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Kingdom Hearts 679008 Kingdom Hearts I have all but 3 trinities. I dont know where 2 blue ones are and 1 red one is! (If you dont know dont answer AND if you have to, post all of the red and blue trinity locations on your answer.) Please help me! Answers: 1
Bomberman 551511 Bomberman I can't get past the vampire guy! I keep blowing him up with bombs, but he won't get defeated! How can I defeat this guy?! (Do not answer I don't know or just keep hitting him.) Answers: 1
Viva Pinata 495130 Viva Pinata Can you really get snow in Viva Pinata? (not in Trouble in paradise, the regular Viva Pinata.) If so, How do you get it?If you have to be a certain level, tell me the level. If you have to do something, tell me what I have to do! Answers: 2
Viva Pinata 491171 Viva Pinata I can not understand the twin tailed pretztail cheat. It is too confusing. I don't know what it is saying. Can someone list the steps of getting this twin tailed pretztail in a way so that it is easier to understand? Answers: 3
Viva Pinata 491170 Viva Pinata What level do you have to be to get a coconut seed fromSeedos? If you don't have to be a certain level, what are the requirements for getting a coconut seed from Seedos? Answers: 1
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