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Harvest Moon DS 340164 Harvest Moon DS This time it's simple. What does Galen and Nina like the most? Answers: 2
Harvest Moon DS Cute 334548 Harvest Moon DS Cute Well I just want to know EVERYTHING about Rock. Rival Events, Heart Events, Likes, Dislikes, what our kid looks like.... Oh right, Kai too. I can't choose! =3 Answers: 1
Harvest Moon DS 333799 Harvest Moon DS I'm on Orange Heart for Lumina. She has 53,000 LP now and hasn't gone on a date with me yet? And also, do you need to see all the rival Heart events? If so what are Lumina's? I tried the ones on the other page but the last 2 didn't work. I still need Green and Orange Rival Heart Events. How do I go on a date with her? Finally, is it too late to see the Green Rival Heart Event now?! Answers: 2
Digimon World: Dusk 273984 Digimon World: Dusk I'll be quick this time. Requirements for Anubismon, Chaos Gallantmon, Gallantmon CM, HEKabuterimon and Valdurmon. That's all I need left. Answers: 1
Digimon World: Dusk 273983 Digimon World: Dusk Requirements for Minervamon? I really want to know this stuff. Answers: 1
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