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Star Wars Clone Wars Cheats for GC
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Star Wars Clone Wars GC Cheats

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Star Wars Clone Wars

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Codes 100%
To get desired effect enter specific codeCodeEffect
YUB YUBFulfills the 3 Bonus Objectives from the Last Mission Played
FUZZBALLPlay as a wookie in the Jedi Academy
FRAGFIESTAUnlock all multiplayer maps
THRISNOTRYUnlock the next level
CHOSEN1Unlock Unlimited Ammo
CINEMAUnlocks All Cinematic Cutscenes
GASMASKUnlocks All Missions
FRAGFIESTAUnlocks All Multiplayer Maps
CORDEUnlocks Amidala in Multiplayer
RogerRogerUnlocks Battle Droid
Fake FettUnlocks Clone Trooper
WAT TAMBORUnlocks Super Battle Droid
SAYCHEESEUnlocks Team Photos in the Sketchbook
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Unlock a Clone Trooper 100%
To unlock a Clone Trooper in the Geonosis Academy enter FAKEFETT .
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Invincibility 100%
To become invincible, enter 1WITHFORCE .
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Unlockables 100%
Use the following methods to unlock secrets.UnlockableHow to Unlock
Unlock "Making Of" VideoTo unlock the ''Making Of'' video, earn
thirty bonus points.
Unlock CD PlayerTo unlock the CD player, earn thirty five bonus
Unlock Jedi Academy map for MultiplayerTo unlock the Jedi Academy
map for multiplayer, earn twenty bonus points.
Unlock Raxus Duel map for MultiplayerTo unlock the Raxus Duel map
for multiplayer, earn five bonus points.
Unlock Rhen Var Conquest map for MultiplayerTo unlock the Rhen Var
Conquest map for multiplayer, earn fifteen bonus points.
Unlock SketchbookTo unlock the sketchbook, earn forty bonus points.
Unlock Thule Moon Control Zone map for MultiplayerTo unlock the
Thule Moon Control Zone map for multiplayer, earn 10 bonus points.
Unlock Unit ViewerTo unlock the unit viewer, earn twenty five bonus
Unlock Yoda for MultiplayerTo unlock Yoda for multiplayer, earn
forty five bonus points.
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Play Ewok Freedom Song ("Yub Yub") 100%
Press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT on the D-Pad, then B, A, START. (This is the old Konami code). Whenever you do this, you will hear the wonderful song from the end of Return of the Jedi.
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Unlock Wookiee in Jedi Academy 100%
To unlock the Wookiee in the Jedi Academy, enter the code FUZZBALL.
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Campaign Level Select 100%
To unlock the ability to select levels in Campaign mode, enter GASMASK .
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Glitches 100%
Use Same Characters In Geonosis Academy
Pick any characters to start with. Once playing reset, and there should be
squares with characters to choose from. Players go to the player you want
to both be, stay there and let the timer run out. Players will now be able
to be the same character.
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Unlimited Ammo 100%
To get unlimited ammo, enter the cheat-password CHOSEN1.
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Unlock Padme 100%
To unlock Padme for the Geonosis level, enter the code CORDE.
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Unlock Multiplayer Levels 100%
Enter FRAGFIESTA to enable multiplayer level select.
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Unlock Yoda in Geonosis Academy 100%
To unlock Yoda for Geonosis Academy, earn 45 bonus points.
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Unlock Battle Droid in Geonosis Academy 100%
To unlock the Battle Droid for Geonosis Academy, enter the code ROGERROGER .
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Unlock Bonus Objectives Early 100%
To unlock Bonus Objectives early, enter YUB_YUB .
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Secrets 100%
Ewok Celebration Music
At the options screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right,
B, A, Start using the D-Pad. The Ewok Celebration Music should start to
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Unlock All FMVs 100%
To unlock all FMVs, enter the cheat-password CINEMA.
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See Team Photos 100%
To see photos of the team who made this game, enter SAYCHEESE .
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