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Pokemon Diamond 341594 Pokemon Diamond I found out my friend code: 2879 2701 8116. now can someone temporarily trade so I can beat the lite 4, than trade 4 reals? (u dont have to do both) Answers: 1
Pokemon Diamond 330073 Pokemon Diamond the heck do you get friend codes? (plz be specific ^_^) 2.i cant find the fossil underground but I dug everything up.....does his mean I missed it and cant get it? 3.contests are hard.......... umm......if you tell me how to get the code will you trade? but I dont have good pokemon cuz I didnt beat the elite 4.........the good pokemon are lvl 55 uxie, lvl 51 infernape, lvl 49 dialga (but all except uxie are still being trained).............. Answers: 10
Pokemon Diamond 326776 Pokemon Diamond Where do you find the person who can teach blast burn, frenzy plant, hydro cannon, and draco meteor? oh my poor dialga and infernape........and do you need an item? and.....uh.....i haven't beat elite 4 yet so if I need to do that tell me..... Answers: 2
Pokemon Diamond 323283 Pokemon Diamond do you trade on the GTS? I tried but I dont get it. is it because I only have the oreburgh gym badge? Answers: 4
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time 316295 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time I defeated the guild (grand master of all things bad+minions) and recruited dialga and palkia. how do I evolve munchlax? Answers: 5
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