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Dinosaur King 815636 Dinosaur King Where do you find these dinosaurs? . Ampelosaurus. . Shunosaurus. . Styracosaurus. . Pentaceratops. . Arrhinoceratops. . Brachyceratops. . Stegosaurus. . Saurolophus. . Corythosaurus. . Utahraptor. . Ceratosaurus. . Megaraptor. . Gojirasaurus. Please reply with the locations of these dinosaurs. Thank you. Answers: 4
Dinosaur King 813069 Dinosaur King My friend has a Level 99. Carnotaurus, but he has Megaraptor's move, Mayfly, and he dpesn't even have Megaraptor! How is this possible? Answers: 2
Dino Crisis 762546 Dino Crisis Where do you find the ID Card to access the elevator? I need to catch up with Gail in the underground, but Regina and him got separated by the shutter. Answers: 0
Dinosaur King 756211 Dinosaur King I am on the part where you can battle Dr. Z how ever many times you want. I look at my Status and it says I have all seven of the Stone Fragments. When I battle the Alpha Gang members, and I beat them, they say that they are not going to give me their Stone Fragments, but I have them all. Why do they say they still have the Stone Fragments? Answers: 1
Impossible Creatures 754335 Impossible Creatures Why don't the cheats work for me? Answers: 0
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