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Pro Evolution Soccer Cheats for PS2
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Pro Evolution Soccer PS2 Cheats

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Pro Evolution Soccer

Rating: 3.5/5 VOTE

Bonus players 81%
Win the Division 1 Master League to unlock 11 bonus players in freeloan mode. Repeat this 2 more times to unlock all 33 bonus players.

Win a Master League A season to unlock bonus players. They can be bought at the freelance players block.
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Germany Classic team 81%
Win the European Cup as Germany.
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Holland Classic team 81%
Win the European Cup as Holland.
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European Classic team 81%
Win the European Cup as England.
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Super cross 80%
Hold l1 tap o
By: jakattax(332)
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World All-Star team 79%
Win the International Cup as any team.
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European All-Star team 79%
Win the International Cup as France.
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Brazil Classic team 79%
Win the American Cup as Brazil.
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Nutmeg / skill 77%
While havig the ball, hold R2 then move the left, analog stick back then quickly move it foward again. Now we are ready to confuse some people
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To draw ball back with skill 77%
Use r2 to stop then hold l1 and tap d back direction.
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Argentina Classic team 76%
Win the American Cup as Argentina.
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Winners cup 75%
Win all cups, leagues, and Division 1 Master League.
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Lob 75%
While in front of the keeper in box 18 press l1 and box(square)
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Pressurin 75%
Hold r2 then press box,triangle,0 and x
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Presuring formation 71%
Whiles playing type this coad to pressure formation,
hold l2,and type box, x, o, triangle, before leaving the l2 botten
By: HAROUN123(35)
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Get all Players at 99 70%
To get all players at 99 go to formation hold down Square and type Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Right, Right, Right
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The greatest hints of all time 69%
While playing the game

step over
rotate the analog stick 360 degrees to do it

step over (2)
press the L2 button. The trick is so good that, only talented players like c. ronaldo, kaka, ronaldinho etc can do it

Drag back
Hold the R2 button and move the left analog stick back

Side step (right)
Hold R2 and move the left analog stick to the left
By: kwasia(1232)
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Control your keeper to defend R2 69%
First you press and hold triangle then you press your L1 botton... After that you take the keeper any where you want
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Accurate shooting 68%
When you r in 1 on 1 against goal keeper press R1 two times when ball moves little bit forward from you then shoot wid half meter. AND GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
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Crosing cheat 66%
Cros cheat 4 pes when ever your opponet want to cros d ball and your is at d front you press d direc your opponet is facing and pressl2 d ball will heat your player.
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Flip flap 66%
C.ronaldo ronaldiniho kaka
press l1 twice or more fast
By: jakattax(332)
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Penalty cheat 65%
When u rich the front of the goalkeeper just press x and then penalty
By: EMERSON1997(48)
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Barca unstopable 64%
X x o l1 r2 o l2
By: jakattax(332)
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Leg over 64%
Double l1 continously
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Goal keeper cursor 63%
Go to player settings and ON GK CURSOR...anytime your opponent wants to score,press L1 and triangle...then you can stop R2 shots
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Goal 63%
Box then r2
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Long lopin 61%
Wen you r around d 18 box press l1 nd triangle/_\ quickly
By: Youngfamous(20)
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If u want ur fans to kam and celebrate the goal on the pitch 59%
After scoring the goal press < < > > ^
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

How to score 99 goals in a match 59%
If you score a goal,save it, then start replay it you will see d magic
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Smack down vs raw 2008 featuring ecw 57%
To unlock stone cold go to the cheat codes menu and type stonestunner23
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Scoring a corner kick 56%
At d left side,u someone like your o button 2 d mid guage nd you left direction
By: Jeocady14(21)
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Unlock all trophes 55%
Unlock all trophes win against brazil with australia on legend mode
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Best team 53%
To have a good and solid squad just transfer these people into your own squad

left back A. Cole, Evra, subs (Bridge and heinze)
rightback fedinand, terry (toure and carragher)

Midfeild ronaldo, lampard, fabregas and gerrard. subsronaldinho beckham, messi,lennon, warlcot

StrikeHenry, rooney subs Drogba, anelka, adebayor tevez
By: kwasia(1232)
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Aboa 48%
For player to dance press down twice and up twice and press 12345678910
Was this: (-)Bogus or (+)Helpful

Pes2014 ps2 42%
To make your keeper best at the pole,you press the toto to the tonga to the bgemi and pass to the kwasia and aboataa will do evry thing
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