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Kingdom Hearts II 151701 Kingdom Hearts II Is the "War of the Keyblades" secret ending true? can you preview it on beginner mode, I have to help my brother. Answers: 10
Kingdom Hearts II 151699 Kingdom Hearts II Can you get the keyblade, Soul Eater(Riku's Keyblade) and the keyblade that riku gave to kairi, the one with the flower thing hanging? Answers: 9
Final Fantasy 12 136267 Final Fantasy 12 Can you get another set of Genji equipment even though gilgamesh is gone and cannot be fought again? I really need those to strenghten my characters more. Answers: 3
Final Fantasy 12 133816 Final Fantasy 12 Can you get another set of Genji equipments even though Gilgamesh is gone? Answers: 3
Final Fantasy 12 133815 Final Fantasy 12 How can I get Gemsteels, Serpentarius', and Empyreal Souls, what materials do I sell?please tell also where can I get them, I forgot Answers: 1
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