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Dune 2000 Cheats for PC
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Dune 2000 PC Cheats

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Dune 2000

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Cheat procedure 95%
1. When the game starts, build 2 tiles right away.

This will make sure that there is only one place that is needed to be changed.

2. Save the game and abort the mission.

3. On the MAIN MENU, press "Alt+Tab", so that you don't have to quit the game to cheat.

4. Using scientific calculator find the listed hex number for the cash you had in the game. i.e. 4960 will give 1360.

5. Using hex editor, open the saved game.

6. Search for the hex value.

Remember that low 2 bit comes first. So, for example, with 4960 cash, hex value is 1360. But you should look for 6013, instead. Change that to 'ffffaa'.

It will give maximum amount of cash.

Don't try to "ffffff", because it'll cause the game to crash. "ffffee" was the maximum value I was able to use without crashing, but "ffffaa" gave me the same thing anyway.

7. Save the change and close the file.

8. Back to Dune 2000 and load the game.
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Dune 2000 - HeXCheat - 93%
When you start a mission (at least with the Atreides), if you save it as soon as you start, your spice credits will be stored in byte 24354 (hex). If you've already made something in the game, the proper position will not be exactly that, but it won't change much.

So far, I only noticed a change up to byte 24344 (hex).

I took the offset values with xe, an hex editor for dos, which I use to edit all my savegames.
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