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Spiderman 2002 Cheats for PS2
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Spiderman 2002 PS2 Cheats

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Spiderman 2002

Rating: 5/5 VOTE

Unlock all combat moves 98%
Type KOALA at the cheat menu
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Child Abuse - Glitch 94%
This is a killer. Once you have unlocked the mode of having the green robots (from a green blip) you can do this horrid, but funny trick. First, wait for a child who has lost his/her balloon. Find the balloon and hold it but DONT give it to the child. Now, a green blip may appear a street or 2 away, but dont go too far, otherwise the balloon you're holding will pop! Ok, heres the tricky bit. Get the green blip, hopefully it will be a "Giant robots are attacking people" mission. if it isnt, keep trying to find green blips. Once you have got a robot mission, the robots will appear somewhere near the child with the balloon that you still havent returned the balloon to. Distract the robots then move towards the child which will make them walk towards you. Now, stand behind the child (or the parent) and the robots will start firing giant rockets towards you! or even better... THE CHILD! if a rocket hits you, it will also send the child flying through the air! eventualy, the kid dies =( and sinks through the road! you can also do this with the parent.. and the kid is left crying on the side of the road!
happy bombing!
Note - This is with sheer luck sometimes! xx
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Extra hero points and swing speed 71%
At the start of spiderman do the tutorial even if youve played it before do ther whole thingt and get the hint icon and you should have 700 or below and enough hero points to get the first swing speed. the spidey store has a star on the mini map
By: jr trainer(27)
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Flying with rhino 67%
When your facing rhino in the beggining web him and you will fly in circles but you lose heath when you let go.
By: Mattrock3r(129)
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Complete game 45%
By: Roger212(32)
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