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Animal Crossing

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Harvest furniture 100%
Do you wanna know how to get the whole harvest set well all you have to do is at the harvest
festival go to the other animals that are at there houses and talk to them untill they
somthin like this I saw a weird guy in acre d-4 SO U GO TO THE HARVEST FESTIVAL and grab
the fork and knife with b on your controlor and go to that acre look around for a turkey
and makesure you go up to him you dont have press any buttons and then he'll see you and he
will get scared then he talk to and he will take the fork and knife and then he will
reward you with some harvest furniture do this untill you have a full set
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Silver statue 100%
Be the second person in the village to finish paying of all of their mortgage.
By: moocow66124(16)
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Finding jingle+Jack+Wisp 100%
How to find jingle:December 24+25 at 6:00

How to find jack:October 31 at 6:00

How to find wisp:Set clock to 2:00 run around random acres/trees and he appears and gives you and item,a paint of the roof of your house,or no more weeds after catching 5 ghost and saving his job!
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Win NES Games 98%
Animal Crossing features an even bigger variety of NES games than its N64 counterpart. You have to be lucky to get your hands on them though. There are several ways to get new games:

Be the first. The 1st player to start a character on the included Animal Crossing Memory Card will receive a letter from Nintendo after all initial chores are done. The letter includes a grab bag with 3 items, 2 of which are NES games. To move a present attached to a letter to your inventory, align your cursor on top of the letter, then press L to grab it. Drag it to the inventory, then click on it with A and select "Open Present". To open the grab bag that's inside, simply select it with A when you're OUTSIDE a building. Do not try to open bags inside your house. It won't work.
Enter the monthly lottery at the Tanuki Store on the last day of the month. You get a lottery ticket for every major purchase you make at the store (stationary and plants don't count). Every five tickets let you play in the lottery once, so be sure to collect a bunch of them. Note that lottery tickets don't carry over to the next month. They're only good for the current month. Prizes in the lottery vary from month to month, so don't give up if you don't find any NES games the 1st time you enter the lottery.
Check your mailbox on Christmas Eve. Every player gets an NES game as a Christmas present.
Get a game for your birthday. Don't only ask animals if you can run chores for them -- use the 2nd "conversation" option as well. At one point, one of your animals will ask you for your birthday and blood type. This animal will drop by your house on your birthday and personally deliver a new NES game.
Have your Animal Island villager dig. Leave him your shovel, then bribe him with fruit later if he finds a game.
There are other ways to get your hands on emulated classics, so keep your eyes and ears open.
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Golden Axe 98%
Check the Wishing Well every day for 15 days and get a consistently great rating. To do this, you will have to have the right mix of trees in each acre, pull out weeds, avoid littering, and have plenty of flowers. If you pull this off, visit the Wishing Well to meet the lucky spirit Farley, who will hand over the Golden Axe that never breaks.
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Golden Shovel 98%
You can produce a Golden Shovel the same way you plant a money tree. Buy an extra shovel, find a sparkle spot, dig out the money bag, stand right in front of it and select the shovel. Pick "bury" and the shovel will be planted in the ground and a sapling will pop up. If the spot is good, a golden tree will grow that will produce a Golden Shovel instead of fruit. The Golden Shovel will unearth money bags at random when you dig in the ground.
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Grow a Money Tree 98%
Did you know that besides growing fruit trees, you can also grow money trees? Yep, no joke. However, you can not just grow them anywhere. Find a sparkly glowing spot on the ground (the type that hints at a hidden treasure) and use the shovel to unearth the money bag. Instead of just pocketing the money and closing the hole, stand in front of it, go into your inventory and select the money bag. Now choose the "plant item in ground" option that you also use to sow seeds or fruit and put the bag back into the sparkly spot in the ground. A seedling will sprout, which will grow into a money-bearing tree. Nice, huh?
Note that planting a money bag just anywhere will not produce a money tree. It has to be planted in the sparkly special spot.
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Magic Rock 98%
Every day, one rock in your village will turn into a treasure rock. Walk up to a rock and hit it with your shovel. If it turns red, quickly hit it again -- up to 7 times if you're fast enough. Each time, a money bag will come flying out. The 1st few bags will be 100 Bell bags, but soon you will hear the Mario extra life chime -- which means these bags contain 1,000 Bell. After the rock changes color again, it goes back to being a regular rock.
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Golden Net 97%
Catch all 40 types of insects to get your hands on the Golden Net, a better version of the regular net that'll help you catch more insects easier. You will also get a Butterfly sign on your house that shows off your bug catching skills.
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Golden Fishing Rod 96%
To get an item that will make fishing so much easier, catch all 40 types of fish. Not only will you get a cool Weathervane trophy on top of your house, the mayor will give you the Golden Fishing Rod to match your shovel.
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Feng-Shui Mysteries 96%
Are you familiar with the ancient art of Feng-Shui? Who would have guessed that it even applies to Nintendo's Animal Crossing? It's all about how you arrange your furniture in your house.

