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Dungeon Keeper 2 Cheats for PC
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Dungeon Keeper 2 PC Cheats

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What is a trainer? A trainer is a program written to intercept and alter the memory addresses of games that are running in the background. Usually trainers contain such features as GOD MODE, UNLIMITED LIVES and others. Since trainers address specific memory locations, they are usually written to only support a specific version of a game.

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Dungeon Keeper 2

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Dumb green, dumb 100%
Green is vile and loves to steal in skirmish
blue is strong and tough
and yellow is nice and weak
so here is a awesome hint
drop an imp on greens unclaimed land
dig to blues unclaimed portal
then dig to blue (use tremor to knock down blues walls)
then watch as they have war over the portal
while that goes you have a chance to beat yellow + kill blue without his notice
but hint for possession
if you see an enemy call to arms flag. RUN!
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The perfect army 100%
Simply set all creature amounts to 0 and leave the the bile demon's
then notice that only bile demons come through your portal after you have the requirements
you can also do it with other creatures like salamander's
(i would not advise goblin's or fireflies because they are too weak)
or even dark angels
but you would need room for about 20 temples to get an army-o-them
(do not use scouts either like fireflies or rogues. because when they explore they get attacked and killed)
i do salamander's more because they can walk through lava and kill a hero group before my imps get killed by them (try getting dwarves by sacraficing a goblin and the create imp spell. dwarves cant teleport so they cant go out and randomly claim land like imps. and try to keep your imps as low level as possible because if they get too high level they will teleport out. plus dwarves dig faster)
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Awesome mana and imp glitch 100%
When starting the game. wait until you have 4 imps (do not tag any walls)
pick up the 4 imps and drop them into the DH (dungeon heart) and you get a HUGE mana boost
repeat this until you have 50000 or more mana. then tag walls and have the imps claim land (this will take time) if done correctly. you will then have 10-15 imps in 2 minutes or less
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Creepy thing that happens after loss 100%
If heroes defeat an enemy keeper the heroes will automaticaly have all that land for themselves
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Hint for hero cove skirmish 100%
Since the blue keeper in hero cove is stupid and mindless
(as in he does not make lairs and hatcheries for his monsters)
here is a small but STRONG hint
drop an imp in his unclaimed land (use feel the power cheat or imp dies too fast)
possess it and make it dig through rock to the outside
then make the imp run to the hero spot and activate the alarm trap
this causes heroes like giants, a dwarf, and wizards to come through
run like the wind to stay out of their sight
stop possession of the imp and drop it at your dungeon heart
and watch as all the heroes walk into his dungeon and kill him
it takes a minute or 2 for them to beat him
but it sure is fun to watch as imps get smashed and arches get whacked
+ after activating the alarm trap you can look to see that it looks like its still going off
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Disc glitch 100%
If you take the dungeon keeper 2 disc out while it is playing you can still play dungeon keeper 2
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War for power mini game in swiss cheese skirmish 100%
To make the mini game:
1. take the giant from the middle and drop him at your dungeon heart
2. dig to the middle of the map
3. dig to every keepers dungeon heart
4. have fun playing the "war for power" mini game
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Cheats 98%
Enter ctrl+alt+c to use the following cheats:
Show me the money - more money
Now the rain has gone - full map
Feel the power - all creature level 10
This is my church - all room
Fit the best - all trap
I believe its magic - all magic
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2 in 1 portal glitch 75%
This happens rarely and is weird
and you might not see this happen much
but sometimes
2 creatures come through 1 portal
this happened to me in emberglow campaiqn with a firefly and a goblin
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