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Sega Sports NFL 2K3 Cheats for PS2
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Sega Sports NFL 2K3 PS2 Cheats

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Sega Sports NFL 2K3

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Prevent opponent from selecting desired play 100%
When playing against a friend or friends, use this trick so they
cannot choose a play, or more accurately, the one that they want.
Make sure you select your play before your friend(s) do, then press
Start to pause game play. Their play book menu will go back to the
beginning, forcing them to start picking the play again. Keep doing
this until the play clock runs out, and they will not be able to
choose their own play.
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Easy timeout 100%
Hold L1 + R1 and press Select.
Alternatively, just press Select.
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Closer looks at plays 100%
Just before you get out of a huddle, hold L1 + R1 to get a closer
look at the play. This works especially well on running plays up the
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100 Rated Cornerback 100%
*** This works for all types of cornerbacks (Aggressive CB,
Coverage CB, or Balanced CB). Also, fatigue must be disabled for
best effect.
Speed: 99
Agility: 99
Upper Body Strength: 23
Lower Body Strength: 22
Tackle: 99
Coverage: 99
Pursuit: 99
Intelligence: 0
Hint 100 Rated Free Safety:
*** Fatigue must be disabled for best effect.
Speed: 99
Agility: 99
Upper Body Strength: 23
Lower Body Strength: 22
Tackle: 99
Coverage: 99
Pursuit: 99
Intelligence: 0
Hint: 100 Rated Inside Line Backer:
*** Fatigue must be disabled.
Speed: 99
Agility: 0
Upper Body Strength: 76
Lower Body Strength: 70
Tackle: 99
Coverage: 99
Pass Rush: 99
Pursuit: 99
Intelligence: 0
Hint: 100 Rated Outside Line Backer:
*** Fatigue must be disabled.
Speed: 99
Agility: 0
Upper Body Strength: 76
Lower Body Strength: 70
Tackle: 99
Coverage: 99
Pass Rush: 99
Pursuit: 99
Intelligence: 0
Hint: 100 Rated Linemen:
Balanced Defensive or Offensive Line
Speed: 55
Agilty: 50
Upper Body Strength: 99
Lower Boby Strength: 99
Tackle: 99
Pass Rush: 99
Pursuit: 99
Intelligence: 0
Hint: 100 Rated Wide Receiver:
*** Fatigue must be disabled.
Power WR Setting
Speed: 99
Agility: 99
Break Tackle: 0
Catch: 99
Run Route: 99
Run Blocking: 44
Pass Blocking: 0
Stamina: 0
Hint: 100 Rated Quarterback:
Power QB Setting
Speed: 99
Agility: 99
Pass Accuracy: 99
Pass Arm Strength: 99
Pass Read Coverage: 99
Break Tackle: 5
Hold On To Ball: 68
Composure: 0
Intelligence: 70
Leadership: 80
Scramble: 0
Hint: 100 Rated Running Back:
Speed: 100
Agility: 100
Break Tackle: 100
Power Moves: 100
Finesse Moves: 99
Catch: 100
Run Block: 53
Pass Block: 53
Intelligence: 12
Hint: 100 Rated Fullback:
Power FB Setting
Power Run Style: 0
Speed: 99
Agility: 99
Run Route: 80
Break Tackle: 97
Run Blocking: 53
Pass Blocking: 53
Hold on to the ball: 55
Upper Body Strength: 42
Lower Body Strength: 42
Hint: 100 Rated Half Back:
Power HB Setting
Power Run Style: 0
Speed: 99
Agility: 99
Run Route: 80
Break Tackle: 97
Catch: 98
Run Blocking: 53
Pass Blocking: 53
Hold on to Ball: 80
Upper Body Strength: 45
Lower Body Strength: 45
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Faster drafts 100%
Select franchise mode. Hold Triangle while other teams are making
their choices to speed up the draft process.
Power hit:
Press L1 + R1 to power hit your opponent.

Use this special move to plow through the defense. While running the
ball, hold L1 + R1. And the runner will shoulder charge the
opponent, and knock them on their butts. This is very useful when
you need that extra yard.