Orange colored furniture in the North
Yellow furniture in the West
Red furniture in the East
Green furniture in the South
What does this do? It increases your chances with getting lots of cash and items -- so try to use Feng-Shui whenever possible.
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Get Rich Quick with your GBA 96%
If you've got a GBA and the GameCube Link Cable, you can access an island to the south of Animal Crossing that lets you make money much more quickly. Collect as many pieces of fruit as you can carry, hook up your GBA, turn it on, and then go to the pier at the beach (all the way in the south). A lad named Kapp'n will be waiting here in his boat (he only shows up if your GBA is switched on) and take you to the island. Once you're on the island, drop all the fruit you have collected and go back to the boat. Tell Kapp'n that you want to leave and that you want to transfer the island to your GBA. Your GBA will turn on and you will have see your island, complete with all the fruit you have dropped. Move your hand to the door of your island animal's house and knock. Your animal will come out. Now grab a piece of fruit and put it right in front of your animal. It will eat the fruit and turn happy. After a few pieces of fruit your animal will drop a money bag of random size for each fruit you feed to your little virtual pet. Repeat this process until all pieces of fruit are gone (you can also direct your pet to shake trees to get more fruit), then put your GBA to sleep. Do NOT switch it off.
Go back to the GameCube game. Once back in your town, leave the screen with the boat and come back. Chat to the Kapp'n again and the GCN game will be updated with the new data from the GBA island. Travel back to the island and collect all the money bags. Some bags contain as much as 30,000 coins! You should be able to pay off your house in no time now.
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Reset Follies 96%
Don't ever hit the reset switch when playing this game. If you do, the next time you play you will be chastized by Mr. Resetti, an angry mole. He will lecture you on how there is no reset button in real life -- so you shouldn't use it in this game either. Mr. Reset's rant takes quite a while to get through, but that's nothing compared to what happens when you hit reset again... His complaints will get longer and longer and he will even force you to apologize (which requires you to manually enter your apology via the on-screen keyboard). Not fun. So stay away from the reset switch unless you want a good laugh.
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Constant New Year's 96%
To get easy money, all you have to do is set the GameCube's internal clock to New Year's Day. Every New Year, your parents will send you a gift of 10,000 bells. Set the clock to a different year (after saving, of course) and you will get another bag with 10,000 bells.
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Bee Courageous 95%
You've done it before -- you've shaken a couple of trees to find some cash, and out comes a whole swarm of bees and does a "remodeling" job on your face... Painful. But did you know that you can actually catch the bees and make some money? It's a bit tricky as the bees move fast, but after you've shaken a tree and a bee's hive has fallen out, immediately switch to the butterfly net and turn towards the hive. Time it right and hit the button and you will catch a single bee, worth 4,500 bucks. Not bad, huh? There are 3 swarms of bees hidden on the map every day, so you can make some big bucks if you go bee hunting.
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Secret K.K. Slider Songs 95%
There are 3 secret songs in Animal Crossing that Totakeke won't play unless you request them. They are:

I Love You
K.K. Song
Two Days Ago
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Easy Money 93%
Dig up the stars with your shovel and send them to the far away museum, when you get a response back, get your fossil and sell it to Mr.Nook for big bucks!
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When Mr. Resetti tells you to write in something, writing in these will make him REALLY angry! It's very funny:

Go away!
You stink!
You suck!
Hell no!
No way!
I'm not sorry!
I hate moles!
I hate you!

There's probably more, but entering in these makes him go "Wh-what?!?! Gwaah! You little hairball!"
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Gold Statue of.......You! 76%
After you pay off your all of your debts, Tom Nook will build you a Gold Statue of you!

Tested: Yes
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Extended Title Theme! 67%
Do you like that classic, catchy Animal Crossing Population: Growing theme? Want More of it? Here's how!

1. Be sure that there are no Memory Cards in Slot A or Slot B.

2. Start up Animal Crossing

3. The split second you see the monkey and human, push open on the gamecube.

4. If you do it correctly, your TV will go black, and a message will apear saying that if you want to continue playing, close the cover.

