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Rune Factory 3 965674 Rune Factory 3 Where do you get diamonds in this game? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon DS Cute 952367 Harvest Moon DS Cute Okay, so I hired the fishing team so that they can catch the 500 fish required for a harvest sprite. They caught the 500 fish, so I caught one myself to rescue the sprite. But for some reason, the sprite won't appear no matter how many fish I catch myself! Can somebody help? Answers: 0
Harvest Moon DS Cute 951790 Harvest Moon DS Cute How much money and material stone does it take to build a duck pond? Answers: 0
Harvest Moon DS Cute 951789 Harvest Moon DS Cute Can you play the dog house minigame is Harvest Moon DS Cute, or is it only for Harvest Moon DS? Answers: 0
Rune Factory 3 937663 Rune Factory 3 Can someone tell me the complete list of recipes? I have bought a TON of the breads, but there are still more recipes! Help please! Answers: 0
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