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Animal Crossing: City Folk 878216 Animal Crossing: City Folk How do I get the pictures I save to my SD card, off my wii, onto the computer? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands 878181 Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands Where do I go to upgrade my tools? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands 877713 Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands I met Will the other day on Sprout Island after I got Volcano Island. But now I can't find him to talk to him. Where did he go? Answers: 1
Harvest Moon: Magical Melody 733817 Harvest Moon: Magical Melody How do you unlock all the buildings that dont come with your town? Answers: 1
Mario And Luigi: Partners In Time 519981 Mario And Luigi: Partners In Time What is a easy way to beat the big piranha plant? im stuck on him and luigi always faints before I [think] I even come close to beating him. Also how much hp does the piranha plant have? Answers: 2
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