainer by: Caliber Jun 11,2011

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Duke Nukem Forever

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Steam Achievements 100%
Achievement : Description

A Good Dam FightDefeat the Battlelord on the Hoover Dam
Air-DukeWin air hockey with a score of 7-0 in the strip club
AnnihilationKill 100 aliens
Balls of SteelEarn a 1,000,000 pinball score in SP
Baron von NukemShoot down 20 alien fighters
Beating the One-Eyed WormDefeat the Energy Leech
Big Guns, Big ShipsBlow up 5 enemy gunships or dropships
Bucket HeadFind all 3 helmets in the SP campaign
Call WaitingListen to all phone messages
Come Get SomeComplete the SP campaign on Hard Difficulty
Companion BarrelUnlock the secret closet at the end of the Forkstop
Damn, I'm GoodComplete the SP campaign on Insane Difficulty
Dead UsefulKill 10 aliens with environmental explosives
DrawringsDoodle something on the whiteboard in SP
Duke Angry, Duke Smash!Kill 15 aliens with melee attacks while on steroids
ExterminationKill 50 aliens
Flagon of ChucklesDrink a beer in SP
Fork the PorkKill 6 aliens with the forklift
Freeze Well!Kill 15 frozen aliens
Full Body TourettesGet knocked down 10 times
GunslingerCarry the gold pistol through the whole SP campaign
He's Got a Hologram!Use a Holoduke in SP
Hippy-StomperFoot stomp 12 aliens
I Am All That Is ManDiscover all ego cap rewards
I Need a DateLook at every page of a calendar in SP
I Need a TowelGet hit by 10 Pregnator bombs
Judge, Jury, ExecutionerExecute 20 aliens
JuicedTake steroids in SP
Let's RockComplete the SP campaign on Normal Difficulty
Lots of WhackingWin a game of Alien Abortion in the strip club
Natural Disaster 3xKill 3 aliens at once
Nobody Likes a WhinerKnock out the talent at the talk show
NomsEat 10 pieces of food during the SP campaign
Not Bad for a HumanDefeat the Alien Queen
Nuclear DevastationKill 250 aliens
OctacideDefeat the Octaking
On the Noggin'Kill 30 aliens with headshots
One-Eyed FreakDefeat the Cycloid
Party AnimalDrink all of the beers in the strip club
PescaphobeKill all of the catfish in the underwater level
Piece of CakeComplete the SP campaign on Easy Difficulty
Pit ChampionDefeat the Battlelord in Las Vegas
Road RageKill 15 aliens with the monster truck
Sticky Bomb Like You!Put a Trip Mine on a live alien
Substance AbuserDrink beer while on steroids or vice-versa in SP
Sunday, Black SundayShoot down the blimp above the stadium
Tosser... in the Literal SenseKill 10 aliens with tossed objects
TrapperKill 10 aliens with trip mines
Turd BurglarFind and steal a piece of poo
Special ThanksWatch the credits all the way through
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Party Animal Trophy/Achievement Guide 100%
Description: The objective in this mission is to find and drink all nine beers scattered in the strip club in the Chapter: Duke Nukem's Titty City.

Read the Guide --> Party Animal Trophy/Achievement [Guide]
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Pescaphobe Achievement Guide 100%
Description: In order to acquire the Pescaphobe Trophy, you must kill all 15 catfish. Now, this is not an easy task.

Read the Guide --> Pescaphobe Achievement [Guide]
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Balls of Steel Trophy/Achievement Guide 100%
Description: Here are some helpful tips for you to accomplish this task:

Read the Guide --> Balls of Steel Trophy/Achievement [Guide]
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How to Beat the Mothership Guide 100%
Description: Beating the Mothership requires great skills. You have to aim well and follow certain patterns. Here are some tips on how to beat this insane ship:

Read the Guide --> How to Beat the Mothership [Guide]
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Easy "Turd Burglar" trophy 100%
How to: Poop can be found in toilets. There is some poop in the toilets in the room where the game begins, in the "Duke Lives" chapter. Grab poop from a toilet and throw it to earn the "Turd Burglar" Achievement / Trophy.
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Hoover Dam Battlelord Guide 100%
Description: The Hoover Dam Battlelord Boss is probably the hardest to kill.

Read the Guide --> Hoover Dam Battlelord [Guide]
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Air-Duke Trophy/Achievement Guide 100%
Description: Your mission here is to defeat your opponent in a game called air hockey inside the strip club with a perfect score of 0-7.