4. (continueing) disregard the message and keep listening... at the point when the screen is suposed to fade out and it say "NINTENDO!", it won't! the song keeps on going! real nice!
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Go in the lighthouse 67%
on a random day, Tortimer will say that he is going out of town and that he needs you to
put the light on in the lighthouse every night until he gets back.........thats how you get
into the lighthouse
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Mario setup 67%
4UF6T948GZ3ZW3 dw#%jtLEqj5ZBf -Starman

4UT6T6L89ZnOW3 dw&%jtL3qjLZBf -Cannon

4UT6T6L89ZnOW3 dwU%jtL3qjLZBf -Flagpole

1mWYg6IfB@&q7z 8XzSNwpfij76ts -Green Pipe

#SbaUIRmw#gwkY Bh66qeLMscTY%2 -Super Mushroom

RSbaUIRmwUgwkA 1K6tq#LMscTY%2 -Coin

4UT6T948GZnOW3 dw#%jtLEqj5ZBf -Fire Flower

RSbaUIAmwUgwkY 1K6tq#LGscTY%2 -Koopa Shell

1mWYg6IfB@&q75 8XzSNKpfWj76ts -Brick Block

#SbaUIRmw#gwkY BK66q#LGscTY%2 -? Block

QI6DLEnhm23CqH zrUHk3cXd#HOr9 -Mario Mural

IboOBCeHz3YbIC B5igPvQYsfMZMd -Block Flooring
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Easy money without any codes! 67%
Get your other memory card and quickly make another town. Have one character visit the other memory card and take the fruit from one. bring back and plant trees. Change date and sell all fruit. (fruit from other town is worth more than from your town.) then vualah!
By: DJBannana3(205)
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Easy Money 63%
Okay you all know about the magic rock,fishing and such not of getting money but also if you go to Tom Nook`s Store And talk to him press (A) on other things then press (A) on Say code you`ll get 30,000G each time you do this but you can only do this three times but serisly 90,000G total! How Awsome is that? That`s what I call easy money!

Code for easy Money:
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Starman 60%
Talk to Tom Nook. Tell him this code:


By: Master of Games(1058)
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FREE DOT SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 58%
Hi animal crossing fans you know how your back round is a lot of dots? its a shirt. want it? if you do read and read good 1.take any shirt 2. bring it all the way down to the right boughtem corner and last 3. bring it down the way you cant pull out the shirt you put in. good luck. MADE BY thomas of canada hallafa
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Stop getting stung by bees 56%
You know how when you shake a tree bee hives occasionally come out instead of money well if you shake a tree and bees pop out just run inside of the nearest building and when you come out tada no bees
By: mysterykcd(6)
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Easy money 50%
Put someone elses memory card in with a different fruit in their town put as much fruit as you can and sell it at your town for lots of money.
By: JayRULZ(20)
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Get a snowy tree model 50%
Go to Mr. Nook's Store, say "Other things," then "say code," and type this in


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Wisp the Ghost 50%
Every night between midnight and 3:00 am, a ghost called Wisp will be somewhere in your
town. To get bonus furniture, you have to catch him with net. When you catch him he will
want you to let him go. Let him go and he will give you a variety of items to choose from,
even things not for sale.

He is not at your town every night but he is always there on Halloween
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Island glitch 50%
This cheat requires the gamecube action replay.first add on the cheat that lets you jump by
pushin y (code is already in) then go to the ocean and jump in it and you will be walking on
it and then just keep walkin down until you see an island

By: Master of Games(1058)
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Tom Nook Clothes Codes 50%
Get the Bamboo Robe: 4UTG548uQKQZGf 1n#%j6LEqj5ZBf

Get the Blue Puffy Vest worn only by male animals during the fishing tourneys:
2uiDfAHqmWi ZkyTnDUgQjJ&j%

Get the Red Sweatsuit worn only by Female animals during the aerobics sessions:
HlljaLzthemmoY IlljazzthemmyG

Get the Somber Robe: GetinforfreebY 1dtinforfreebY

Get the Summer Robe: 1qWWO6IfB@&q7z 8XzSNrpfyo76ts
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Spookey furniature 50%
On halloween all the animals are in costume and want candy. hide your candy in letters
from nooks store the day before and drop everything in your house INCLUDING clothes [put
on disigner clothes]. look around the map and search. animals will come at you. there is
one guy NOT in the wishing well somewhere on the map who will not come at you. his name is
jack get out 1 piece of candy and walk up to and talk to him. give him candy and he will
give you furniture or carpet or wall paper. store it in the letter you got the candy from
OR ELSE. The furniture is expensive and you can keep it or sell it. Do this over and over
to get the entire furniture set.
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Lighthouse 50%
You can go in the lighthouse just press a on the handle.

