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Medieval 2: Total War 226799 Medieval 2: Total War Medieval II: Total War expansion pack do the codes for medieval 2 total war work with the expansion pack version? Does anybody know? can't seem to find information regarding this matter thank you. Answers: 2
Medieval 2: Total War 226792 Medieval 2: Total War This is to finish my last question also in my last question and this one I am reffering too Medieval 2 Total war. thought I clear that up.My second question is how do you disable the read me file so I can save any edited files? I have windows Vista does that have any Relavence? I need expert help on this questions and I am not an expert so I will be grateful for any help I can get.Thank You Answers: 3
Medieval 2: Total War 226788 Medieval 2: Total War When you are trying to edit the game files to unlock all factions where do you begin? I get as far as where it says Animations,cursors,fmv,sounds,and world,I click on world and get the following listing,maps ,battle,template,template_backup,etc.what do I do next? or am I in the wrong area? can someone provide a step by step procedure please? I am no computer expert.Thank you... Answers: 3
Medieval: Total War 226087 Medieval: Total War What is the campaign map? and were and how do you enter cheat code? Does this even work for this game ? Answers: 0
Medieval 2: Total War 226083 Medieval 2: Total War How do you use the "logon administrators" codes? please someone help! or is there a such thing? Answers: 0
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