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Pokemon HeartGold Version 972937 Pokemon HeartGold Version I Haven't Played this game for a long time, so I decided to restart. Now im stuck at Pkmn Trainer Red again, and I always lose to the lapras or snorlax. My current team is Heracross (female) lv 77 , moves are Brick Break, Megahorn, Aerial Ace and Swords Dance. FEraligatr (male) lv 81, moves are waterfall, brick break,crunch, and Ice Fang. Lucario (male) lv 75 , moves are Aura Sphere, Blaze Kick, ExtremeSpeed, and Dragon Pulse. Crobat (male) lv 72 , moves are Cross Poison, Toxic, Confuse Ray, Fly. Electivire (male) lv 75, moves are thunderpunch, icepunch,, thunder bolt, and thunder. Espeon (female) lv 68, moves are psychic, shadow ball, calm mind, and thunder bolt. I dont have money to buy a lot of healing item, so I want to know trainers that give a LOt of money, and Please rate my team, too Thanks and sorry, long question Answers: 0
Pokemon White Version 941250 Pokemon White Version Is this a nice team for beating the pokemon league the second time? Volcarona lvl 75 Caught at relic castle Moves: Heat wave Psychic Quiver dance Bug buzz Samurott lvl 70 Moves Hydro pump Megahorn Hydro cannon Shell blade Cryogonal lvl 69 Moves Ice beam Hyper beam Blizzard Toxic Bouffalant lvl 69 Head charge Work up Stomp Strengh Sigilyph lvl 73 fly Calm mind Psychic Air slash Zekrom lvl67 Fusion bolt Dragon claw Slash Zen headbutt Thanks for answers and sorry for the long question Answers: 2
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky 934198 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Hi, i'm a lucario lv 100 and charizard lv 100, ready to help... the legendary pokemon in my team: deoxys lugia celebi dialga palkia uxie mesprit azelf giratina mew mewtwo moltres zapdos groudon kyogre jirachi shaymin phione cresselia manaphy DARKRAI raikou entei suicune i'm guildmaster rank, NO CHEATS no cheats used to get them,accept any sos mail ^_^ team FireAura Answers: 0
Pokemon White Version 933166 Pokemon White Version Is this a good team for beating the first gym oshawott lvl 16 rufflet lvl 16 zorua lvl 16 scraggy lvl 18 pansear lvl 15 i got zorua, scraggy, and rufflet from an unknown glitch( I accidently dropped my ds, and when I go to the grass I found them) thank you for the answers, super mew Answers: 1
Pokemon Ruby 925282 Pokemon Ruby Can you rate my team to beat norman,gym leader? Marshtomp lv 35 mudshot waterpulse watergun earthquake Breloom Lv 35 focuspunch megadrain spore absorb Combusken 30 flametrowher blaze kick mirror move double kick Gardevoir 36 psychic confusion thief shadow ball Vibrava 31 dragonbreath earthquake protect block Thanks, Supermew Answers: 0
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