Read the Guide --> Air-Duke Trophy/Achievement [Guide]
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The 3 Helmets Guide 100%
Description: In order to unlock the Bucket Head achievement, you must first find all three helmets in Duke Nukem Forever.
Here are guides on how to find them:

Read the Guide --> The 3 Helmets [Guide]
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Easy "Sticky Bomb Like You!" Achievement / Trophy 100%
How to: At the beginning of "The Duke Dome" chapter, you will get an unlimited amount of explosives when entering a building. Throw a trip mine directly on one of the enemies to earn the "Sticky Bomb Like You!" Achievement / Trophy.
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Sticky Bomb Like You! Trophy/Achievement Guide 100%
Description: For you to achieve this trophy, you must throw a trip mine directly at an opponent.

Read the Guide --> Sticky Bomb Like You! Trophy/Achievement [Guide]
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Easy "Sunday, Black Sunday" Achievement / Trophy 100%
How to: In the "Duke Lives" chapter, at the very beginning of your first fight, you will see a blimp in the background. Keep shooting it until you earn the "Sunday, Black Sunday" Achievement / Trophy.
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300 [Easter Egg] 100%
Description: [Easter Egg] Duke will say "Tonight, you dine in Hell" after a kill in "Vegas In Ruins". This is a reference to 300, when Leonidas says "Tonight, we dine in Hell!"
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Halo [Easter Egg] 100%
Description: [Easter Egg] At the start of the "Vegas In Ruins" level, before you enter the building, there is a van with weapons. The armor in the van is the same as in Halo, other than the Nukem insignia on the helmet visor.
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Mortal Kombat [Easter Egg] 100%
Description: [Easter Egg] In the Duke Nukem soundboard, there is an entry called "Fatality". when you select it, Duke says "Duke wins, Fatality."
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Overdrive Mode 100%
Description: To operate in Overdrive mode, reach level 40 in Multi-player mode. In this mode, all points earned are now doubled with the exception of challenges. You will also get 20 points each time an enemy is damaged.
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"Damn! It's Late...": Microwaved Rat 100%
Description: To microwave a rat, go to the room with a microwave. Directly under the microwave is a cupboard which can be opened to find a rat. You can pick up the rat and put it in the microwave. *** This room is also shared with the Duke Nukem Fanboy.
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Inception [Easter Egg] 100%
Description: [Easter Egg] In the Strip Club level, enter the room where you can microwave the popcorn. Look on the desk where you can use the security camera and you will see a spinning top, like the one Leonardo DiCaprio uses in Inception.
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Starship Troopers [Easter Egg] 100%
Description: [Easter Egg] After killing some enemies, you will hear Duke say "I'm from Las Vegas, and I say kill 'em all!". This is a reference to Starship Troopers when Johnny Rico says "I'm from Buenos Aires, and I say kill 'em all!".
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Draw 100%
When doing the mission duke lives when you see all the people in the room going to fight the monster theres a board go to it and push action you can now draw anything
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Easy Kills 100%
Use the shotgun do a headshot.

Note: Or use the easy kills cheat by beating the game on normal mode
By: gamewizard953(82)
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Inside the Secret Door 100%
In the strip club, when get the door code. In the door there should be a porno you can put the dvd player also in the room. There is also a beer.
By: gamewizard953(82)
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First Time Fight is a Boss! 100%
If this was your 1st time playing the game, your first fight is a boss. But they made it easy. While other games do that with hard bosses. This whole game is full with hard bosses. But thats not one of them. But good luck!
By: gamewizard953(82)
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Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough Guide 98%
With the ideals of the original Duke Nukem Forever developers in mind, Gearbox has finally finished the game, and it has released to the masses. Finally...the Duke HAS COME BACK!

Even though I wrote this guide while playing the Xbox 360 version of this game, there are no differences between this version and the PS3 and PC versions. This guide is compatible with both the PlayStation 3 and PC versions of this game.

Read the Guide --> Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough [Guide]
By: Toebin(12757)
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Duke Nukem Forever Cheats 98%
Here's some cheats we've gathered for Duke Nukem Forever. So if your looking for big heads or unlimited ammo Yeah, this should help.