Press R3 for a power hit.
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Get the ball on kickoff 100%
Whenever you kickoff do a onside kick. Aim on the opposite side of
the other team, low. If done correctly, you will get the ball.
Hint: Onside kicks:
Press Start to pause game play. Select "Game Plan", then
"Substitution", then choose "By Package". A list of packages will
appear. The one you need is at the bottom. Now, go to "Onside
Kickoff" (and not "Onside Kick Return"). A list of players will
appear. You will need to select the correct one. Change the tightend
into the kicker. Select one of the tightends and the game will ask
for a replacement. Go down the list, find the kicker (K), and select
him. Exit out of the pause menu. Now, select "Onside Kick" instead
of "Kickoff". While kicking, position the arrow all the way up.
Instead of a regular onside kick, position the kick not all the way
to the left but almost there. When kicking, make sure the power bar
is filled. The works almost every time.
To always get the ball on onside kicks, in game mode go to the
options screen select "Penalties". Turn off the "Illegal Onside
Kick" option. Before you pla,y go to "Substitution" and then "By
Package". For "Onside Kicks", replace the tight end for the kicker.
When you onside kick, keep the arrow all the way to the right and
power at half.
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View end of season highlights 100%
To see highlights from your team's season, win the Super Bowl in
franchise mode. Approximated highlights of your rise to glory will
show while the credits roll.
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Spoken created player names 100%
Enter one of the following names for a created player to have them
announced during a game.

Bill Clinton
Barry Sanders
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Predict plays 100%
Look at the offensive tackles used by the CPU before any play is
run. They will either be in a 2 point or a 3 point stance
(their hand will either be on the ground or on their knee). If they
are in a 2 point stance (hand on knee), it is either a pass play
or a draw. If they are in a 3 point stance (hand on the ground),
it is either a run or a play action pass. This works all of the
time, and the CPU rarely uses play pass or draw -- you can almost
always guess what play they are running.

*** You can also predict a human opponent's play, even though they
hide it, by watching the position of the defensive ends. They are
the same as when predicting the CPU plays.
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100 Rated Kicker/Punter 100%
To get a 100 rated kicker or punter, take the Intelligence away and
set Accuracy and Power to 99.
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No 1st name-announced 98%
When you create a team in the Roster Management section, and play
with the team, the announcers will only say a player's last name.
For example, when Brett Farve is shown in the Offensive Lineup, they
will only say Farve and not Brett Farve.
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Additional player creation points 98%
This trick will give a player additional points when creating a
halfback or a fullback. First, go to "Player Create" and select a
halfback or a fullback. In the point distribution screen, select the
"Speed" archetype and distribute points as desired. When done, save
the new player. Return to the MAIN MENU and load the roster file.
Return to "Player Create", select the player that was just made and
go to the point distribution screen. The archetype listed will now
be "Power" and there will be an additional 99 points to improve the
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Change attributes 98%
You can go into roster mode and change attributes. Highlight the
attribute that you want to change and select it. Choose "Change
Attribute" and use the numbers on the top of the keyboard to enter
the value (0-99) for that attribute. You can use this to make your
team completely unstoppable, or make your opponents unworthy.
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Get lots of draft picks 98%
Go to the trading block and put down your 3 top players. Now,
play a few weeks of the season. When you go back, there should be
offers from teams. The more, offers the better. Put down your 1st
and 2nd picks in each trade offer. then leave the trades on the
trading block. Go to the regular trade screen and trade away your
1st and 2nd picks now for whatever you want. Go back to the
trading block and view each offer. Your draft picks will still be in
each offer, and you can trade them repeatedly.
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Old team with modern logo 98%
Press L1 and R1 to cycle through the teams until you see either what
looks like a man in a 2 point stance (1985 Patriots) or an oil rig
(Oilers logo). Watch the beginning FMV sequence, and if they show
the coaches they will have the team's modern logo.
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Funny commentary 98%
Choose a passing play and take the ball. Fade back for a long time
and the announcer will say, "I've heard of fading back but this is
ridiculous!" or "What is he doing?"
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Broadcasters announce your last name 98%
Go to "Roster Management" and select "Create Player". Now, type in
your player's 1st name and enter any pro football player's last
name. Put him on any team as a starter in any position, The
broadcasters will say his last name.
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Run faster 96%
When running with the ball, rapidly tap Speed Burst instead of
holding it.
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