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Earth 2150 - The Moon Project Cheats for PC
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Earth 2150 - The Moon Project PC Cheats

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Earth 2150 - The Moon Project Cheats

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Earth 2150 - The Moon Project

Rating: 0/5 VOTE

Cheats 100%
Hit enter and type the desired cheat:

Cheater 1 - Enable Cheat Mode

MoneyForNothing xx - Add xx bucks

ByeBye - Lose Scenario

MyBrainIsFaster 0/1 - Fast Research on/off

BeautifulMoon 0/1 - Reveal Map on/off

Shower - Lightning Rain

Limit_Up xx - Unit Limit to xx

HotGround - Place mines

GoHome! - Destroys Your Selected Building

Smash - Destroys Selected Enemy Building

JudgementDay - Destroys All Enemies in View

ScienceForNothing - Free Research

HereYouAre! - Shows All Enemies in View

Hide - Replaces Fog of War in View

Moonlight - Removes Fog of War in View

NobelPrize - Research Everything

Tromaville - Damages All Visible Enemies

IDKFA - Gives full ammo, health, and a sheild upgrade

NewOne - ?

UltraScience - ?
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