Read the Guide --> Duke Nukem Forever Cheats
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How to Unlock Secret Closet Guide 98%
Description: Some of you might have concerns with regards to unlocking the secret closet in Duke Nukem Forever.

Read the Guide --> How to Unlock Secret Closet [Guide]
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Bonus options 98%
Description: Complete the game under the listed difficulty setting to unlock the following options at the "Extras" menu, usable in single player mode. *** Enabling the "cheat" options will prevent Ego points and achievements/trophies from being earned.

Concept ArtsNormal difficulty or higher
Development TimelineNormal difficulty or higher
Duke 3D Freeze Ray (freeze ray fires bouncing ice projectiles)Normal difficulty or higher
Duke Sound BoardNormal difficulty or higher
Game Speed (adjust game speed)Normal difficulty or higher
Grayscale Mode (black and white graphics)Normal difficulty or higher
Head Scale (adjust head size of enemies and NPCs)Easy difficulty or higher
Infinite Ammo (cheat; self-explanatory)Normal difficulty or higher
Instagib (cheat; enemies killed with one shot and always gib)Normal difficulty or higher
Invincibility (cheat; no damage from bullets or explosions)Normal difficulty or higher
Mirror Mode (graphics are mirrored horizontally)Normal difficulty or higher
MoviesNormal difficulty or higher
ScreenshotsNormal difficulty or higher
Triptych Office PhotosNormal difficulty or higher
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Weapons Guide 98%
Description: In this installment of the long lost franchise Duke will be using a variety of weapons to counter the alien forces that are trying to take his women.

Read the Guide --> Weapons [Guide]
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Christian Bale reference 98%
Description: In the "Damn It’s Late" mission, after walking off the set you will see an actor yelling at someone. He says things like "Do you want me to trash you are mics? DO YOU?" and "You're a nice guy, you really are but you are a fucking amateur". This is a reference to when Christian Bale freaked out on the set of Terminator Salvation.
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Accessories 98%
Description: Complete the listed multi-player weapon challenge to unlock the specified accessory in the changing room.

Backwards Baseball CapGet 250 kills with the Shotgun (Burger Face III)
Baseball CapGet 75 kills with pipe bombs (Splatter king III)
Brain SuckerGet 250 kills with the Enforcer (Laser Seeking Missiles III)
Canadian Flag LogoGet 75 kills with the Garter Pistol (Tiny But Deadly III)
Cheese HatGet 250 kills with the Ripper (Swiss Cheese III)
Detonator LogoGet 250 kills with the Rocket Launcher (Boom Goes the Weasel III)
Hoplite HelmetGet 75 melee kills (Punchy McPuncher III)
I Shot Stupid LogoGet 250 kills with the Railgun (Right In the Eye III)
Jester HatGet 75 kills with trip mines (Watch your step III)
Military HatGet 250 kills with the Pistol (Size Doesn't Matter III)
Retro Duke LogoGet 250 kills with the Devestator (Meat Grinder III)
Ski GogglesExecute a frozen player 75 times (Ice to See You III)
Tie-Dye ShirtGet 250 kills with the AT laser (Medium Rare III)
Uncle Sam HatStomp on 75 enemies (Pee Wee Vermin III)
Wolf LogoGet 75 kills with Steroids (Roid Rage III)
WTF LogoGet 75 kills with exploding barrels (Smile You Son of a Bitch III)
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Dead Space reference 98%
Description: In "The Hive" chapter, after you tickle the first door, turn to your left and begin walking forward. You will have to crouch to get under the bridge. Once you do, you will see and dead EDF Soldier with Isaac Clarke's signature engineer helmet.
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How to Boost up Your Computer's Performance Guide 98%
Description: Low performance on some personal computers is one of the most common problems that gamers are facing.

Read the Guide --> How to Boost up Your Computer's Performance [Guide]
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Tommy Tutone reference 98%
Description: In the bathroom in the Strip Club level, above one of the urinals there is some grafitti that reads "Jenny - 867-5309". This is a reference to the Tommy Tutone song of the same name.
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More Ego, Then its Easy 100%
When you beat the game on easy, start a new game on normal or higher. Then play through easy levels with ego boosts like duke nukem's titty city.
By: gamewizard953(82)
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DoomHalo Armor 100%
In the misson "Vegas in Ruins" the power armor at the beginning of the level looks like
the armor from Doom 3 or Halo.

Note:They both look the same,so there is no differents.
By: gamewizard953(82)
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