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Rockman Zero Cheats for GBA
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Rockman Zero GBA Cheats

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Rockman Zero

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Easy weapons level-ups 100%
After completing the introductory level where Zero gets his Sword and Pistol, get on the teleporter and teleport back to the base. Immediately exit the place by trying to climb the ladder you are in front of. Ciel will chat to you, and give you several options to select. Keep selecting the 1st choice she gives you on each option and you will be teleported to a junkyard level. In the middle of the level there will be these pillars that will keep growing back after each segment is destroyed. You can keep destroying the segments with the Sword and Pistol and they will level-up. Keep destroying the segments until the Sword and Pistol are at their maximum levels.
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Jackson 100%
Win the game in hard mode with an "A" or "S" rank (collect all elves). Start a new game from this saved game to be with all elves including Jackson.
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Ultimate mode 100%
Unlock Jackson and start a game. Win the game using all elves. Hold R when begining a new game to play in ultimate mode.
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Hard mode 100%
Win the game, then hold L when begining a new game.
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