By: Master of Games(1058)
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Jingle Carpet 50%
Speak with Tom Nook and type in:


By: Master of Games(1058)
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Make Towns People Mad 48%
If you really hate someone in town, or just wanna do something because you are board, make towns people mad. You can:

(A) Hit them with your net. (Press the "A" button and HOLD it. Then when you get near an animal, relese. Hit them 3 times and they will turn around and be all like," WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" Hit them more! It's fun!

(B) Push them. They will (eventually) get mad.
By: Pikagirl822(76)
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30,000 bells! 46%
Tell this code to Tom Nook: WB2&pARAcnOwnUjMCK%hTk8JHyrT
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30,000 Bells 44%
Go to tom nooks and type in this password



type in this code 3 times to get 90,000 bells
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Free Lugi Trophy! 43%
Go to Nook's store and talk to him. Select "Oter things" then say: "Say Code" Enter this
code to get it:



By: Master of Games(1058)
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Growing Palm trees 42%
Growing palm trees is more difficult than you may think. if you dont plant it in the right place, it will die. all you have 2 do is...

1) get a coconut
2) dig a hole were the sand platform thing goes into the water, but where the sand and the water connect.
30 if you want your tree NOW! save & turn your ds off and fast foward the date 2 1 week into the future.
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Extra bills 33%
Fore this you need 2 memory cards make a town on each. Then go to the other town and pick as many as possible. Then go back to your original town.
By: neo1(226)
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Golden Items 33%
Tell Tom Nook these codes:

Golden Axe: 4B2&p%eGcgIO7NHZCS3hjkKJtlgH

Golden Net: kB2&S%excgIC7SPOudE2jkKJHygH

Golden Rod: YUKhrekPQ6a3M#4&f3bdAZLJf

Golden Rod (alt): Y%UKhrekPQ6a3M#4&f3bdAZLJf

Golden Shovel: GkUFUvirg%PX6a3ZizGfw5dTZLQh
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Unlockables: Summer Items 33%
Go to Tom Nook and select "Other Things", then "Say Code". Enter the following codes to
get the corresponding items.

Kayak: 4i9xES@sTRJhAAshO9cb#9UaKHo4

Sleeping Bag: Ai9xES@sTRJsAAshO9cb#9UaKHI4

Propane Stove: Bi9xES@sTRJsYYsh09cb#9UaKHI4

Backpack: fi9GES@sTRJsAAsqO9cb#9UaKHL4

Bonfire: fi9xES@sTRJsAAsh09cb#9UaKHb4

Cooler: vi9xES@sTRJhAAsh09cb&9UaKHI4
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Get more money ( MAY CAUSE WEEDS! ) 33%
This cheat may cause weeds, and so far I have only used it on wild world but, I will put it here anyway. You must have payed off your house, and have a lot of bells in your bank account. Set the year on your GameCube to 2000, and do the same on the game. Go on your account, deposit all of your money into your savings account, then save. Then change the year on the GameCube and the game to 2099, get on, and because of interest, your bells will be a lot more. I have not tried this yet, so if you try it, good luck.
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Free net 32%
During the Bug off if you got to Tortimer without a net in your hand he will give you a free one. It is a normal everyday net but its still free
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Get a house at the Island 31%
To go to the island, connect a GBA to your Gamecube with a GBA GNC cable, then turn on the Gameboy and go to the dock at the beach. it on yor map, so press x butonn to find it. A tutle wil be ther. talk tohim, nam the island, and when you land their, meet the ilanders. eventualy theyl tel you abote ther town hal, or somthig like that. Go to the big howse at the bak of the iland and pick up a shirt. You can leve stuff fer other Pple, or decorate it fer ursef! It like a hoem away from hoem!
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My house is huge!!!! 31%
Rn't you tired ove having no space in your house?well, if you want your house bigger, here iz wat you do:
step one-pay off all ove your rent(all ove it wich is lyk, 789,000 bellz)
step two- fast forward the time 2 the next day
step three- becum your person again the 1 you made, and then your house should b ^graded fully.
u can have up 2 3 floors-
2-main floor
hope this helps!
By: ForeverStallion(92)
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Pet dinosaur 31%
Succesfully colect all the fossils and turn them in to bathers he gives you a pet dinosaur
By: Master of Games(1058)
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Other fruit trees 31%
When you have another fruit in your items thingy chop down a tree use the shovel to dig it out and then plant it
By: linkdino2(389)
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Hint 24%
This is 4 1st time players, save b4 you turn off your ds. if you talk 2 a mole 2 many times, he will send you 2 a trashy town 4 ever!
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Get 9000 bells if you press L and R two times 20%
Press L and R two times to get 9000 bells
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