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Saboteur, The 1002879 Saboteur, The Having played a number of "open world" world games since this one i'm thinking this is the ONLY open world game out there. when you start a new game you can skip the cut scene and just walk out of the cabaret, then do almost anything anywhere in the entire map. even completing most of the perks. are there any other "open world" games like this? Answers: 0
4 Elements 961917 4 Elements Last 2 levels are impossibly fast Answers: 0
Jedi Knight 960784 Jedi Knight I set this up for my new monitor and noticed a video mode 2400x600 (3 screen 800x600) has anyone tried this? Answers: 0
Saboteur, The 898490 Saboteur, The All the vehicles have a spot where one respawns. does anyone know where the gestapo cruiser can be found? Answers: 1
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